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Martial God Sovereign

Chapter 4: Shock the audience

Chapter 4: Shock the audience

Han Kun’s mouth was already rotten and all his teeth were broken. Even if he was cured, his face was disfigured. Han Yu was so cruel that many people took a breath.

Han Yu’s gaze went through several old people and finally looked at Han Zhan for a short time before leaving the ring. Suddenly, everyone’s gaze changed when they looked at him. Is the person who can beat Han Kun unable to defend himself still a waste?

“How can a person who cannot cultivate vitality be so powerful? His present strength is probably no weaker than that of a master of the Sixth Layer of Yuan Wu!”

“Don’t forget how many elixirs Han Yu has refined in recent years. The essence of the elixir is used to baptize the flesh. The flesh is naturally stronger than other people, and should be powerful. But simply trusting in brute force, much less the clan. Being the first, even the chances of entering the top ten in the campaign are slim.

After Han Yu came out of the ring, only Han Shuang came to congratulate him, and the others looked at him coldly. No matter how many levels Han Yu survived, in everyone’s eyes, he was finally kicked out of the Han family and had nothing to do with the Han family.

In a short time, the first round of the competition ended and he entered the second round.

Han Yu is still in the seventh ring. Before he went up, there was a tall, thin man standing over him, shouting aloud, “Han Yu, go up and die!

This person is the son of Han Qingyun’s second son, named Han Jian, who reached the sixth level of Yuanwu a month ago, and is now one of the top ten among the younger generation of the Han family.

People ran here in a hurry. Just now Han Yu wounded Han Kun with iron and blood. Han Jian obviously wanted to avenge Han Kun. One can imagine how bloody this battle would be.

“Han Jian of Yuanwu Sixth Level is far superior to Han Kun of Yuanwu Five Level. Although Han Yu can defeat Han Kun, he has no chance of winning against Han Jian!

“This time, if you don’t die, you have to take off!”

Under many unkind glances, Han Yu slowly climbed into the ring, keeping the same pace.

“Xiaokun’s wound, I want you to pay for it ten times over!” Han Jian pointed at Han Yu with an extremely arrogant expression.

“Wait until you can win,” Han Yu replied coolly.

“You are too arrogant, brother Jian, show him this waste!” Many Han Jian followed him and began to criticize Han Yu!

The referee walked between the two of them, looked at them, frowned and said: “End, beginning!”

Before the referee left the ring completely, Han Jian took a step forward and his body suddenly became some residual images. The momentum of this shot was only ten times better than Han Kun’s.

After reaching one foot of Han Yu, Han Jian patted him. Suddenly, there was a roar in his palm and the wind was overwhelming, causing them to hunt for Han Yu’s clothes.

“The second order martial arts escape palm, Han Jiancai borrowed it from the martial arts pavilion half a month ago, but I didn’t expect him to have practiced it!”

“When the palm is outside, the power of this palm is definitely ten times greater than that of Flame Fist!”

Not to mention others, even from the Korean War, his face showed solemnity. He knows about Han Yu’s situation. In recent years, he has practiced his body every day, and his body is much more powerful than the mid-range intermediary of the same level. Therefore, even if he faces Han Kun of the fifth layer of Yuan Wu, the Korean War is not in his heart. But Han Jian is not only far superior to Han Kun in strength, but also a higher level of martial arts, which makes Han Yu feel worried.

The wind in Han Jian’s palm was like a knife in Han Yu’s face, and Han Yu’s face changed slightly. The exhausting palm put a lot of pressure on him, and he quickly retreated.

“Do you want to hide? Can you avoid it?” Han Jian scoffed. The reason he used the strongest method as soon as he fired was that Han Yu didn’t even have a chance to beg for mercy and didn’t give him time to obstruct the Korean War. He would kill Han Yu in one blow!

“Han Yu is about to lose this time, and the patriarch is about to change!”

“The patriarch is the number one teacher in our Han family. If we change to someone else, our Han family could be even more vulnerable, right?

Han Yu retired, and when he retired to the ring, there was no way to retire!

“If you have the ability, jump and surrender!” Han Jian sarcastically did not make room for him.

Han Yu took a deep breath, took half a step forward, stood firmly in a lunge and then shook hands and made fists. At this moment, people can clearly see that the clothes on Han Yu’s body are actually slowly tightening, especially the muscles in his arms.

At the same time, a white light slowly floated on Han Yu’s fist, and the white vitality became flowing water, covering the fist.

“Vitality is really vitality, when did Han Yu cultivate vitality?”

“Han Yu is not the third level of Yuan Wu, but the cultivation base of the fifth level of Yuan Wu!”

In the stands, the eyes of the Korean War shot a terrifying light, and his whole body trembled with emotion. Han Yu has cultivated his vitality, which means he can take up the path of cultivation.

Han Zhan didn’t care about the patriarch’s position. Now that Han Yu has cultivated his vitality, even if Han Yu loses, it’s a great thing.

Han Qingyun’s face changed slightly, this kind of thing was unexpected.

Han Jian snorted coldly, “What can you do to cultivate vitality? You still lose. Your father will lose the position of patriarch and you will no longer have the identity of the Han family!”

“Really?” Han Yu sneered in his face and punched Han Jian’s palm.

“Overwhelming!” Han Jian did not care.

The moment Han Yu struck, the dragon in the Dantian raised its head and roared, spitting out a bolt of black energy mixed with Han Yu’s vitality. This black qi was very thin and weak, but in the moment of vitality, Han Yu clearly felt that his fighting power had increased by more than 10% in an instant, which surprised him and made him happy.


As soon as the fist and palm were exchanged, a loud thud sounded. Suddenly, a strong force rushed into Han Jian’s arm like a flood, so that his face was distorted and his body could not help but take seven steps backwards. On the other hand, Han Yu remained motionless.

Everyone could not believe their eyes, and Han Yu actually knocked out the ten best Han Jian! This is something I couldn’t even think about before.

“So terribly black!”

Han Yu exclaimed, if there is not a blessing of black energy, at best he will draw a tie with Han Jian, but with black energy, he has the advantage.

Han Yu did not think much, he ran out quickly, using the violent wind sweeping leaves and kicking moves one after another, attacking one after another, so that Han Jian would not have a chance to strike back, which forced him to retreat again and again.


Han Jian is going crazy, this feeling of being repressed is extremely unhappy.

Although Han Yu did not know many martial arts, it was a fist attack on the flesh, which quickly left Han Jian bruised. In the end, Han Yu was kicking Han Jian’s chest, and Han Jian threw up blood towards the sky and hit the ring.


Everyone shook, and Han Jian was defeated, and so thoroughly!

Han Jian got up with difficulty, a moment of qi and blood attacked his heart, and another spurt of blood, then he fell straight and passed out. Everyone held their breath. Han Yu was not only strong, but also extremely tough. This was the only ring that saw blood in the competition, and it was also related to Han Yu twice.

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