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Martial God Sovereign

Chapter 39: Fighting Hard to the End

Chapter 39: Fighting Hard to the End

“Dragon’s Fist!”

Han Yu was shaped like a dragon, and the sound of the terrifying dragon songs exploded in his fist and Dantian at the same time, so all of Yang Yi’s momentum was completely invisible.

A hint of surprise shone in the eyes of Yang Yi, who had long heard about Han Yu’s abnormality, but now that he saw it, it was truly extraordinary. However, the more stubborn Han Yu was, the more murderous intention was awakened in Yang Yi’s heart.

“Mere second-order martial arts dare to show ugliness, Dao Mang Fist!

In Yang Yi’s fist, a sharp blade shone, as if it had materialized, clenching Han Yu’s dragon-shaped fist.


Under impact, the terrifying wave of air spread in all directions and the vegetation ten meters away turned to dust.

Han Yu took seven steps backwards before losing all his strength. The blow just now, if it weren’t for the black energy that helped him hold most of the power, Han Yu’s arm would have been useless. And Yang Yi stood still.

If the power of a single round of martial arts, the sword-mang fist is definitely not as powerful as the dragon-shaped fist, but Yang Yi’s culture is too high. However, Yang Yi was still extremely surprised. When they both used the same level of martial arts, it didn’t even hurt Han Yu. This was absolutely incredible.

“Thunder Palm!”

Han Yu launched himself again, this time showing directly the first form of third order martial arts Thunder Thousand Strike. Suddenly, Han Yu’s purple electric snake moved away and thunder rumbled in his palm, which was extremely shocking.

“Unexpectedly, you really managed to cultivate the martial arts that no one in the Han family has been able to cultivate for a hundred years. You are really capable, but still too tender!”

“Hand of the Treasure of the Sacred Light!”

Yang Yi’s hand suddenly spilled like gold, exuding a dazzling golden light. The two slapped fiercely again. This time, Han Yu still retreated seven changes, while Yang Yi also retreated three steps.

“Xuanwu five layers, but that’s all!”

“Lei Magic Palm!”

Han Yu performed the second form of Thunder Thousand Strike. No matter its power or momentum, it is far from Thunder Palm. Han Yu quickly made seven moves. Because the speed is too fast, it looks like a single movement, and it transforms. Seven palm prints.

For a while, Zidian walked away and roared with thunder.

“I didn’t expect level 3 martial arts to have so much power, but you still don’t see enough!”

Yang Yi’s palm suddenly turned black, exuding a terrifying and fierce aura, so that as soon as this aura appeared, gusts of cloudy wind rose around it. The most frightening thing is that although the Thunder Power of the Thunder Palm can break everything, it is controlled by this force.

“Zhu Demon Handprint!”

The breath in Yang Yi’s body suddenly shot up, and the pressure on the breath only made Han Yu uncomfortable. I saw a black print coming out of Yang Yi’s hand, rising quickly, and in the blink of an eye, it became as wide as five or six meters, clapping Han Yu ferociously.

“Fourth order martial arts!”

Han Yu’s pupils shrank, and the terrifying aura exuded by the Devil Slayer’s large hand prints was more than that of the Thunder Magic Palm. It was definitely a Level 4 martial skill.

“Hey, make me use Level 4 martial arts, even if you die, you’re proud of it,” Yang Yi scoffed.

Han Yu’s seven palms bombarded the big black footprint, and to his surprise, he didn’t even break the footprint, and his arm was numb. Han Yu once again performed seven lightning tricks.

“Boom boom boom...”

After seven bombings, the big black footprints finally faded a bit, but when Han Yu wanted to show the Thunder Magic Palm again, it was too late. The big handprints hit him fiercely on his body, shooting him from more than ten meters away. .

Rao is Han Yu who has a black energy body, and he was surprised by the impact and his body was overwhelmed.

Yang Yi’s eyes got bigger and level 4 martial arts failed to kill Han Yu. Could this guy be an iron man? Even if he was hit with iron, he would definitely be broken by his palm.

Fortunately, Han Yu secretly said that as his level of cultivation increased, the black qi exhaled by the black dragon increased sharply, and he was blessed by 50% in both attack and defense. Otherwise, his little life would be explained here today.

The sound of footsteps in the distance came quickly, and it was obvious that the rest of the Yang family had already chased him. Han Yu got up decisively and ran in the other direction. He cultivated the power of the soul, unafraid to meet Han Yi and others, the most important thing now is to drive the Yang family away.

“It is not so easy if you want to run,” Yang Yi quickly chased after a moment.

Although the black spirit of the black dragon can greatly increase Han Yu’s fighting power and defense, it cannot increase her speed. Even if he trusted the strength of his body, his speed was not comparable to that of ordinary Yuanwu’s Eighth Layers, but was much worse than Yang Yi of Xuanwu’s Fifth Layer. So Yang Yi would not have run fast enough before catching up.

“Xuanyun kills three times!”

In Yang Yi’s palm, a mysterious light radiated like a sword, with three strikes in one shot, and the three strikes were fired and there were many residual images. Han Yu quickly used his phantom thunder palm to resist.

Suddenly, as he retreated while fighting, Han Yu was quite helpless. And the people of the Yang family quickly approached.


In the sky, I don’t know when it was already full of dark clouds, lightning and thunder, and it didn’t take long for it to rain.

Somewhere in the Blood Fiend Forest, Han Yu has been surrounded by the Yang family. Ten masters from the basalt kingdom have beaten Han Yu without the strength to defend themselves, and he was soon covered with bruises.

“Han Yu, tell me the deep mentality of your Han family, I will die for you” Yang Yi looked at Han Yu with condescension.

“Haha, you want to kill me Han Yu, you can practice for a few more years!

“Lei Magic Palm!”

With seven palms, Han Yu knocked down a disciple of the Yang family and flew away, vomiting blood, as if he would not live long.

“Cut off death!”

Yang Yi showed level 4 martial arts, the great imprint of the devil’s hand, and slapped Han Yu with his palm upright. This time, due to Han Yu’s injury, he was directly surprised and spat out a bloody arrow that crashed into the mud. He did not stand up for a long time.


The thunder in the sky shook the sky and the rain became more ferocious. All the members of the Yang family put up a shield of vitality, which was difficult to touch in heavy rain.

“Drag it, I don’t think I can’t tell the mysterious mind!” A cruel look appeared on Yang Yi’s face.

As soon as the two disciples approached Han Yu, Han Yu jumped up and burst out with the palm of his hand. The sound of thunder in his palm was no weaker than that of heaven.

Suddenly there were two strong blows, and the two of the Yang family flew upside down like a kite with a broken line. Han Yu ran with determination to the place where no one was surrounded.

“Damn it, pretend to be dead!”

Yang Yi quickly chased after him, firing three palms in a row. Han Yu was helpless. In terms of speed, he suffered a great loss. It was more difficult to escape than to climb to heaven.

Han Yu blocked Yang Yi’s two palms and escaped from the third palm with his extraordinary sensitivity. But Yang Yi did not have to wait any longer, and then three palms bombed again. This time, Han Yu only blocked one palm, avoided one palm and put a palm on his chest.

“Everybody, don’t come here, wait for me to hit him first!” Yang Yi stopped the Yang family who were about to move. Before Han Yu looked at the serious wound and died several times, he suddenly killed the Yang family violently and made it grow. Aware of.

“Hmph, if you want to kill me, then you have to be prepared for me to kill you!” Han Yu’s eyes blinked, and it is not easy to run away now, so the Yang family paid a high price.

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