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Martial God Sovereign

Chapter 37 Tribe

Chapter 37 Tribe

Han Gan, Han Hai and others surrounded him. No one persuaded Han Yi. Everyone hit Han Yi with encouragement in their eyes. Seeing the younger generations of the Han family reunited, so bloody, the Korean War and the elders could not help but boil in blood, but eventually defeated their sensibility for reason.

“I don’t agree!” Han Qingyun stood up with an unusually determined attitude. This is also the meaning of the Korean War and the other six elders. The current Han family can no longer take advantage of it.

The young people looked at Han Zhan and the older ones with surprise, and Han Yong suddenly said: “If you don’t agree, you have to agree!”

Han Qinghu suddenly blew out his beard and stared, pointing at Han Yong and said: “I think your son thought the wings of the Liuyun Sect would be hard, so you didn’t even listen to our words?

“I...” Han Yong did not know what to say, and lowered his head.

Han Yu looked at some older brothers, came out and said to Han Zhan, “Father, some older brothers don’t need to participate, but I have to participate, trust me!

Han Yu cannot tell Han Zhan and others about the man in the black robe, otherwise the Han family will be more worried. Therefore, he can only show great self-confidence to ease the worries of the Korean War and others.

Seeing that the Korean War was still wavering, Han Yu continued, “Father, I can easily hurt Yang Feng of the Second Layer of Xuanwu in the Sixth Division of Yuanwu. I am now the force of the Eighth Layer of Yuanwu, facing the masters of the Fourth Layer of Xuanwu. There is also a battle force. I can’t beat the Yang family, can I still run?

Han Zhan’s complexion changed, and he finally took a deep breath and said, “It’s okay, you’re the only one in our Han family! When Han Zhan said this, cold sweat ran down his palms.

The tribal exam arrived as scheduled. However, the Han family was not only participating Han Yu. Six people also participated, including Han Yi, Han Gan, Han Hai, Han Yong, Han Jie and Han Jin.

Because in these three days, these six people have been playing hard to get with the Korean War and the Seven Elders. Afterwards, the six joined directly. If they were not allowed to participate, they would prefer to commit suicide. In the end, six people had to participate.

The reason why all six had to participate is also very simple, that is, they do not want to see Han Yu fight alone, one more person has more strength, which makes Han Yu extremely moved.

As for Han Gan, although he once said that only Han Yu won first place in the tribal competition, he would be convinced. But after Han Yu selflessly shared the Canglong Jue, and after he bravely fought against the Yang family in the Morma Guild, although he did not say anything, he was convinced in his heart.

The site of the tribal trial is in the Blood Fiend forest, fifty miles from Mangcheng. Blood Fiend Forest is an extremely special place. The soil and the plants that grow there are dark red in color. In the Blood Fiend Forest, there is only one type of monster, the Blood Fiend Lone Wolf. The strangest thing is that this evil Blood Lone Wolf was only born, at the level of the Elemental Beast of the Ninth Order, and until death it is also the level of the Elemental Beast of the Ninth Order. And this kind of monster is only found in Blood Fiend Forest. Once the Blood Fiend Lone Wolf leaves the Blood Fiend Forest, his body will rot and die.

The three main families of Mangcheng entered the Blood Fiend Forest more than once to capture the Blood Fiend Lone Wolf and returned to captivity. Since childhood, it has been a ninth-order Yuan beast. It is a pity that no matter what method is used to raise it, the Blood Demon’s lone wolf will not die tragically within three days of its release, and death is extremely crippling, the three main families failed after several attempts, and never tried again.

It is said that Blood Fiend Forest was the fall of a great demon in ancient times. After the death of that great demon, the wrongs of that great devil remained. The Blood Fiend Lone Wolf was caused by his torts, so he could not live long after leaving the Blood Fiend Forest.

In the Blood Fiend Forest, there are three places called Jedi, namely, Death Valley, Blood Fiend Lake and Ye Ciao Ditch. It is rumored that even if a god walks in these three places, it is impossible to get out alive.

In the past, Liuyunzong sent teachers to explore these three places more than once, but they all went and never returned. He also leaves behind the legend of the passage to death, which is prohibitive.

The content of the Tribal Test is to enter the Blood Fiend Forest to hunt the lone Blood Fiend wolf for three days. The final number of monster cores obtained determines the ranking. The higher the number, the higher the ranking and the first ten. According to the ranking and the number of the three main families among the first ten, determine the proportion of copper mines and the number of disciples who worship Liuyunzong.

When entering Blood Fiend Forest, unlike a ring match, the elders of the family cannot see the specific situation inside, and the matter of life and death is not easy to stop, so the talents of the Han family will be extremely worried. Once the Han family was attacked by the Yang family, their lives were at stake.

Now the people of the Han family can only pray to escape the Yang family’s tracking after they enter. After all, the forest of blood evil is huge, and when a person enters, he falls into the sea like a needle. It is extremely difficult to find.

Outside the Blood Fiend Forest, there is a large square, which was created by the three families. At this time, not only many people from the three main families came, but also many people from Mangcheng to see the excitement. The annual tribal test is a great event in Mangcheng. For this reason, an elder from the Liuyunzong Outer Sect was specially invited to organize the event.

This year, he is dressed in Tsing Yi, has a long beard, gray hair and a fairy style. He does not have the arrogance of the deacon at the Liuyun Sect’s outer door. He looks affable. People from the three main families like him very much.

When the talents of the Han family rushed to the square, Yang Zhentian took the Han family to welcome the top ten of the competition this time, aggressively, and they wanted the Han family to take off first. The top ten of the Yang family were the ones expected by Han Gan. The weakest was the first level of Xuanwu, but Yang Hong, the first person of the younger generation, was not on the list, so the Han family was a little relieved.

The eleven masters of the basalt kingdom in the Yang family came together, with a spectacular aura, which immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

“Hahaha, the Korean War, you made the old man spend an extra 200,000 taels of silver, but you didn’t expect Qi Gathering Pill to make the old man move up to the seventh level of Xuanwu! The murderous intent in the depths of the eyes is shocking. From a distance, the sevenfold “power” of the Xuanwu layer is like the pressure of ten thousand mountains, causing the Han family’s complexion to suddenly change.

The Korean War snorted, and suddenly a fresh breeze blew over everyone, and Yang Zhentian’s breathless “potential” disappeared without a trace. Although the Korean War was only the basis for the cultivation of the Sixth Layer of Xuanwu, Yang Zhentian, who had cultivated the Heart Technique of Xuanwu Canglong Jue, was not weakened in the momentum of the Seventh Layer of Xuanwu.

There was a hint of surprise in Yang Zhentian’s eyes, and the mind of Xuan Dao Xuan Tier was really well understood.

“Patriarch Yang, this time I brought so many people here, don’t you want to kneel down again,” Han Zhan scoffed. Now and the Yang family have torn their skin, even if they do not irritate Yang Zhentian now, the members of the Yang family will not. I will let go. So the Korean War did not hide it. I had already decided that if Han Yu and others had any deficiencies in the Blood Demon Forest this time, I would defeat the Yang family for the first time.

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