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Martial God Sovereign

Chapter 30: Miserable

Chapter 30: Miserable

The middle-aged man’s voice simply fell and a high-pitched voice sounded, which surprised everyone. Not that he was afraid of the sound, but the price he paid. It turned out to be seven hundred thousand, and the first price equaled the final price of the first Gathering Qi pill.

When everyone saw that the offer was for the Korean War, they were relieved. Only people from the three main families could pay such a high price. The Korean War screamed such a high price all at once, which was obviously inevitable.

Zhang Liding had the mentality of watching the program with his hands in his hands. At first, he wanted to muddy the water a little. Now that the price has gone up so much, he doesn’t need to do anything. The rest are even less capable.

Yang Zhentian snorted coldly, Han Zhan wanted to get Qi’s collecting pill. He was simply dreaming, raising his hand and saying, “Seven hundred and twenty thousand!”

He didn’t even think about the Korean War and said, “Seven hundred and fifty thousand!”

Everyone’s expressions became more exciting. Before Zhang Liding offered seven hundred thousand, the Korean War died down, but now the price has gone completely up, obviously because he didn’t want Yang Zhentian to get Qi Gathering Pills.

Yang Zhentian scoffed, “Sixty-six million!”

The Korean War willingly said, “Eight hundred thousand!”

“Whistle!” Everyone present took a cold breath, and even Zhang Liding looked at the Korean War in amazement. Is the Korean War just a silly thing? With this spelling, it is the Mouma Guild that finally benefits.

Yang Zhentian’s face turned sombre and the price of 800,000 yuan had exceeded its psychological price. However, to avoid the Korean War, he decided to make a fortune: “Eight hundred and one thousand!”

The Korean War didn’t even give others a chance to breathe: “830,000”.

“Have you reached the limit?” Although the voice of the Korean War is still loud, but for the price of the Korean War, everyone can see that the Korean War has begun to weaken.

Yang Zhentian thought about it for a while and said, “840,000!” Anyway, 810,000 will be paid, so I don’t care about the additional 30,000.

The Korean War added another 20,000 yuan, raising the price of the Qi collection pill to 860,000. Even Yang Zhentian looked incredibly at the Korean War. The Korean War was a fight for the Qi collection pill with the power of the whole family. However, thinking about the many bets after the Korean War became the number one master in Mangcheng, Yang Zhentian gritted his teeth and added 10,000.

The Korean War was quiet for a while, and when everyone thought he was going to give up, he added another 20,000.

“The Korean War was silent for a while, and when everyone thought he was going to surrender, he added another 20,000. Yang Zhentian suddenly lost his temper. If he called again, it would be 900,000, and the Yang family’s inventory was only over a million. If the savings were basically spent on Qi’s collection pill, it would be very detrimental to the future development of the Yang family. It is very likely that there will be a shortage of funds. If there is a shortage of funds in a large family, it is definitely an unimaginable disaster.

But when Yang Zhentian was about to surrender, Han Zhan turned around and gave him a cold look, which contained an infinite murderous intention. Yang Zhentian suddenly felt a chill at the thought of the grievances between the Yang family and the Han family. After the Korean War had been of unparalleled strength, he would definitely be the first to take the Yang family.

The shortage of funds can be solved by other methods: if the Korean War breaks out, the Yang family will have to wait to die. After weighing the pros and cons, the middle-aged man shouted twice, and when he was about to make a decision, Yang Zhentian stood up: “Nine hundred thousand!”

Yang Zhentian secretly said that, by chance, he was still decisive at the last minute, otherwise the Yang family would be in danger.

The middle-aged man couldn’t help but watch the Korean War, and the Korean War said without any fuss, “I give up!

Yang Zhentian let out a long choking breath and sat down on the seat, even if the Korean War did not continue to raise the fare, otherwise he would have to crash. In this bid, his mental pressure was no weaker than that of a great battle, so cold sweat soaked into his underwear.

“The Korean War ended up losing the election, so why isn’t it sad and she seems to be very happy,” asked one surprised person.

Yang Zhentian focused his attention on the Korean War. In fact, the Korean War was not at all sad, and he was very happy. He took Han Qingyun and Han Yu and left with a smile.

“Yang Zhentian suddenly realized that something was wrong. When the Korean War did this, did it deliberately raise the price and make him bleed a lot?

“The Korean War, you and the old man are not at odds!” After realizing this, Yang Zhen almost threw up blood in the weather; this time, he was miserable because of the Korean War.

The moment Juqi Wan reported the reserve price, Han Yu told Han Zhan to surrender. Because the price is far higher than the price of Juqi pill itself. Of course, if Qi’s collection pill were to be withdrawn for use in the Korean War, it would be worth the chance for a breakthrough, but Han Zhan declared that he would take it to Han Yu, which is not worth it.

Others refining the elixir, because of the impurities in the elixir, it is difficult to obtain the purest energy. It is difficult to refine and it is difficult to break because of the impure energy. The Qi collection pill with pure energy is very precious. But Han Yu is different. The black hole in his body swallows everything. For him, refining the elixir is as simple as drinking cold water, and he can completely remove the impurities from the elixir and get the purest energy. The effect is the same as Juqi Pills, so it is not necessary to spend several times in the so-called Juqi Pills.

Han Zhan also gave up decisively after hearing Han Yu’s analysis. The reason for such a refreshing increase in the second auction is just to take this opportunity to rectify Yang Zhentian. Save the tail of the Yang family, it has now reached heaven.

Han Yu and the others went down to the second floor, then arrived at the second floor lobby and started buying elixir, spiritual stones and other things. Five hundred thousand taels of silver can buy too many training materials. After Yang Zhentian came down, seeing the Korean War trio each with a large bag of things in their hands, his heart was so full that he could barely keep from releasing a breath of old blood.

With so many things, the Korean War alone spent more than 250,000 taels of silver. When I felt it was almost the same, I was ready to leave.

Passing by a shelf, Han Yu suddenly lit up his eyes, and his eyes were drawn to a cyan stone the size of his head. This stone is very beautiful and was placed here as decoration and ornament, but Han Yu saw how extraordinary the stone was.

Because from this stone, there is a very faint aura that only people with unusually acute senses can feel. Han Yu has been perfecting his soul with a murderous aura during this period and has already cultivated the power of the soul, so he noticed the spiritual power emanating from the stone, but Han Zhan and Han Qingyun did not notice it.

After observation, Han Yu judged approximately that there should be a spiritual stone hidden in this stone, and it is very likely that it is a high-grade spiritual stone. High-grade spiritual stones can be exchanged for fifty thousand taels of silver, and five third-grade spiritual medicines can be bought, which is a fortune.

Just when Han Yu wanted to remove this stone, an unpleasant voice sounded.

“Brave brat, you are here to destroy our Morma Guild property again!”

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