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Martial God Sovereign

Chapter 3: Beat Han Kun

Chapter 3: Beat Han Kun

At 8 a.m., all the people of the Han family gathered in the martial arts field. The Han family clan meeting is an annual gathering where the younger generation competes and competes. Teenagers from 12 to 18 years old can participate.

The order of classification of the clan associations will directly determine the amount of training grants received in the coming year.

The annual clan meeting is divided into two games. The first is a campaign contest, where the youngest generation of the Han family will compete to select the top ten; the second is a ranking contest, with the top ten selected by the contest and the Han family The young disciples who went to study at Liuyunzong competed together.

The contest will take place today and the ranking will be made in ten days!

“Xiaoyu!” In the crowd, a tall, beautiful girl stepped out of the crowd and walked towards Han Yu. Others are very surprised. Han Shuang is the leader of the younger generation of the family. He is usually arrogant and indifferent, but he seems to be a different person from Han Yu.

“Sister Han Shuang! Han Yu smiled slightly and now that he has cultivated vitality, he seems more confident.

Han Shuang approached Han Yu’s ear and whispered, “Xiaoyu, I have already greeted Han Kang and Han Lin, if they find you, they will let you go!

Although Han Shuang looked down at Han Yu as he said this, Han Yu was very moved. Today, the younger generation of the Han family, with the exception of his cousin Han Yi, who is far away studying art in Liuyunzong, Han Shuang treats him better.

“Sister Han Shuang, don’t worry, if I don’t get first place, I will never fall!” Han Yu’s eyes shone with determination.

Han Shuang nodded. He liked Han Yu’s character of not admitting defeat, but sighed secretly in his heart. At this point, it was not that Han Yu could solve the problem without admitting defeat.

“Hey, I heard you right, does waste still want to take first place? Last!” A short, chubby, rosy-faced teenager approached. This person’s name is Han Kun, who is the grandson of Han Qingyun. He is arrogant and dominant in the Han family, and few people dare to provoke him.

Han Yu looked at Han Kun coldly and said nothing.

With a meaningful smile on Han Kun’s face, he said: “Han Yu, I have a feeling that you will meet me in the first round and you will be beaten by me and kneel down to beg for mercy. You have plenty of time now. Think about it, how can you beg me! ”

Han Kun turned and left after speaking. He wanted to hit Han Yu a few more words, but Han Shuang was there and didn’t dare go too far.

Looking at Han Kun’s back, Han Yu’s eyes went cold!

Standing on the high platform, Han Qingyun first said some exciting words and then explained the rules of the competition as written in the book. Finally, the Korean War announced the beginning of the competition.

Forty people who participated in this clan meeting came forward to draw lots. Han Yu reached the seventh ring in the first round and went straight into the ring.

“Haha, what do you know, the brother’s prediction has come true, you met me!” A short, chubby, pink-faced teenager stepped into the seventh ring, not Han Kun or who.

In this competition, it was obvious that someone did it deliberately. Han Kun’s father wanted to take over from the Korean War and become the next patriarch of the Han family. It would be great for Han Kun to defeat Han Yu.

Many arenas have already begun and there are many people around each arena. In contrast, arena No. 7 has the largest number of spectators, not to mention how exciting its competition will be in the arena, as Han Yu’s success or failure is related to the patriarch’s stay.

“Have you figured out how to beg for mercy? If you don’t speak well, I won’t give up easily!” Han Kun’s eyes shone with a fierce color.

His aim today is not only to defeat Han Yu, but also to humiliate Han Yu in every possible way.

“This prayer will be returned to you! Han Yu’s face sank.

“Waste of ignorance, even of a hard mouth when death is imminent!”

With the start of the referee, Han Kun raised his leg and ran.

“Flame Fist!”

Han Kun shouted and threw his right fist, and people saw a group of strange flames burning in his fist, so the surrounding temperature shot up.

“Although Flame Fist is only a Level 1 martial skill, it is known for its mastery. Generally, the sixth level of Yuan Wu can be cultivated with great success. Unexpectedly, Han Kun of the fifth level of Yuan Wu has already been cultivated with great success. His qualifications are among the young people in the family. He counts the multipliers.

Not only are ordinary people paying attention to the battle here, the Korean War, the seven elders look nervously to this side, Han Kun only shot, and the old Han Qingye of the Martial Arts Pavilion praised him.

“The power of Kun’er’s blow is very difficult even for the people of Sixth Level Yuanwu,” laughed Han Qingyun, his face very proud. Han Yu absolutely cannot resist the blow of Han Kun, the patriarch of the Korean War is within your reach!

“Rubbish, it’s no use begging for mercy now!”

Han Kun’s fist was still three feet away from Han Yu, and the wind fist lifted Han Yu’s hair. As the temperature shot up, Han Yu’s forehead was already covered with sweat.

“Haha, I am afraid of this waste, but it is too late. Brother Kun makes a move and there is no chance of recovery, even if he kneels to beg for mercy”. One of Han Kun’s assistants laughed.

Han Yu did not move as a loose body, he shook hands in fists and then threw a punch.

“Brother Kun’s punch has the power of a battle with the masters of the Sixth Layer of Yuan Wu, and the flame has a terrifying destructive power. Even if he wants to attack head-on, he is not only useless, but also an idiot!” One attendant was sarcastic, but just as he finished speaking, the smile on his face instantly solidified.

With a loud noise, the flame in Han Kun’s fist shook and his body flew upside down, while Han Yu remained motionless.

Everyone was in an uproar, Han Yu hit Han Kun with a punch, what great power! Of course, this punch Han Yu has not yet used his vitality, if he uses his vitality, the effect will be even more amazing.


Before Han Kun could come to his senses, Han Yu stepped forward and ran away. Han Kun simply staggered to her feet, Han Yu ran forward, the strong wind driven by her fist made Han Kun’s pupils shrink. Panicked, she quickly prepared her hands to block.


Han Yu’s fist was like a sledgehammer hitting Han Kun’s arm. Han Kun took a step back and sat down on the ground. Han Yu pursued victory, spinning his body, and a whip kick hit Han Kun’s chest. Han Kun felt his heart filling up and let out a breath of blood.

Everyone was stunned, the elders on the high platform had already reached the edge of the platform, wanting to stretch their necks to grow a giraffe. Han Qingyun’s face was blue and white, and at the same time he was amazed. How could Han Yu have such a terrifying power?

“Do you think about how to ask for mercy?” Han Yu looked at Han Kun coldly.

Han Kun was surprised, he had an instinct that if he did not beg for mercy, Han Yu would probably kill him.

“I believe that......”

Before the word “lost” was pronounced, Han Yu stepped on Han Kun’s mouth and heard the sound of teeth crumbling with a slight effort.


Han Kun cried out in pain, but could not make a sound.

“Enough!” Han Qingyun was surprised.

Han Yu looked at Han Qingyun, snorted coldly, kicked Han Kun in the ribs and Han Kun rolled out of the ring like a sandbag.

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