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Martial God Sovereign

Chapter 28: Overpower

Chapter 28: Overpower

Gathering Qi Pill is a cultivation aid pill, which contains a lot of pure energy. With the strength of the Korean War, if you refine a Qi Pill, it can successfully pass through the first layer.

If you give the Qi-gathering pills to young people, their strength will surely soar, so that the children of the Han family will be able to take a firm hold on the Three Clan Trials. Then, after receiving the invitation, the Han family began to prepare. By then, they would have to take a Qi collection pill at all costs.

And now, everyone finally knows the purpose of these two coming to the Han house, one is to send invitations; the other is to deceive Han Yu, there is no other intention.

The Han family can be considered empty, joyful and empty, anxious.

The Morama Association operates once a quarter in Mangcheng, each opening for ten days. During the period, the young people of the Han family were not able to meet him, but the people of the Han family were not inactive. Even so, they bought many materials from the Mouma Guild to supply the disciples who were about to participate in the tribal test. As the first place in the clan association, Han Yu’s hope is also the most material.

A high grade spiritual stone, a third grade spiritual medicine and a medium grade spiritual stone. Lingshi is a stone buried under the earth that has evolved over thousands of years and contains pure energy. It is divided into three levels: low grade spiritual stone, medium grade spiritual stone and high grade spiritual stone. Above the spiritual stone is the spiritual orb and above the spiritual stone is the spiritual jade.

In the world of cultivation, it can be used not only as a commercial currency, but also as a training material. But all these are large families; great forces will use them. For a small family like the Han family, low-grade spiritual stones are difficult to get, so they are ready to use them as money.

The reason why Han Yu sent these three things to Han Yu, the high officials of the Han family were also scrupulous. After their estimation, these three things made Han Yu refined, and Han Yu could definitely break through.

However, they underestimated Han Yu’s consumption of spiritual energy. After refining these three treasures, Han Yu still showed no signs of advancement. Even the Korean War that knew about the black hole in Han Yu’s Dantian could not help but slightly change its color.

With the financial resources of the Han family, it is not impossible to buy other materials. It’s just that now I’m fully prepared, waiting for the auction to compete for Qi’s collection pill. Han Zhan deliberately wanted to buy training materials for Han Yu again, but he had no power.

Han Yu also took the initiative to persuade the Korean War. Collecting the Qi pill was the most important thing. Han Yu’s advance was not too important in comparison. Also, with Han Yu’s current status in the Han family, after the Juqi pills were taken, it was almost impossible for him to refine them.

The time came quietly on the closing day. At 8 am, after an early lunch, Han Yu ran to the Mama’s Guild with the Korean War and Han Qingyun. The reason why he is called Han Yu is also obvious: the Qi Juqi pill is prepared for Han Yu.

No one expressed their dissatisfaction, and now Han Yu said in the Han family that it was what everyone expected, and it was not too much.

There are also very few people who can participate in the Morama Guild auction. Apart from the three main families in Mangcheng, only a few celebrities have been invited, and there are also some somewhat prestigious families.

Just when Han Yu and others were about to enter the Morama Guild, Yang Zhentian brought Yang Zhenhu, the eldest of the Yang family, and Yang Yun, a young disciple, approached, and all three of the Yang family were murderers, and Yang Zhentian was surprised and horrified. Yang Zhentian’s breath rose to the Korean War like a tide. By the force of his breath, one can see that Yang Zhentian has made his way to the sixth level of Xuanwu.

“During the Korean War, didn’t you expect the old man to have already reached the sixth level of Xuanwu? The younger generation of your Han family is no better than our Yang family. The strongest expert is out of reach,” Yang Zhentian seemed to condescend, if it was not time to do so, he I fear had already initiated and abolished the Korean War.

Three days ago, his grandson Yang Yun brought him a Peiyuan pill from Liuyunzong. Although it was not as good as Qiqi’s pill, it also greatly increased his strength. He went further, reaching Xuanwu Six. weight. Although the sixth level of Xuanwu and the fifth level of Xuanwu are separated by a thin line, the difference in strength is almost like a gap of divine condemnation. In the fifth level of Xuanwu, Yang Zhentian and the Korean War may be tied. Now, he can completely suppress the Korean War without any effort. Breathless.

Unscrupulously, he said arrogantly, “My son’s account is enough; when the three races are attempted, our Yang family will ask ten times to return. The Korean War, his Han family is over, this year the three races will try, they don’t even want to be pre-selected. ! ”

“Huh,” snorted Han Zhan coldly, stepping forward to stand in front of Han Qingyun and Han Yu.

Yang Zhentian scoffed, “You have no capital to fight me now, get down on your knees!”

Yang Zhentian’s body immediately exudes a powerful “potential,” which is as heavy as a million dollars, and ordinary people with five levels of basalt will definitely be pressured by this “potential. Yang Zhentian cannot yet kill the Korean War, but he can insult.

Han Zhan looked like a murderer and shouted, “I think you’re the one who’s going to get down on your knees!


The Korean War body shook, exuding a more terrifying aura, and the “power” was several times more powerful than Yang Zhentian’s. Yang Zhentian’s “power” was immediately suppressed, and he was shocked to death. He took a few steps back.

“Sixth Cloak of Xuanwu, have you also passed through the Sixth Cloak of Xuanwu?” Yang Zhentian’s eyes opened and he could not believe it. Also, although both are in the sixth level of Xuanwu, Han Zhan has cultivated the mental techniques of Xuanxian, which is several times stronger than Yang Zhentian.

“Han Zhan’s eyes grew larger, and Yang Zhentian felt his legs soften. He knelt on the ground with a “breath”, crushing the surface of the street.

People passing by felt attracted and surrounded one after another. When the Patriarch of the Yang family knelt before Han Zhan, everyone looked at each other.

“Ah!” Yang Zhentian is going crazy, keeps asking Korean Zhan to kneel before him, and now he kneels before Han Zhan. He resisted desperately, but the “power” of the Korean War was like a mountain that made him tremble.

Both Yang Zhenhu and Yang Yun were surprised and released their own momentum, but even if they united, neither could resist the Korean War.

Han Yu’s heart moved slightly. Although Yang Yun was not as good as the Korean War, he was also a master of the four levels of Xuanwu. Among the young generations of the three main families, he was already a leader, and Han Yu could not help but feel a great deal of pressure.

Under the pressure of the Korean War, Yang Zhenhu and Yang Yun knelt. The Korean War also knew how serious they were. Suddenly they regained their momentum and laughed, “Why is Patriarch Yang? Even if you want to know me, you don’t need to kneel. ! ”

Most people don’t know that the two are fighting in secret, and feel inexplicable when they hear that they are both from the Mangcheng family and that the Yang family still oppresses the Han family. Doesn’t the Yang family have any reason to kneel down because of the Korean War?

The whispers echoed for a while and there was all kinds of speculation. The three members of the Han family almost burst their lungs, looked at the Korean War with cruelty and fled in shame.

“Korean War, wait, Yang Zhentian, I will definitely break your body into pieces,” roared Yang Zhentian internally.

“In the Korean War, when the three races will try, I will see if you can protect the members of your tribe!” Yang Yun gritted his teeth, his eyes shining fiercely.

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