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Martial God Sovereign

Chapter 27: Tricky Han Yu

Chapter 27: Tricky Han Yu

Both girls are fifteen and sixteen years old. One is dressed in brocade clothing and has seven thumb-sized pearls in her hair. They are shining white in the sun, their complexion is indifferent and there is a feeling of nobility. Temperament, the most important thing is to look as beautiful as a flower, which makes people can’t help but shine; the other is wearing a white dress with her hair in two braids, and the dress is simple but elegant and long. Her eyelashes blinked, and her big watery eyes seemed to be able to speak, being on equal footing with the girl next to her, obviously her identity was different too.

“I don’t know if the two ladies will come, they are welcome and I hope to redeem them,” Han Zhan arched his hands and said with a smile. Although the other side are two young girls, but the identity is there, even if he is Patriarch Han Zhan, he has to lower his posture.

The girl in the brocade nodded slightly, which was considered a return. The girl dressed in white looked at the Han family with curiosity. After sweeping everyone away, her eyebrows could not help but frown. She looked at the Han Zhan and said with an aura: “The Han patriarch, sister Ma and I visited him in person, and Han Yu did not come to meet him. The shelf is too big too! ”

The heart of the Korean War was moved, the host of the Moroccan Guild was a family with the last name of Ma, and he did not dare to neglect it at that time. He smiled and said, “The two ladies, I am so sorry. I apologize to the two ladies here.

The girl dressed in white snorted coldly: “Don’t you have to go out after the retreat? Will you go out only if we send someone to kill you?

The people of the Han family were surprised, and Han Zhan said incredibly, “I don’t know where the children offended the two young ladies.

Before the girl with the last name Ma could speak, the girl in white rushed to say: “Han Yu broke Sister Ma’s most beloved treasure in the Ma Guild five days ago and left without making a sound. Could it be that we Ma’s are easy to intimidate the guild?”

The people in the Han family were so scared and sweaty that it turned out they came to ask the master about the crime. Han Zhan’s eyebrows were slightly furrowed, and she always felt that this matter was a little strange, so she thought about it for a while and said, “The two young women are safe and not restless. Please follow Han into the lobby. I will send someone to call Han Yu. I will definitely give you one. Satisfactory explanation.

“Huh!” The girl dressed in white snorted coldly, holding Girl Ma’s arm and strutting into Han’s hallway.

When Han Yu received the news, she couldn’t help but go to the lobby with hesitation. Only when I entered the lobby did I see two girls sitting on top of the main seat, while Han Zhan, Han Qingyun and other Han family members were at the bottom. Han Yu could not help but feel angry, these two girls are too shameless.

After entering, before Han Yu could speak, the girl dressed in white pointed to Han Yu and said, “Bold Han Yu, when you see me and Sister Ma, do not bow and greet!

Han Yu’s face sank slightly, this is simply to find fault.

Girl Ma smiled slightly and said, “It’s okay, Linger, don’t embarrass young master Han.

Ling’er, the girl dressed in white, did not continue to embarrass Han Yu in this way, but moved on to a topic: “Han Yu, you destroyed Sister Ma’s treasure in the Morma Guild, what do you think about this?”

Everyone in the Han family looked at Han Yu. If this matter is not done well today, it would offend the MoMA Guild, which is definitely not a good thing for the Han family.

Han Yu did not respond, but asked, “I don’t know your names?

Girl Ma couldn’t help but nod in secret. Many large family disciples would be anxious and speechless when they saw her. One was fascinated by her beauty and the other was captivated by her identity. And Han Yu, who can have clear eyes, neither humble nor authoritative, is truly a talent. He said faintly, “My name is Ma Su, this is Ling’er.

Han Yu nodded his head and said, “Miss Ma Su is a daughter of the MoMA Guild and her treasure must be nothing.

Ling’er hummed, “Sister Ma’s treasure is naturally not a mortal thing, um, the Han family cannot afford it!

Han Qingyun expected a cold sweat, but the Korean War had quieted down, he had already seen some tricks.

Han Yu said, “In this case, why are Miss Masu’s treasures placed in the hall of the Morma Guild? As far as I know, things in the hall are all general things, perhaps in the eyes of others. Treasure, but with Miss Masu’s identity, I’m afraid it’s just a disaster, isn’t it? ”

“Gah?” Ling’er was speechless for a moment.

Ma Suhan smiled and said, “The analysis of the young Han master is correct. In fact, this is just a joke between you and Ling’er.

Han Yu could not help but look at Ma Su. This person is definitely a beauty, but Han Yu is more interested in her words. Obviously, they wanted to blackmail Han Yu, and after being exposed by Han Yu, they actually took a joke. If Han Yu does not expose his lies, wouldn’t the Han family be ruined?

Everyone in the Han family breathed a sigh of relief. The elders of Han Qingyun are not vegetarians. Hearing what Han Yu said, they tasted it too, but what can they do? I can only feel tired and twisted, who dares to blame?

Ma Su stood up and smiled: “Actually, we came today just to visit the nobleman, and it doesn’t mean anything else.

Although Ma Su spoke politely, the noble temperament between her eyebrows was not disguised and she felt condescending. She felt that it was a great honor for the Han family to visit the Han family.

Han Yu’s face sank and she said weakly, “In this case, you two will visit at will and I will not be able to accompany you!

Ma Su frowned, saying that this person is really proud. Linger looked at Han Zhan angrily and said, “Han Patriarch, is this how your Han family treats guests?

Han Zhan’s face changed slightly and she didn’t know what to say for a while. Han Yu turned around and said angrily, “What more do you want?”

These words surprised the rest of the Han family.

Linger pointed to Han Yu, and a sly color shone in his eyes: “This lady wants you to lead us personally!

Han Yu was depressed, not knowing when to offend these two people, they actually came to the door to cause him trouble. Although Han Yu was angry, he didn’t want to rip his face off with them, so he had to act as their guide.

As for the rest of the Han family, Ling’er screamed very aggressively.

During the period, Ling’er was even more embarrassed about Han Yu. There was too much dust in the hallway. They had to clean it up before Han Yu. The seats were too dirty, and Han Yu had to clean them nine times before he sat down. I was thirsty again and asked Han Yu to go get some water. Anyway, it was Han Yu who was difficult. Fortunately, his tricks did not exceed the final result, Han Yu also put up with it.

For Han Yu, this day was like a year, and he finally spent the night and fired them both. Han Yu was very upset, but the people in the Han family were very happy, because before they left, they gave an invitation to the Korean War and asked the Korean War to participate in the Gremio Morma auction on the day the Gremio Morma closed. The items in this auction are two Qi collecting pills, which made the Korean War exciting.

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