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Martial God Sovereign

Chapter 26: Visit

Chapter 26: Visit

The people of the Zhao family thought that Yang Feng had finished, but after Yang Zhentian’s appearance, they all changed color slightly and were not willing to do so. Yang Feng was in the top ten of the Yang family. If Han Yu abolished Yang Feng, the complaints between the two families would rise to a new level. It’s good to sit down and reap the benefits. Now, I don’t think Han Yu would still dare to attack it.

After hearing the sound, the fear on Yang Feng’s face was gradually covered by surprise, and he mocked: “Han Yu, you are now dead!

“Really?” A fierce light shone in Han Yu’s eyes. Not only did her firing speed not slow down, but she also exploded with a bit of momentum.

“You?” Yang Feng was stunned. He never expected that after Yang Zhentian stopped, Han Yu still had no intention of stopping. The fear in his heart suddenly reached its peak and he shouted, “Patriarch, save me!

Both the spectators and Yang Zhentian were surprised, and the latter shouted and charged.


After a loud noise, people saw Yang Feng’s body flying upside down like a broken kite, and no one saw a black air current digging Yang Feng’s dantian like a small snake. Suddenly, Yang Feng seemed to have a leak. The ball’s vitality began to increase, and Dan Tian was directly defeated by Han Yu with black energy.

“Hiss!” The people of the Zhao family took a deep breath, and Han Yu also abolished Yang Feng’s Dantian in front of Yang Zhentian. His courage was incredible.

“Ah, little thief, I want to break your corpse into ten thousand pieces,” Yang Zhentian was furious. Yang Feng was a seed of the Yang family. His Dantian was abolished. Even the miracle medicine could not be cured. The future will be a useless person. For the family, it is a great loss.

Han Yu took a deep breath, turned and ran. In front of Yang Zhentian, the five-level Xuanwu, he has absolutely no chance.


Yang Zhentian took a picture with the palm of his hand, and the wind was like a turbulent wave, breaking a big shelf of shelves, Han Yu was rubbed and flew away.

Han Yu quickly ran the Canglong Jue, the black dragon reached an extremely excited state, exhaling black energy to resist the enormous force, but Han Yu’s back was still scratched by the palm wind.

“Enough!” Suddenly, a loud cry came from above, and the members of the Morama Guild intervened.

Yang Zhentian was on the edge of anger, where he could hear it, and took another shot, destroying a large area of objects.

“Humph!” The pale-haired old man let out a cold snort and jumped directly from the second floor. Suddenly, a terrifying aura that was not much stronger than Yang Zhentian was like a falling Cangshan mountain.

“Patriarch Yang, you acted unscrupulously in my Guild Mauma, don’t you look at our Guild Ma? The white-haired old man stood in front of Yang Zhentian and asked coolly

Yang Zhentian could not help but be frightened by a cold sweat. To the Yang family, the Moroccan Guild was a Big Mac, and it was absolutely unacceptable to offend, so he quickly apologized: “Major, calm down, young people are rude!”

Yang Zhentian is worthy of being the head of the family, and now he is angry, but he can quickly weigh the pros and cons and stop his impulse.

He wants to kill Han Yu, he can kill anywhere, but since the members of the Mouma Guild have intervened, naturally they cannot continue to do so, otherwise he will cause a terrible disaster to the Yang family.

The white-haired old man’s complexion improved slightly, and he said weakly, “Go away from here, I will ask someone to count the losses here and send him to your mansion at night.

“Yang Zhentian has no temperament, although he knows that he is not the only one who is destroying the property here, he still dares to negotiate now.

At this time, many people from the Yang family also rushed in. Seeing the miserable situation of the Yang family, everyone took a cold breath. If the eyes could kill people, Han Yu would have been killed thousands of times.

Han Yu bowed deeply to the old man and said gratefully, “Thank you Major for helping me, the minor is grateful!

The old man nodded amicably, without saying much, and turned to leave. Not long after the Korean War rushed into the Han family, seeing the wounds of Han Yi and others, he became angry. However, after the terrible consequences of all the members of the Yang family, he swallowed a little of his heart’s breath and took the injured people away.

An unsatisfied voice came from a room on the third floor of the MoMA Guild: “Lao Liang, our MoMA Guild never interferes with the affairs of local forces. You just went ahead and broke the rules!

The white-haired old man, Liang Lao, sighed secretly and said, “Miss, I know the rules too, but the boy now is a talent and will do something in the future. We’ll give him some benefits now, and maybe he’ll be useful in the future.

The girl called to the young lady and remained silent for a while and said, “Lao Liang still thinks long term.

Han Yu and others returned to Han’s house and immediately treated Han Yi, Han Hao, Han Shuang, Han Qing and others. Fortunately, none of the injuries were fatal. The most important thing is Han Yi. The five elderly members of the Han family who master pharmacology personally took three days and three nights to resolve all of Han Yi’s poison.

This is so, the Han family is also enveloped in dark clouds, because the wounds of the four are too severe, even if the tribal test is half a month later, they cannot be healed and will not be able to participate. These four people are among the top ten of the Han family, especially Han Yi, who is already in the top three, which is definitely not good news for the Han family.

What worries the Han family even more is that now the Han and Yang families have reached the point of endless death. When the three races try, the Yang family will definitely kill the Han family. The Han family, whose strength is completely weak, has a worrying future.

The Mouma Guild proceeded in an orderly way, and the young disciples of the Han family, to avoid being avenged by the Yang family, did not go out the door and did not advance. Han Yu practiced Thunder Magic Palm in his garden every day.

One day, people from the Morama guild suddenly visited him.

This caused the Han family, who were completely unprepared, surprised and delighted, to be taken by surprise. Although the Morama Guild is not a cultivating sect, its strength is beyond any doubt, even if compared to Liuyunzong. On the other hand, the Morama Guild never interferes with local forces and, in general, rarely interacts with local forces.

In the past, the ancestors of the Han family did not know how many times they wanted to get in line with the big ship of the Mouma Guild, but they ignored it. Unexpectedly, the Han family was already at the end of the three main families in Mangcheng, and the Mouma Guild would take the initiative to make good fortune.

For the Han family, this is a great opportunity. If you can trust the giant of the Morma Guild, it will certainly be of great benefit to the development of the Han family. Therefore, the Han family valued this contact very much and almost used the power of the whole family to welcome them at the door.

What surprised the Korean War and others was that the people who came were just two little girls, and it seemed that they were the kind of people who came to sightseeing with curiosity, not like the Han family’s illusions. The guild is here to discuss cooperation.

Despite this, the Han family people did not dare to neglect him, and Han Zhan brought all the elders and tribal people to greet him with a smile.

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