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Martial God Sovereign

Chapter 25: Despicable and Shameless

Chapter 25: Despicable and Shameless

The people of Gremio Mauma were alarmed long ago, but they did not come down from the second floor, as for the destroyed shelves and the medicinal materials in the corridor, they did not care at all. Anyway, you can ask the Yang family and the Han family. The more you destroy, the easier it will be.

“Han Yi quickly executed the Canglong Art, his body trembled and his momentum gradually began to increase. Although it was the first level of the Xuanwu cultivation base, it gave people a kind of transcendental change.

“Xuanjie mind technique!” Yang Feng’s face changed dramatically, and he looked at Han Yi in amazement. He and Han Yi were external disciples of the Liuyun Sect. Both practiced the Huangjie Mind Technique. Where did Han Yi learn the Xuanjie Mind? law?

“Burning the sky and breaking legs!”

With a burst of screaming, Han Yi dove, five or six meters from Yang Feng, then jumped, his feet cut into Yang Feng like scissors and at the same time, a terrifying flame exploded in his feet, burning in the void .

Yang Feng’s face was solemn and showed a set of boxing techniques, and a blue wave exploded from his fists.

“Boom boom...”

The two fought like lightning, Yang Feng was forced to retreat and return. After the eighteenth fight, Han Yi kicked Yang Feng’s fists and kicked three legs into Yang Feng’s chest. Yang Feng snorted and fell. He flew out and hit the wall.

The spectators were stunned, they thought Han Yi was definitely not Yang Feng’s opponent, but did not expect Yang Feng to defend himself.

The faces of the Zhang family have changed slightly, and the glances at Han Yi, Han Yu and others have also become more complicated. The Han family is worthy of being the family with the longest heritage of the three main families, and even has the deepest mental method .

Originally, Han family members took advantage of all three families at the same level. If the Han family members were not very qualified, the Yang family and the Zhang family could not suppress the Han family.

But now, the people of the Han family have cultivated the method of the mysterious mind, while the people of the Yang family and the Zhao family still practice the method of the yellow mind. The people of the Han family have the ability to take a leap and compensate for the gap in fitness.

The only thing that makes the Zhang family wonder is that, since the Han family has such a powerful mind, why didn’t they practice earlier and keep the Han family down? Could it be that you just got it?

The people of the Zhang family couldn’t help but think, if they were also practicing the deep mental method, they would definitely take first place among the three great families.

Zhang Linlin looked at Han Yi in amazement. In his eyes, a person who had always been a waste of wood actually hurt Yang Feng, which was simply not true.

After Han Yi landed, he once again showed the “Burning Sky and Breaking the Legs of the Earth”, the powerful momentum of third order martial arts, instantly flooding every corner.

“Yang Feng is finished,” sighed the Zhang family in secret.

“I admit defeat!” Suddenly, Yang Feng cried out in frustration, and everyone was surprised when he said this. Yang Feng even admitted defeat, completely shaming his Yang family.

Han Yi did not think to rush to kill him, he stopped, turned to look at Zhang Linlin and said, “Who is the waste?”

Zhang Linlin’s face was unsure and he finally showed a trace of regret, pleading, “Han Yi, I was wrong, forgive me!

“Get out!” Han Yi frowned and shouted angrily.

Han Yu secretly nodded, Han Yi apparently came out of his previous sadness and anger.

At this point, Yang Feng slowly climbed up, the corners of his mouth slightly arched, revealing a vicious color, and with a movement of his hands, like a fairy spraying flowers, countless flying needles shot out of his hands. These flying needles shone with a terrible green light, which was obviously very poisonous.

“Brother, be careful,” Han Yu shouted anxiously, but it was too late.

Although Han Yi blocked some flying needles, half of the flying needles still shot into his body. Han Yi screamed and then fell down.

“Big brother!” Han Yu almost jumped out of his heart and ran madly towards Han Yi.

Yang Feng stood up slowly, with a frightening expression on his face: “Han Yi, what if you can defeat me? You’re not going to die by my hands!

Although the Zhang family despised Yang Feng’s sordid methods, no one said anything.

Han Yu quickly sealed up Han Yi’s key points before feeling a little relieved.

“Don’t do it in vain, I’ll kill you anyway!” Yang Feng walked toward Han Yu and the others step by step, with a cruel look on his face.


Han Yu hurried, raised his hand and bombarded Yang Feng with a palm, lightning flashed on his arm and thunder roared in his palm. So much so that the whole room trembled three times.

The people of the Mouma Guild on the second floor looked at Han Yu in amazement, using Yuan Wu’s sixth level cultivation base to show such dominant level 3 martial arts, even with his knowledge, they had never seen him before.

“This child is a talent!” The gray-haired old man in the middle could not help but imply that he appreciated it.

Yang Feng was also surprised by Han Yu’s movement. Such a powerful attack, even if he used his third order magical powers to full effect, would it be so?

“Hand of the Treasure of the Sacred Light!”

Yang Feng shouted and fired an endless golden light into his right palm. Soon the whole arm spilled out like gold, and at the same time a powerful “potential” was radiated. Even if Han Yu executes the Canglong Art with all his strength, the speed of running vitality is also weakened. It was more than 20%, so the power of the thunder palm was considerably reduced.

However, Han Yu did not retreat. Even if the opponent’s “power” reduced his martial arts power by 20%, the black energy spat out by the black dragon increased the power of the martial arts by 30%. A reduction and an increase, the real thunder he showed. Palm, the power has also increased by 10%.


The palms of the two crashed into each other, and the purple lightning in Han Yu’s hand rushed to Yang Feng’s arm and exploded, exploding the golden vitality in Yang Feng’s arm into a crack.

Han Yu took a few steps back, his face turned sombre. Xuanwu Duo, it’s really not that easy to defeat.

Compared to Han Yu, Yang Feng raised the stormy sea in his heart. Under the two full blows, Han Yu not only failed miserably, but also injured his arm. How terrifying is this fighting power?


Han Yu’s figure shone, turning into countless residual images and approaching Yang Feng, his hands shot up quickly, each palm was a thunderclap, a roar of thunder. Yang Feng responded quickly; however, what surprised him was that although the two were evenly matched, Han Yu’s reaction speed was extremely fast when he actually met, and he was able to understand precisely the flaws in his movements. He struck hard.

Yang Feng suddenly discovered that although Han Yu’s cultivation was not as good as Han Yi’s, it was more terrifying than Han Yi’s.

After the two played against each other twenty-four times, Han Yu slapped Yang Feng three times on his body, and the blood began to flow continuously in his mouth, and he had not really hurt Han Yu seriously.

“You can go to your death!” Han Yu’s murder was fleeting, grabbing Yang Feng’s defect again and hitting his chest with a palm.


Suddenly, a loud scream was heard, followed by a terrifying wave of air rising like a hurricane. I saw an old man standing in the doorway with his long hair flying and his eyes bursting. It was Yang Zhentian, the head of the Yang family.

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