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Martial God Sovereign

Chapter 24: The Critical Blow

Chapter 24: The Critical Blow

Han Hai looked back with emotion, tears in his eyes, the person here was not another person, it was Han Yu.

As soon as Han Yu and Han Yi entered the room, they saw Han Shuang and Han Qing lying on the floor, and the two suddenly exploded with unparalleled murderous intent. The people of the Yang family are as heavy with girls as Han Shuang and Han Qing, they are simply not human.

Han Yu didn’t even think about it, so he ran away.

Seeing the figure that appeared suddenly, Yang Rui could not help but show a sneer of contempt, and Yuan Wu Sixth Chong was only looking for death.

“Isn’t this the Han Yu trash of the Han family? He still wants to introduce himself, I can’t read it wrong, right?”

“There is no longer anyone in the Han family, now it comes down to a useless scene!”

The Yang family mocked the hot wind and the Zhang family shook its head indifferently.

Yang Rui raised his palm with more disdain and took pictures at will, saying: “It is the greatest insult to me to fight against a scum like you!”

A cold light shone in Han Yu’s eyes, skillfully dodging Yang Rui’s palm, and then hitting Yang Rui’s abdomen.

Suddenly, Han Yu burst into a terrifying aura. This aura is so powerful that even a master of Xuanwu First Heavy cannot help but lose his color. Most importantly, Han Yu still exudes “potential,” so the Yang family disciples and the Zhang family disciples, who are more than ten meters away, are overwhelmed for a while.

Yang Rui’s pupils shrank, a horrified expression appeared on his face, and he quickly moved to resist. But Han Yu’s shot was so fast that Yang Rui’s hand only reached half the distance, and Han Yu’s fist hit Yang Rui’s abdomen ferociously.

Suddenly, colic caused Yang Rui’s face to become abnormally distorted. At the same time, a black gas came out of Han Yu’s fist, rushed from Yang Rui’s Dantian point, and the next moment entered Yang Rui’s Dantian, starting to destroy Yang Rui’s Dantian without any scruples.

This black spirit is extremely dominant, Yang Rui’s vitality is in front of him, like a lamb that meets a tiger, unable to move even.

“Ah!” Under the incredible glance of everyone, Yang Rui shouted, and his body flew more than ten meters away and hit the ground. The real energy in his body was like a punctured ball, coming out madly. Everyone can say that Yang Rui’s Dantian was abolished.


The people of the Yang family and the Zhao family couldn’t help but take a breath and abolished the Xuanwu master in one blow. How scary is Han Yu? Moreover, the destruction is the destruction of the Dantian, and the cruelty of the beginning makes people afraid.

Now Yang Rui, his Dantian was destroyed, and even if the immortal took action, it was still a waste.

After a moment of dismay, the members of the Yang family rushed to Han Yu like hungry wolves. Han Yu’s body was like a snake with a purple lightning bolt, and each palm strike made a roar. Not long after, the entire Yang family fell. The earth, though not dead, seemed extremely miserable. The skin was torn, as if thousands of whips had been taken from it.

The people of the Zhao family looked at Han Yu, with deep jealousy shining in their eyes, and involuntarily took a step back. Han Yu did not even look at the Zhao family. He walked back to pick up Han Shuang and left. Han Yi and Han Hao recovered, each holding one behind Han Yu.

“One man blocked the door, and his terrifying “potential” was like a tide rushing in on Han Yu and the others. Han Hai couldn’t take the pressure, so he simply hit Kneeling on the floor, even Han Yi, who was the first class of Xuanwu, had his legs shaking.

“Yang Feng, Yang Feng from the double-layer Xuanwu came unexpectedly, and the Han family people are miserable this time,” exclaimed the Zhang family people.

The man is tall, with a hint of a goatee, but he is not very old, 17 or 18 years old. Behind him, followed by a wonderful woman in a green skirt, her eyes ran down Yang Yi’s face and a hint of contempt ran through her.

Han Yi was immediately surprised. This woman, Zhang Linlin, the lover of his dreams, asked in surprise, “Linlin, why are you with him?

A look of disgust crossed Zhang Linlin’s face and he said, “Whoever he is with, do you still have to take care of him?”

Han Yi was surprised and said inconceivably, “Don’t you say that as long as I reach the first level of Xuanwu, you will be with me? I am already the first level of Xuanwu,” said Han Yi, not forgetting to breathe out.

Zhang Linlin said coolly, “I told you so, but you are a pity. You didn’t reach the first level of Xuanwu until you were eighty, do I want to be with you too?”

Han Yi trembled with anger, Zhang Linlin’s words were really shocking. Zhang Linlin couldn’t help but snort, adding fuel and jealousy: “Brother Yang Feng is much stronger than you. We worshipped the Liuyun Sect in the same year. Brother Yang Feng is now the second level of Xuanwu cultivation, and you, the first Xuanwu First Chong, and Brother Yang Feng is just a waste! ”

Zhang Linlin’s words, like a knife, shook Han Yi’s heart. I would never have thought that the woman he has always loved is such an extravagant and ruthless person.

Han Yu looked at Zhang Linlin coldly, then looked at Yang Feng and said, “Go away!

“Searching for death, Yang Feng rushed in murderously, raising his hand and striking three palms. Suddenly, his palms were thundering, making many people pale.

Han Yu embraced Han Shuang, it is not easy to fight, he quickly retreated and dodged him. Although Yang Feng’s shot was quick, Han Yu was interested and was able to determine the precise trajectory of Yang Feng’s shot. He eluded Yang Feng’s final move several times.

Yang Feng was amazed. Han Yu was only the sixth layer cultivation base of Yuan Wu. According to common sense, he could push Han Yu to death with one finger. Now he has not even touched Han Yu in ten breaths.

“Yang Feng, dare to fight Lao Tzu,” Han Yi said. He did not know when he had defeated Han Qing, looking at Yang Feng in anger, he said murderously.

“Hmph, then kill you first!” Yang Feng decisively abandoned Han Yu and ran to Han Yi. He did not know that the Yang family had been abandoned by Han Yu. I only thought he was wounded, otherwise he would certainly not be as calm as he is now.

Han Yu gathered Han Shuang and Han Qing, let Han Hai keep watch, staring at the battlefield.

Han Yi and Yang Feng fought six blows like lightning, and Yang Feng hit his chest with a palm, making his face turn blue and white. Han Yu wanted to help, but Han Yi stopped him.

Han Yu sighed secretly, Han Yi was still happy to tell his beloved wife the good news of his progress, but in the blink of an eye, the person he had always missed, followed his enemy. You can imagine the pain in Han Yi’s heart.

The qi in his heart can only be released with the fist; his dignity can only be restored with his strength.

“A simple Xuanwu First Heavy, I dare to compete with me, I cannot help myself!” Yang Feng showed coldness in his face and directly showed the third order martial arts, and the whirlwind roared through the room, with an amazing aura.

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