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Martial God Sovereign

Chapter 23: Cruel Beginning

Chapter 23: Cruel Beginning

Han Yi laughed and said, “Brother, come on, let’s go to the Mall of America. What do you want, brother will buy it for you?

Han Yu said, “Isn’t the MoMA Club opening tomorrow to the outside world?

Han Yi proudly said, “That’s for other people. As one of the three main families in Mangcheng, we can visit the Han family in advance.

The Moma Association is the largest trade organization in Jingzhou, known for buying and selling farming materials. Although it is not a cultivation sect, its power is only surpassed by the Jiang family, and it is an absolute giant. Looking at the cities large and small in Jingzhou, there are branches of the Moorish Guild. Although there are countless trade fairs and auction houses in Jingzhou, the first choice for growers is the MoMA Guild, whether they are selling materials or buying materials.

Not only is the MoMA Guild powerful, but the training materials are also dazzling. Other places don’t have it, but the Morama Guild does. If other places don’t dare to accept it, the Morama Guild will accept it. And it kept its mouth shut about customer information, and there has never been any leakage of customer information, and it has always been respected by most professionals.

Mang city is just a small city in Jingzhou. Although the Morama Guild has branches here, it is not open all year round and is only open to the outside world once every quarter.

Every time two days before the opening of the MoMA guild, growers from surrounding cities came here with admiration, which also made Mangcheng suddenly lively.

Han Shuang and Han Qing had made an appointment to arrive early at the Moroccan guild. At this point, the Moroccan guild had not officially opened and the main gate was closed. The two were accommodated by disciples of the Han family and entered through the side door.

Both arrived today with the same mentality, that is, to choose a training material for Han Yu.

The relationship between Han Shuang and Han Yu was going to be good, and Han Yu contributed selflessly to the Canglong Art. She always wanted to find an opportunity to thank him, not to mention Han Qing, Han Yu rescued her twice.

There are quite a few people in the Morma Guild Hall now, but they are all disciples of the three main families.

When Han Shuang and Han Qing entered, they were observed by a group of people. They approached with an unkind look. The main character smiled and said, “Sister Han Shuang, it has been a long time since I saw you, you are more tearful!

When the man spoke, he could not help but touch Han Shuang’s cheek. Han Shuang was furious, took a step back and shouted, “Yang Rui, what are you doing?”

This person is a disciple of the Yang family. He worshipped Liuyunzong two years ago and became an external disciple. Now in the Yang family, they are among the top ten.

Yang Rui withdrew his hand in a sigh and smiled wickedly: “Nothing, I just miss you!”

“Disgusting!” A look of disgust crossed Han Shuang’s face and he walked to one side.

“Smelly lady, who do you say is disgusting?” The young man next to Yang Rui stepped forward and blocked Han Shuang’s path.

“Get out of here!” Han Shuang was not a vegetarian and suddenly became a murderer.

“Damn, I think you’re shameless!” A fierce light pierced the boy’s face, and grabbed Han Shuang by the arm. Han Shuangyang struck the child’s chest with his hand and the child screamed. He flew backwards, although he was in the same state as Han Shuang, Han Shuang was surprised and this palm was enough for him.

Yang Rui’s face was terribly dark, and he pulled Han Shuang backwards, then slapped him on the arm and slapped him.

“It broke!”

With a loud noise, Han Shuang’s body spun and flew off and hit the ground, with bleeding blisters constantly in his mouth.

“Bitch, I think you are your blessing, so I dared to hit my brother,” Yang Rui looked at Han Shuang with cruelty.

Han Qing was suddenly frightened, Yang Rui actually played such a hard hand, after a moment, he shouted and ran to Yang Rui: “Yang Rui, you are not a man, I will fight against you!

Yang Rui did not even look at Han Qing. He lifted his foot and kicked Han Qing’s stomach. Han Qing screamed as he held his stomach, flew seven or eight meters and fell to the ground, coughing up blood and foam.

Yang Rui spat and said disdainfully, “Han family people are cheap!”

The people not far away were surprised. Han Hai and Han Hao were choosing medical materials. Hearing the noise here, they turned their heads and saw that they were watching Yang Rui kicking Han Qing in the air. Suddenly they got angry and ran towards him .

The people of the Zhao family also heard the sound and saw Han Shuang and Han Qing dying on the ground, and they did not lend a hand, but gloated.

“Yang Rui, you’re not a damn man!” Looking at Han Shuang and Han Qing who were on the floor moaning, Han Hai and Han Hao were crazy. Han Hai picked up Han Shuang and continued to send vitality to Han Shuang’s body, Han Hao then roared at Yang Rui.

“The name is Yang, I will abolish you today,” Han Hao rushed forward like a mad beast. Yang Rui curled his lips in disdain: “The qualifications of Waste Chai, who has worshipped Liuyunzong for three years, are still Yuan Wu Jiuzhong!

“Xuanyun kills three times!”

Han Hao’s palm was like a knife, and he swung it with a palm, instantly blocking Yang Rui’s three vital points, and his speed was extremely fast. Han Hao’s shot caused many people to exclaim, and there were very few people present who could take it.

However, Yang Rui had a look of disdain: “It’s really a waste of your third order martial arts to show off so much power!

After Yang Rui finished speaking, he stepped forward and also showed the third order martial arts Xuanyun three interceptions, no matter the speed or strength of the shot, was more than ten times stronger than Han Hao. The most important thing is that Yang Rui still exudes a powerful “potential”, this “potential” invisibly suppresses Han Hao’s vitality, so the power of the martial arts shown is greatly reduced.

“Xuanwu First Class!” Han Hao’s eyes were enlarged. Before returning, Yang Rui was only the cultivation base of Yuan Wu Ninth Class, how such a big change happened in only half a month.

“Humph!”, Yang Rui snorted coldly, the strength in his hand did not diminish, and he touched Han Hao three times. Han Hao’s body suddenly flew like a broken kite. You can see that her arms are twisted. The kite was directly abolished by Yang Rui.

Seeing this, the Zhang family could not help but take a breath, Yang Rui’s movement was too cruel. However, it is not surprising that Yang Rui has been so insistent on the fact that in the last few days it was rumored that the Yang family was beheaded by the Han family on Qilin Mountain.

“This year’s test of the three clans is fun. It hasn’t even started yet, and the two families will continue!” A young disciple of the Zhang family, holding hands, seemed to gloat. The more the Yang family and the Han family fight, the better it is for his Zhang family.

“The disparity between the strengths of the two is too great, and the Han family may suffer miserable losses this year,” another disciple of the Zhang family said lightly.

“Ah!” Han Hai clenched his fists, his eyes turned red, put Han Shuang on the ground and charged. At this moment, a hand suddenly grabbed his arm, no matter how hard Han Hai tried, he could not free himself. Han Hai turned his head to look, he only saw vaguely an immature face, but cold and merciless.

In the next moment, this person became a series of residual images and ran towards Yang Rui.

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