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Martial God Sovereign

Chapter 22: Shi Lingshi

Chapter 22: Shi Lingshi

Han Yu was a little surprised, he had never seen anything like it.

“Seeing Han Yu staring at her shoulder, the girl in black felt that she had been raped even though she was protected by armor. A fierce light flickered in her eyes, a constant stream of vitality poured into the armor, and the armor slowly dispersed into a blue light.

As the cyan light from the armor became more and more vigorous, the surrounding wind gradually blew, moaning, as if the devil were crying.

Han Yu was surprised, looked at the man in black intently and quickly withdrew.

“Hmph, today I’m going to kill this stinking scoundrel!” The man in black gritted his teeth, but then his face changed dramatically, because the surrounding yin wind had reached a terrifying situation, and the yin wind turned black. Covering the sky and darkening the sun, there was a disturbing breath that made her, the initiator, shudder.

“What is the situation?” The look of the man dressed in black moved around, his eyes gradually filled with fear. This kind of sight, even his teacher, would not be able to attract, but he did so without any effort.

Han Yu was also horrified. In that dark wind, there were countless vampires hiding, and it seemed that he could run out and suck them into a corpse at any moment.

“This graveyard is strange!” The man in black was surprised, and quickly regained his vitality, and soon the light from his armor gathered, and when the light from his armor disappeared, the yin wind disappeared without a trace.

“No wonder the master is obsessed with this place, it is not really a common place. The man dressed in black could not help but soak his palms in cold sweat, and secretly let out a stingy sigh. Seeing Han Yu looking at himself with jealousy, his heart could not help but change: “Smelly boy, today Fortunately for you, this lady will forgive you once, if you meet again next time, I will take your skin! ”

After speaking, he ran to the exit of the cemetery. Han Yu did not stop him, naturally he did not know that the man in black was cheating on him, in fact the man in black was more afraid than he was.

After the man in black left, Han Yu breathed a long sigh. Wasn’t he drenched in cold sweat? When the yin wind appeared just now, even if he was performing the Art of the Blue Dragon with all his might, the dragon in the Dantian was extremely excited. It still comes from the fear of the soul. The invisible pressure has exceeded its tolerance.

After confirming that the man in black was gone, Han Yu sat cross-legged, opened his pores and absorbed the spiritual energy of heaven and earth to refine it. The battle at that moment consumed him enormously.

It was not until dawn that Han Yu left the cemetery and went directly to the Korean War studio. After recounting what happened on the night of the Korean War, the Korean War did not come as much of a surprise. In the words of the Korean War, many grave robbers visit the Han family cemetery every year. However, the Han family cemetery is special, even if someone can get in. If you don’t get any benefits, ask Han Yu not to take it too seriously.

However, after Han Yu spoke about the special characteristics of the man in black, especially the armor he wore, and the horrible sight caused by the urgency of the armor, Han Zhan could not help but breathe and exclaimed the words “Master of Discharge. .

Han Yu could not help but ask curiously, “What is Master Xiling?”

Han Zhan said, “Shi Lingling is a true master of the grave robbers and the ancestor of the grave robbers. He has the means to reach the sky, such as arranging Fengshui, blocking the veins of dragons, exploring ancient tombs and distributing large formations. In the Cloud Continent, Master Xiling is a very special group of people, with an extremely honorable status. Many martial sects are proud to invite Master Xiling to be the greatest Keqing at a huge price.

“Five years ago, a Shiling Master appeared in the southern part of Jingzhou. At that time, he caused countless sects to steal. Liuyunzong also broke his head and wanted that Shiling Master to be worshipped, but that Shiling Master didn’t even have a straight eye. Take a look, the elder Keqing who eventually became the first class sect of the Clear Sky School, is said to be only surpassed by the Clear Sky School Sect Master.

“Looking at our Jingzhou, the total number of Shiling Masters is only three. Except for the one consecrated by the Haotian Sect, the Lv family consecrated two. The rest of the sect’s kingdoms do not have the opportunity to worship the Shiling Master. And you did it last night. Look at the armor that Shiling Master wears, it’s called Shiling Armor. It’s a precious treasure, and it’s one of Shiling Master’s necessary weapons! ”

Han Yu was surprised: “Is Master Xiling that scary?”

The Korean War nodded solemnly and said, “He is so scary, this is a group of existences that cannot be offended. I don’t know that kind of existence, why did you look at our Han family cemetery? Fortunately, you fought with him last night and he was not hurt. You. But I want to go to that person last night, not a senior consecrated by Clear Sky School, but one of the consecrated Lu family. They’re all well-known teachers who aren’t willing to worry about you.

In the words of the Korean War, it seemed like an honor to be sponsored by Master Shi Ling to visit his cemetery.

Han Yu was suddenly a little shocked. The man in black was a girl last night. How could he be an expert? But Han Yu didn’t say much, so it seemed that the Korean War wasn’t worried about the theft of the Han family cemetery, and he was relieved.

Over the next few days, Han Yu practiced the second type of Thunder Magic Palm from Lei Qianzhe during the day and went to guard the cemetery at night, but since that night, the man in black has not appeared again.

One day at noon, Han Yu was practicing Thunder Magic Palm in the courtyard, Han Yi laughed and went inside. Han Yu couldn’t help but ask him curiously, “Big brother, what’s so happy?

Han Yi didn’t say much. When his body shook, a terrifying aura sprang from his body everywhere, and there was a powerful “potential” that only the masters of the Xuanwu kingdom could emit.

Han Yu said with joy: “Congratulations, congratulations, big brother for reaching the first level of Xuanwu!

Han Yi laughed and said, “Xiaoyu, thank you for this. If you did not share the Art of the Azure Dragon, I could not go through it so quickly”.

After Han Yi finished speaking, the corners of his mouth tilted slightly and a happy smile filled his face. It seemed that there was something more exciting that I didn’t say. Han Yu asked, “Big brother, is there anything else good?

Han Yi said, “Brother, it is true that I have an appointment with Zhang Linlin. As long as I reach the first level of Xuanwu, she promised to be with me.

Zhang Linlin in the mouth of Han Yi is a disciple of the Zhang family of Mangcheng, the Han family and the Yang family. Han Yi has liked Zhang Linlin since he was a child, and they both worshipped Liuyunzong in the same year, and are considered childhood sweethearts.

However, Zhang Linlin’s grades are slightly better than Han Yi’s. Last year, he moved up to the first level of Xuanwu. This year, Han Yi has made a great effort to catch up with Zhang Linlin. Now that he has finally made his way to the first level of Xuanwu, he was naturally excited to win a beautiful heart.

Han Yu knows Han Yi’s thoughts, and is also happy for Han Yi. He smiled and said, “Then I wish my older brother an early return with a beautiful woman!”

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