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Martial God Sovereign

Chapter 21: Female Grave Thief

Chapter 21: Female Grave Thief

This time Han Yu saw the figure clearly, it was a man dressed in black and covered his face. Being here at this time is absolutely not good. Han Yu’s face sank. The ancestors of the Han family are buried here. How can you desecrate others?

After the man arrived at a tomb, he began walking around the grave, muttering something quietly in his mouth, holding a compass in his hand, and the compass needle spun unevenly.

The enormous pressure of the cemetery did not seem to affect him much.

“Grave robber!” Han Yu’s eyes were cold, and he silently approached the man in black. When Han Yu was more than 20 meters away from the man in black, the man in black suddenly turned around and a cold light shone in his eyes.

“Han Yu was hiding well enough, but was discovered. He didn’t say much at the time. Vitality rushed out of the Dantian, and suddenly it gathered in his arm, cried out in secret from the bottom of his heart, and the whole person was like a dragon going out to sea. Usually thrown away.


The sound of the dragon’s chanting was made simultaneously inside the dantian and above the fist, and the sound was extremely realistic, as if a real dragon appeared in the world and Han Yu fired a dragon-shaped fist.

A hint of surprise shone in the eyes of the person dressed in black. It’s really rare that a teenager of Han Yu’s age, Yuan Wu’s sixth-cloak breeding base, can make such a fierce attack instantly. Most importantly, Han Yu exudes a majestic and sacred aura throughout her body. This aura is derived from the oppression of the soul. Generally, people with weaker strength can be frightened by this impulse. Form a non-weak “potential”.

As far as growers are concerned, only the kingdom of basalt can exert power in the kingdom of Yuanwu. Momentum is momentum. People in the basalt kingdom can oppress opponents from above the momentum and exert tremendous pressure on their opponents. And Han Yu, the mere sixth level of Yuanwu, the exuded “power” is no weaker than that of the ordinary masters of the first level of Xuanwu, which is unprecedented in black clothing.

However, the man in black came to his senses only after a moment, snorted and slapped Han Yu. Suddenly, there was a majestic aura, like a stormy sea rushing towards Han Yu. Most importantly, the “potential” emanating from the man in black is invisibly pressing on Han Yu’s body, and the speed at which Han Yu’s vitality moves. The slowest moment more than doubles.

“Xuanwu Yizhong?” Han Yu was surprised, and the other party used the “power” to oppress him. This is a method only available to experts in the Xuanwu kingdom.

The man in black made fun. Although Han Yu can radiate “power”, he/she is still weaker than he/ she. In the competition for “power”, he instantly prevailed.

The teachers do tricks and pay attention to the power like a broken bamboo. Once “potential” is suppressed, it is difficult to win.

“Humph,” Han Yu snorted coolly, Canglong Jue spun quickly, and the stagnant vitality turned quickly, and the momentum in his body began to increase steadily.

“A light shone in the eyes of the man dressed in black, and the Han family was truly extraordinary.

Finally, Han Yu’s fist hit the man in black’s palm, making a loud noise. Han Yu’s body turned back and landed three steps backwards before taking all his strength away, but the man in black stood still.

Han Yu’s mood suddenly became a little heavy, the kingdom of Xuanwu and the kingdom of Yuanwu were a big difference. Even if Yuanwu Jiuzhong and Xuanwu Yizhong are only separated by a line, the gap between them is like a gap of divine condemnation. Han Yu was able to defeat Yuanwu Jiuzhong’s master with one move, but compared to Xuanwu First Chong’s master, there was still a great gap.

The man in black looked at Han Yu with some curiosity. Han Yu was able to catch him with the palm of his hand. If this were said, no one would believe it.

“Who are you? Why are you here?” Han Yu asked.

“Huh!” The man in black did not respond, and quickly ran to Han Yu.

Han Yu’s pupils shrank, and he showed directly the first form of third order Thunder Thousand Strike martial arts, Thunder Palm. Suddenly, Han Yu wandered with a purple ray, exuding a violent aura. He waved his palms, and each palm strike was like running towards the sky and making a loud noise.

“Level 3 martial arts!” The man in black was finally moved. If Han Yu catches him with the strength of the Sixth Layer of Yuanwu, it is incredible, then Han Yu Yuanwu Sixth Layer has cultivated Level 3 martial arts, which are called Heaven Defying.

You should know that level 3 martial arts can only be practiced by cultivators above the ninth level of Yuan Wu, because people below the ninth level of Yuan Wu cannot endure the heavy consumption of level 3 martial arts, either the body or the vitality in the body. Level 3 martial art is still a martial art with a very destructive thunder attribute. This martial art has stricter requirements on the body of the cultivator. If you are not careful, you will not only fail in cultivation, but also be horrified.

It is rare for the man in black to stand, and he also uses level 3 martial arts. His level 3 martial arts are not as powerful as Han Yu’s Thunder Palm, but with the blessing of Xuanwu’s “power”, it can be compared to Thunder Palm.

After the two fought quickly in three moves, the person in black was surprised to discover that his arm was numb from the impact, but Han Yu, on the other hand, was pushing hard and intimidating.

“How is this possible?” The man in black was surprised.

On the surface, the thunder palm shown by Han Yu is comparable to the third order martial arts performed by the man in black, but Han Yu secretly has the blessing of black energy, and the power of the thunder palm has increased by more than 30%, and the man in black martial arts is naturally weaker .

After the thirteen moves, the man in black gradually became unable to endure it and could only defend himself passively. Han Yu took the opportunity to pass through his hands and strike his chest with a palm.


Han Yu couldn’t help but let out a suspicion of surprise, at the moment his palm hit ...

“Ah... you stinking rogue!” cried the man in black, actually the voice of a girl.

The man in black attacked Han Yu madly, and Han Yu could only retreat for so long.

He did not intend to abuse the girl at this time, just because after learning that she was a woman, Han Yu could not bear to hurt her, but he did not expect to be counterproductive.

The man’s messy attack in black was surprisingly powerful, and Han Yu gradually could not bear it behind him, and could not help but be angry.

This time, Han Yu avoided his “vital point. After seven movements, Han Yu slapped him on the left shoulder and the power of thunder and lightning in his hand rushed over the shoulder of the man in black like a small snake. It shatters the clothes of the man in black. Zidian, which was enough to hurt the man in black, did not cause any harm to the man in black. The man in black actually wore a pair of armor underneath the black clothing.

This armor is quite rare, the usual military armor is very different, it is made of pieces the size of shells, like pieces of stone, made of gold thread in series, and is engraved with runes like small tadpoles.

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