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Martial God Sovereign

Chapter 20: Ghost in the Cemetery

Chapter 20: Ghost in the Cemetery

After Han Gan left, Han Yu sat cross-legged, preparing to refine two fourth grade elixirs. The little horn that had been sleeping suddenly turned around and jumped on Han Yu’s body, with two front legs hanging from Han Yu’s clothes, looking at Han Yu in a pitiful way.

“Do you want a panacea,” asked Han Yu. Xiaojiao suddenly nodded as if crushing garlic.

Han Yu’s face sank: “No!”

There was a whisper of milk in the small corner, and he was pleased to help Han Yu massage.

“It is useless to please, who told you to steal my elixir before!” Han Yu suddenly had some fun, this little one is just a ghost.

After rubbing himself with Han Yu for a while, Han Yu refused to give it to him, Xiao Horn snorted humanly, went to sleep at the end of the bed, turned his back on Han Yu and was frustrated with Han Yu, who seemed to resist him silently: “I won’t. Take care!”

Han Yu smiled bitterly, calming his mind, holding the fourth rank elixir in both hands, the Canglong Jue mental method operated silently, not long after, the two fourth rank elixirs were refined by Han Yu, and the cyclone in Han Yu’s Dantian became stronger. More than double.

“Others may have made their way early!” Han Yu shook his head helplessly.

After looking at the time, it was Xishan sunset, and Han Yu went out to look for the Korean War. After eating dinner with the Korean War, Han Yu wrote the Canglong Jue cultivation mentality and gave it to the Korean War.

Canglong Art is a deep mental technique. If the whole Han family were cultivated, their strength would be greatly improved. The Korean War was naturally full of joy, and Han Yu was so selfless, which pleased him greatly.

In the following days, Han Yu began to practice the third order martial arts Thunder Thousand Strike. Thunder Thousand Strikes is divided into three levels, but only the first two levels of cultivation methods are recorded in the tricks. The first level is Thunder Palm, with only one movement, and the cultivation palm is like Thunder; the second level is Thunder Magic Palm, with a total of seven movements. The cultivation is excellent, seven strokes are emitted together and the palms are heavy.

The reason why Lei Qianjian is difficult to practice is not only because of its high level, but also because it is extremely authoritarian, dozens of times more authoritarian than Dragon Tiger Fist. The first sentence in the book of tricks goes like this: Cultivating Thunder Thousand Strikes can transform the power of thunder, and meat is not copper or iron, and it hurts others and yourself!

Although it was only a short phrase, it was full of horror.

Even Han Yu’s body has not reached the level of copper skin and iron bones, but Han Yu is not afraid.

In the blink of an eye, seven days passed in silence. In Han Yu’s courtyard, the sound of thunder and an explosion attracted the attention of almost all members of the Han family. Soon after, the outside of Han Yu’s courtyard was surrounded by three floors inside and three floors outside.

Han Yu practices tirelessly, unaware that she has now become the center of attention. I saw Han Yu slap each palm, and lightning appeared in the palm, making the sound of thunder. When struck in the air, it can turn particles hidden in the air and invisible to the naked eye into flying ashes. Most importantly, in Han Yu’s body, Zidian walks like a snake, exuding a violent aura.

“Did Xiaoyu really succeed in the first practice of Lei Qianzhe?” Everyone was astonished, and the most surprised were Han Zhan and Han Qingyun.

Both are the most powerful beings in the Han family, but neither of them succeeded in the first practice of Thunder Thousand Strike. Each time they practiced, they were accidentally struck by lightning and could not move for more than ten days. And Han Yu, with Thunder and Lightning, was unharmed. How strong must the physical body be to control thunder and lightning as Han Yu does?

What they did not know in the Korean War was that Han Yu’s body was not strong enough to fear thunder and lightning, but the violent thunder and lightning, in the face of the black spirit of the black dragon, behaved as well as a little sheep. For others, violent thunder and lightning are like a breeze blowing over Han Yu.

Han Yu practiced for another ten minutes. His whole body was drenched in sweat before he stopped. He felt the sound of rapid breathing. He turned his head and was helpless. Even Han Zhan looked at him with a monster face.

Han Yu smiled slightly, his vitality was shaken, the sweat from his body evaporated, he went over to look at the crowd and said: “What’s wrong, don’t you recognize me?

The crowd now reacted and rushed in, almost breaking the door of Han Yu’s courtyard. Everyone came in, you said, and I said your surprise and excitement. Looking at the smiling Han family, Han Yu’s heart was warm too. Han Yu has not seen such a warm, united side for a long time.

Han Yu’s strength has deeply impressed everyone in the Han family. Later, Han Yu selflessly contributed to the Canglong tactic, which made the people of the Han family feel more like Han Yu. Even the Han Gan and Han Kun brothers, who have always held a grudge against Han Yu, looked at Han Yu with gratitude.

Because even Han Gan, even an external disciple of the Liuyun Sect, cultivates only the Huangjie Mind. Now that after practicing Canglong Jue, his strength has increased enormously and he can have a place in all three tribes. The greatest benefit was the Korean War. He was trapped in the Fifth Layer of Xuanwu for three years. He did not expect to go directly to the Sixth Layer of Xuanwu after practicing Canglong Jue. In the last days, he was full of spirit.

Everyone stayed here for a long time before they dispersed one after another. As soon as it got dark at night, Han Yu ran to the cemetery in Hanjia. The pressure on the cemetery had no effect on Han Yu because of the black energy the last time, and Han Yu could not really appreciate the horror of the pressure on the cemetery.

This time, he decided to return to the cemetery with his body. The reason he chose to come at night was because he did not want to disturb the people of the Han family. In the last few days, Han Yu has done too many horrible things. Look at him as a monster.

Passing through the cemetery at night was even more disturbing and frightening. Han Yu was not afraid, and he reached the entrance and took a deep breath before entering. As soon as his right foot entered, the unparalleled pressure pressed Han Yu’s foot hard against the ground. This is not the first time, Han Yu is not surprised.

Soon, Han Yu entered the cemetery passage, and suddenly it seemed that a huge mountain was pressing down on him, making him tremble and struggle.

“It’s a terrifying pressure!” Han Yu sighed secretly and took a slow step.

Every time you take a step, the bones in your entire body will sound as if they could be crushed at any moment. Han Yu did his best to stand up straight, but every time he took five or six steps, his body was crushed.

Only about 100 meters inside, Han Yu’s clothes were wet with sweat, her legs were sore and her back could not straighten, making movement difficult.

Han Yu did not give up, clenched his teeth and insisted. The day after the entrance of the moon, he entered the tomb.

Suddenly, a ghostly figure passed through the tomb not far away and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Han Yu couldn’t help rubbing her eyes, could she? The vitality was slightly shaken, and suddenly the pain that flowed through the body disappeared silently, and at the same time the pressure was gone, Han Yu walked silently to the grave.


The figure jumped from behind a grave, shone behind another grave and was no longer visible.

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