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Martial God Sovereign

Chapter 2: Miss Mystery

Chapter 2: Miss Mystery

Han Yu frantically devoured the spirit of heaven and earth, and did not give up until the last moment.

In the middle of the night, a sudden gust of wind woke Han Yu up. There was an extra person in his room from nowhere.

This man has gray hair, a pair of cloudy eyes glowing and his face is full of red light. At first glance, he is a master.

“Who are you,” asked Han Yu.

At this point, he didn’t even feel nervous, because he knew that if people’s methods put him at a disadvantage, he had no chance to defend himself, so he was not afraid.

With a hint of gratitude in his eyes, the old man took out a wooden box and handed it to Han Yu: “Miss, let me give it to you.

“Han Yu took the wooden box with distrust and asked, “Who is it? Han Yu searched his mind, never remembering which lady he knew.

“You may have the opportunity to see her in the future!” After speaking, the old man disappeared in an instant. Han Yu looked at the swinging window; if he were not holding the wooden box in his hand, he would think he was dreaming.

“Maybe there is a possibility?” Han Yu could not help but slowly force the hand that held the wooden box. He had an intuition that this lady might be important to him.

Han Yu took a deep breath and opened the box, suddenly surprised.

I saw a cuboid jade in the box, exuding an almost substantial aura.

“Ling jade?” Han Yu took a deep breath. Ling jade is a treasure that growers dream of, and the purest source of energy. Its preciousness is terrifying; just one piece of spiritual jade is enough to buy a secular kingdom. As far as Han Yu knows, Liuyunzong, who controls a five thousand mile radius, has no such treasures.

You can see from this jade that the lady is rich or expensive.

“If this piece of spiritual jade is refined, it should be able to fill the black hole!”

Han Yu sat cross-legged, holding Lingyu in his hands, and his cultivation mentality worked silently. Then Han Yu felt a gust of air flow from the spiritual jade and pour into his body like a flood. The aura absorbed at this moment was much larger than all the auras Han Yu had absorbed before.

At the same time, a terrifying swallowing force erupted from the black hole, swallowing all the spiritual energy that entered the body. Suddenly, Han Yu’s body became a bridge and a constant flow of spiritual energy flowed through it, but it had nothing to do with him.

It took Han Yu a whole night to refine all the spiritual jade the size of a palm. If there is no black hole, I fear that Han Yu will not eat or drink for three years, and Han Yu will not even think about all refinement. The horror of the spiritual energy contained in jade is evident.

But what leaves Han Yu helpless is that the black hole seems to be a bottomless pit, even if the spiritual jade is refined, it has not been filled.

Han Yu couldn’t help but feel a little frustrated, even Lingyu couldn’t fill it. It was a fantasy to rely on his poor elixir to fill it.


Suddenly, there was a roar in the pubic area, which made Han Yu’s face pale and his head buzz.

“Han Yu looked inward at his Dantian in surprise, and discovered that an endless black light was bursting from the black hole.

Black and light are contradictory existences, but now they become one.

I saw a huge monster flying out of the black hole. It had the head of a unicorn and the body of a snake. The whole body was covered with black scales. It was made of iron water. One pair of eyes was the size of a flashlight. It was not angry and majestic. It turned out to be black. Shen Long.

After the dragon came out, it slowly circled the black hole. There is a sacred breath invisibly, like a real dragon descending into the world.

“How could the black dragon fly out of the black hole?” Han Yu was stunned.


The sound of the river and the sea turning over drove Han Yu’s mind back. In his Dantian, vitality was boiling and there was a feeling of wanting to burst the Dantian.

Han Yu, who has not been able to develop his vitality, is now boiling!

“Yuanwu first refines the extremities, Yuanwu second refines the five internal organs, Yuanwu triple inhalation of refined gas, Yuanwu fourth forms a cyclone. Now the vitality of my body should have reached the level of forming a cyclone and move to the fourth level of Yuanwu!”

Han Yu reacted quickly, and the “Jingxin Jue” cultivation method worked silently. It controls the flow of Dantian vitality and flows through the eight channels of the odd meridian. Only when the specific cultivation meridian is opened, the vitality can form a cyclone in the Dantian.

Han Yu looked at his nose, his nose looked at his mind, calmed his heart and calmed his mind, focusing all his thoughts on his cultivation.after half an hour, an inaudible sound came out of his body suddenly.

“It broke!”

Suddenly, Han Yu’s vitality was like discovering a new world, and the newly opened meridians poured into her body, and a sensation of pain suddenly came from her body.

After the life energy passed once, Han Yu controlled it to pass again. The second time the pain was much less than the first. After running in this way, the meridians opened by Han Yuxin became wider and wider, and the vitality circulated inside without hindrance.


With a secret cry, Han Yu’s vitality entered the Dantian in a specific way, forming a cyclone, which slowly turned counterclockwise.

Forward, quadruple Yuanwu!

Han Yu waited for this day for three years!

Before Han Yu was happy, the cyclone suddenly collapsed and began to operate autonomously.

“This is it?” Han Yu exploded in an infinite glow in his eyes, his vitality was unexpectedly condensed into two cyclones, and the atmosphere was surrounded by small cyclones. His breathing suddenly went from the fourth level of Yuan Wu to the fifth level of Yuan Wu.

Two consecutive advances!

The surprise in Han Yu’s heart cannot be repeated!

After the cyclone stabilized, Han Yu let out a long suffocating sigh. The elongated body that could not wait to stand up, suddenly a crunch like fried beans was heard, and the whole body was very comfortable.

“Yuanwu five levels, you can use your vitality to perform martial arts!”

Han Yu’s eyes were burning, and he finally took that crucial step!

“Boom boom boom!”

Suddenly there was a knock on the door, and Han Yu came to open it, only to see a middle-aged man with white temples standing outside the door, the morning sun shining in his hair, it seemed to have become more of life’s vicissitudes.


The person outside is Han Yu’s father, Han Zhan.

Han Zhan patted Han Yu on the shoulder and said, “Xiaoyu, don’t stress. As a patriarch, it doesn’t matter whether I sit or not. Father will leave you to the Han family and find a way to practice!”

To prevent his son from being wronged, Han Zhan even dismissed the charge of patriarch. What more can such a father say?

Han Yu wanted to tell the Korean War that he had broken through. Suddenly, his heart was moved and he decided to wait for a surprise for the Korean War. Looking at Han Zhan firmly, “Father, don’t worry, I’ll definitely get first place!

“Well, my Korean War son, I will never weaken your popularity!” Han Zhan is delighted. Although he knows that it is difficult for Han Yu to get the first place in the clan club, he likes the character of Han Yu who never bows his head .

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