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Martial God Sovereign

Chapter 19: Conquering the Clan

Chapter 19: Conquering the Clan

The eyes of the Korean War exploded with a bright light, and his assumption was correct. Even a martial arts puppet would be unbearable in front of Han Yu, and the reality was crazier than I had imagined. After the great elders were surprised, they could not avoid the ecstasy.

In the history of the Han family, there has never been a great occasion when someone broke a martial arts puppet. Even the predecessor of the Han family three hundred years ago, who was known as a geek, used seven tricks to defeat the martial arts puppet, and he has not yet reached Han. The terrifying degree of Yu has just opened a crack.

It is a pity that the geek later offended a terrorist force and, in order not to involve the Han family, finally left his hometown. If the geek stayed in the Han family, it is likely that the Han family will have a second spring.

And now, Han Yu’s performance was even more terrifying than that geek’s.

With Han Yu’s current strength, although it is a little unrealistic to get first place in all three races, there is absolutely no problem in getting into the top ten.

Most importantly, Han Yu is still young. Once he grows up, it will be a terrifying existence. This is certainly great news for the Han family.

Even Han Qingyun was deeply impressed by the strength of Han Yu. After the change of face, a smile gradually appeared, and the look that looked at Han Yu was not as hated as before.

Han Yi and other young people surrounded Han Yu with enthusiasm and did not hide the admiration in their eyes.

“Brother, you are my idol!” Han Yi was directly moved and embraced Han Yu.

The beautiful faces of Han Qing and Han Shuang blushed with emotion, as if they had achieved such a terrifying record. On the contrary, Han Yu is much calmer.

“It’s a pity, I ruined a martial arts puppet,” sighed Han Qingshu in a low voice. The martial arts puppet is a treasure of the Han family. With the present strength of the Han family, it is impossible to recreate one. If one is destroyed, it means that one is missing .

Han Yu was a little ashamed of the moment, just now, just looking at the skill of the martial arts puppet, he ignored this big problem.

Han Zhan approached and patted Han Yu on the shoulder and smiled: “Xiaoyu, don’t blame yourself, the martial arts puppet will be destroyed if it is destroyed. I think you will bring us more valuable things than the martial arts puppet in the future! ”

Han Qingshu was a little embarrassed when he heard this. He just sighed straight out at this point, and he had no intention of targeting Han Yu, and the Korean War was right. With Han Yu’s talent, revitalizing the Han family might not be a luxury. I still care about the martial arts puppet. Even Han Qingyun, it’s rare that he doesn’t take advantage of the problem.

Seeing that the people of the Han family finally had a heart, the trace of concern in Han Yu’s heart disappeared without a trace. She clenched her fist in secret, wanting to bring the Han family out of the woods.

“Xiaoyu, do you want to try again,” Han Yi asked expectantly. The others looked at Han Yu expectantly, wondering what level was the limit of Han Yu.

Han Yu scratched his head a little ashamed, if he breaks another one, it won’t be good.

Han Qingshu laughed and said: “This time I will transfer you to Yuanwu Eighth, see if your son can break it, if you can break it, I will recognize it too!

“Good!” They are all so refreshing, and Han Yu did not fake it. Soon, Han Qingshu adjusted a martial arts puppet, his strength was transferred to Yuanwu the 8th and his martial arts became Dragon Tiger Boxing.

Everyone leaned to one side to make room for Han Yu and the martial arts puppet.

“You have to pay attention this time!”

If anyone knows that Han Yu is still worried about hurting the martial arts puppet, I’m afraid it will be amazing.

After the martial arts puppet recovered, he fought with Han Yu. Suddenly, a burst of anger echoed through the room. Even if Han Yu faced Yuanwu’s martial arts puppet eight times stronger, there was no sign of defeat.

The Korean War and the great elders are so excited that you look at me and I look at you. The stronger Han Yu’s performance, the better the future of the Han family.

After Han Yu and the martial arts puppet fought one hundred and eight moves, the spiritual stones of the martial arts puppet were exhausted and Han Yu fell to the ground. But this time Han Yu took the power and did not break the martial arts puppet.

Everyone was so excited that Han Yu really won, and it seemed that Han Yu had not done everything possible. The most incredible thing is that the martial arts puppet has copper skin and iron bones, he is not afraid of pain, but Han Yu is a mortal body and he will not change his color in a hundred moves.

Of course, this was due to the black qi exhaled by the black dragon. The black qi could relieve Han Yu of most of its strength, so a strong touch was not damaged. But fighting for so long, Han Yu’s vitality has also consumed much.

The Secret Art of Canglong works silently and directly absorbs the aura of heaven and earth and refines it into vital energy for its own use. If this is Huangjie’s mental method, the speed of absorption of the aura of heaven and earth is definitely not enough to help ordinary cultivators to insist on fighting, not to mention people like Han Yu who are extremely terrified by aura consumption. But Xuanjie’s mental method solved this problem for Han Yu.

As Han Yu’s strength increased, his understanding of Canglong Jue became more complete, and he gradually explored the essence of Canglong Jue, and the speed of absorbing the aura of heaven and earth became even more terrifying.

“Boy, it’s still the last hand, otherwise there won’t be room for me to cry,” Han Qingshu erected the martial arts puppet, looked at Han Yu in awe and said: “Do you want to challenge Yuan Wu Jiu Zhong?

Han Yu nodded.

Han Qingshu transferred the martial arts puppet to Yuan Wu Jiu Zhong, and Han Yu fought with the martial arts puppet. This time, Han Yu used all his strength.


After thirteen moves, Han Yu took seven steps back.

“He was finally shaken!” Everyone sighed. Now they do not see how Han Yu defeats the martial arts puppet, but how the martial arts puppet defeats Han Yu. His mentality has undergone a change that makes the earth tremble.

In the end, the result was not yet the expected one. During the period, Han Yu was repelled by the martial arts puppet twice, but after 27 moves, the martial arts puppet ran out of energy and Han Yu threw him to the ground.

The Han family martial arts puppet was the strongest in Yuan Wu Jiu Zhong, and Han Yu had no need to stay here, so he left. After that, each of Han Yi, Han Shuang and others kept a martial arts puppet to practice. There was still one month left before the tribal test. Han Yi and the others would stay here and practice with the martial arts puppet most of the time. The Korean War and the other six elders also left, leaving Han Qingshu alone to lead everyone here.

Not long after Han Yu returned home, Han Gan sent two fourth grade elixirs. Obviously it was Han Qingyun who returned to supervise them. Otherwise, even if Han Gan was willing to accept a bet, he would not send them personally.

“Han Yu, even though your strength is stronger than me, but I want Han Gan to convince you, unless you can get the first place in the Tri-Clan Test!” Han Gan’s face is quite ugly, and he wants to make it dignified. In fact, it was difficult for the disciple to say this to Han Yu, but Han Yu could hear that Han Qian came from the heart.

“Will the three tribes try to be the first? Han Yu arched his eyebrows and did not say much.

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