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Martial God Sovereign

Chapter 18: Invincible in the Same Kingdom

Chapter 18: Invincible in the Same Kingdom

Han Jin was puzzled. He could feel the impulse of the martial arts puppet. Even if he responded with all his strength, he was not an opponent, and quickly retreated. However, the shooting of the martial arts puppet was too fast and did not give Han Jin much time to hesitate.

“Han Jin clenched his teeth and showed the escape palm completely.

Whether by speed or by the momentum of the movement, Han Jin was suppressed by the martial arts puppets. The two fought each other without any detours. Han Jin took more than ten steps backwards, dropped his right hand and shivered. They lost their fighting power.

However, the martial arts puppet did not stop and ran towards Han Jin with a shout. Han Jin’s face suddenly changed, his arm was numb and he couldn’t lift it now. How to deal with that?

When Han Qingshu saw this, a flash of light came from his finger and hit the silver bar of the martial arts puppet. After the silver bar was in an upright position, the martial arts puppet stopped and turned into an iron punch.

Han Jie, Han Shuang and others were all puzzled. At the same level and with the same martial skills, Han Jin could not handle a single move, and the martial arts puppet was really scary. Even Han Yu is getting ready, eager to try.

Han Jin lowered his head in frustration, feeling very shameless.

Han Qingshu laughed and said: “Han Jin, don’t be discouraged, the martial arts puppet is invincible at the same level, and nobody can defeat him! Practice slowly. In this month, you need only cultivate yourself to the ten tricks to catch it, and among the cultivators of the same level, you will be invincible! ”

Han Jin clenched his fists tightly, his eyes shining with expectation.

Han Hai took a step forward: “I will try!”

Although Han Hai was only eighteen years old, he was so strong that he was not inferior even if he was in front of a martial arts puppet who was taller than the common people.

Han Qingshu adjusted the martial arts puppet to the strength of Yuan Wu Jiuzhong for Han Hai, and adjusted the martial art to Dragon Tiger Boxing. Although Han Hai has better martial arts than Dragon Tiger Boxing, the training pattern carved into the martial arts puppet is only compatible with the martial arts of the Han family.

Suddenly, two powerful auras fluttered on the third floor. Han Hai was experienced in fighting martial arts puppets, and before he could wait for the martial arts puppets to take the lead, he took the initiative.

Suddenly, the dragons and tigers roared, and the dragon and tiger fist shown by Han Hai was also very powerful, but in the breath, the sacred and inviolable power shown by Han Yu was missing.

“Boom boom!”

The sound of terrifying collisions sounded one after another, and Han Hai and the martial arts puppets coincided with each other.

The Korean War and Han Qingyun nodded with satisfaction. Although the youngsters of the Han family were not very good and were suppressed by the people of the Yang family and the Zhang family, the Han family has a long heritage and owns martial arts puppets to accompany the training. In the same field, the young people of the Han family have an absolute advantage.

Han Hai and the martial arts puppet gave thirteen punches, before stumbling backwards. You can see that Han Hai’s body has become drenched in sweat and is panting.

After Han Qingshu took control of the martial arts puppet, he looked at Han Hai and said with admiration: “Last year you could fight the martial arts puppet with ten moves, this year you have added three moves. In the same kingdom, few people can be your opponent!”

Han Hai was quite proud. Han Qingshu was not wrong. Even among the external disciples of the Liuyun Sect, Han Hai was in the same realm and had few opponents. And among these opponents, four are of the Han family.

Han Hai wiped the sweat from his forehead, walked backwards and gave Han Yu a provocative look. Although Han Yu defeated Han Gan, it made Han Hai feel incredible, and he also recognized that Han Yu was the first in the clan association. But among the young people, everyone has a sense of pride and it is common to compete with each other.

Suddenly, everyone looked at Han Yu. Han Yu could jump at the enemy. You could say that he is invincible in the same kingdom. Who is stronger than the martial arts puppet and who is weak?

Han Yu arched his eyebrows and took a step forward: “I will try!”

Han Qingshu nodded, now there is no prejudice against Han Yu, and more appreciation.

Han Qingshu asked: “Sixth level of Yuan Wu, what martial arts do you want to use?”

Han Yu said: “Dragon Tiger Boxing!”

Han Qingshu began to adjust the level and martial skills of the martial arts puppet. Han Yu thought for a moment and said: “Three elders, adjust me to Yuanwu Eighth!”

They all looked at each other, the martial arts puppet represents invincibility in the same kingdom, and Han Yu even asked to raise the level of the martial arts puppet. Isn’t this a little arrogant?

But thinking about Han Yu’s fighting power, everyone couldn’t help but start waiting for him.

Han Qingshu smiled and said: “Don’t underestimate the martial arts puppet, go to the first level, if you can really defeat him, it won’t be too late to raise it! Han Qingshu said that, but he did not believe that Han Yu could defeat the martial arts puppet. At best, it was just a draw. We should know that although martial arts puppets can exercise human strength and martial arts skills, they are not human after all. They are not afraid of pain, unless it is broken, otherwise who can overcome it?

Han Yu nodded and said nothing.

“With Han Yu’s skill, there should be no problem with 20 moves against martial arts puppets.” An old man smiled.

“I think 30 moves are possible,” guessed another old man.

Han Qingyun’s eyes blinked and now his mood is extremely complicated. The stronger Han Yu is, the less chance he has of defeating the Korean War, but for the whole Han family, this is good news.

It was either because of himself, or because of the general situation, Han Qingyun had difficulty in choosing. Han Zhan didn’t speak, but he looked at Han Yu with bright eyes, he had a kind of intuition, a very crazy instinct. He felt that Han Yu could have done something shocking to the world as the Han family geek three hundred years ago.

When Han Qingshu knocked down the silver bar, the martial arts puppet moved, took two steps and struck with a single blow. The shot is the second type of Longhuquan, the dragon-shaped fist. The sound of the dragon’s song and the high-pitched sound of breaking the air pierced people’s eardrums.

Han Yu took half a step forward, mobilized his vitality and struck with a punch.


The black dragon in the Dantian made a dragon song with its fist. The sound was low and heavy, and the martial arts pavilion trembled slightly. There was an impulse to worship the martial arts pavilion.

“The Dragon Tiger Fist made by Xiaoyu is the real Dragon Tiger Fist!” Han Zhan admired, even if it was him, the Dragon Tiger Fist made did not have such a realistic urge from the roar of the dragon and tiger. Although the power he displayed would be far better than Han Yu’s because of his breeding base, the invisible aura could not be exuded at a high level. This shows that Han Yu has fully understood the essence of Dragon Tiger Boxing, and has even discovered some power beyond Dragon Tiger Boxing itself.


After a loud noise, people saw the martial arts puppet fly upside down like a cannonball and hit the wall, suddenly shattered. And Han Yu stood still.

Everyone was stunned, and even the martial arts puppet, who was known to be invincible in the same kingdom, was defeated by Han Yu. What is invincible in the same kingdom? Han Yu is truly invincible in the same kingdom.

Han Hai sighed secretly, and now he had to admit that he was much worse than Han Yu, this time he was really impressed!

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