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Martial God Sovereign

Chapter 17 Puppet of Martial Ability

Chapter 17 Puppet of Martial Ability

After a moment of silence on the scene, countless inhaling voices sounded, everyone looked at Han Yu, slowly changing from surprise to fear, to ecstasy.

There is no doubt that Han Yu is a wizard of rare practice in a century. This is great news for the Han family. I fear that only the family of Han Qingyun will feel uncomfortable.

“Brother, great!”, shouted Han Yi excitedly in the audience. Judging by Han Yu’s strength at this moment, he is even better than his brother, but Han Yi is not jealous, and happier and prouder of Han Yu.

People clapped involuntarily and the applause shook the sky.

Han Gan stood with the support of the two disciples, and his body was constantly shaking. From the sleeve of his right hand, a stream of blood dripped. He looked at Han Yu reluctantly and said, “If I exhibit third order martial arts, you are not my opponent! ”

“Really?” Han Yu frowned.

Everyone can say that Han Yu defeated Han Gan in a repressive way, and even if he showed level 3 martial arts, he was definitely not Han Yu’s opponent.

No one dares to question Han Yu’s first place.

Han Gan gritted his teeth and looked at Han Yu, and left with the help of both of them. Suddenly, there was a cold voice behind him.


Han Gan turned to see Han Yu looking down on him, and the hatred in his heart was burning even more strongly. As an outward disciple of the Liuyun Sect, he was defeated by a garbage in the family that had not been cultivated for three years. The shame of a lifetime, in the Han family, could never look up.

In fact, no one laughed at Han Gan, because Han Yu showed his strength, even Han Yi, Han Hao, etc. were jealous, much less other people, but Han Gan always considered Han Yu a waste, so he had mental talent. He will be so distorted.

“What else do you have?” Han Gan suppressed the hatred in his heart and asked in a deep voice.

“Are you forgetting something,” Han Yu reminded him lightly.

How could Han Gan forget, but now he would rather play stupid? Doesn’t that mean he can’t get two fourth-grade panacea, even if he can get them, he’s not willing to give them away like that? I thought Han Yu would forget about that when he was immersed in the joy of victory, but I did not expect Han Yu to be so calm.

Han Yu saw the expression of Han Qian on his face. He seemed to want to back out of his account, and mocked, “Would you say that the external disciple of the Liuyun Sect is not enough to talk?

Han Gan took a deep breath, resisting the pain, and said, “I will send someone to give it to you at night!” After speaking, he left sadly with the support of the two disciples.

Han Kun, who was in the audience, reacted and looked at Han Yu in fear, did not dare to stay long and ran away.

“Okay, now you can go to the Martial Arts Pavilion.” The best mood now is the Korean War. After speaking, he walked towards the Martial Arts Pavilion and his steps became much lighter.

According to Han family rules, the second day after the clan association ended, the first ten of the clan association had to go to the Martial Arts Pavilion to practice martial arts. Because one month later, it will be the Tri-Clan Test and you must be prepared. This year, because Han Tian did not return to participate in the clan association, only the nine best people should enter the martial arts pavilion to practice martial arts.

On the third floor of the Martial Arts Pavilion, the Korean War, the Seven Elders, Han Yu, Han Yi and Han Hao came here. Because Han Gan injured his arm, he did not come and had only eight disciples.

On the third floor of the martial arts pavilion, there are ten humanoid machines made of black iron and a little taller than ordinary people. These are the only martial arts puppets of the Han family. After debugging, the martial arts puppets can perform various martial arts and learn from humans, thus perfecting the human martial arts, so that everyone can understand the essence of martial arts and compensate for his own shortcomings.

The elder of the Martial Arts Pavilion, Han Qingshu, walked up to a martial arts puppet, pointed to the martial arts puppet and said, “This is the precious wealth of the martial arts puppet that our ancestors of the Han family left to our offspring. This kind of treasure is not even owned by the Liuyun Sect. The people of the Han family are only lucky enough to see it in the top ten every year.

Everyone’s eyes got warm, even Han Yi, Han Hao and others who had fought martial arts puppets before couldn’t help but boil in blood.

The martial arts puppet can not only purify martial arts, but also adjust the range of strength from one person to another. It is of great help to all those who have the same strength and perform the same martial arts. This kind of help is even better than the effect of constantly fighting with others.

Because the martial arts puppet is like a mirror, as if you were at war with yourself, it is easier to see the advantages and disadvantages.

The reason why martial arts puppets can be flexible is that they are not only built completely according to the internal structure of the human body, but they are also engraved with training patterns. As long as they are activated with spiritual stones, they can fight with people and perform martial arts.

When Han Qingshu spoke about martial arts puppets, his mouth was eloquent and his face was full of pride. However, the Han family fell in love, this martial arts puppet was also passed down thousands of years ago. After the wear and tear of generations, it has now deteriorated. But it is still the pride of the Han family.

Han Qingshu looked at everyone with piercing eyes after the performance: “Which one of you will come first?

Everyone suddenly looked at me and I saw them, all getting ready, Han Jin stepped forward and said excitedly: “I will come first!”

Han Qingshu nodded with satisfaction and said: “Han Jin, the sixth level cultivation base of Yuan Wu, what martial arts do you want to use?”

Han Jin said: “Exhaust palm!”

Han Qingshu nodded, turned the two gears on the back of the martial arts puppet a couple of times and suddenly made a difficult sound. Then Han Qingshu took out a white diamond shaped stone the size of a walnut, opened a lid on the martial arts puppet’s chest and placed the stone.

This stone is a spiritual stone, containing energy, which can be absorbed and used directly by practitioners, or used to organize formations. This piece of spiritual stone is obviously only a low-grade spiritual stone and does not contain much energy.

Before Han Jin came to the martial arts puppet, he could not help but breathe deeply. Although the strength of the martial arts puppet and the martial arts performed are exactly the same as he, the martial arts puppet is made of deep iron, and is invulnerable to the whole body; it must be twelve-point, otherwise it is easy to suffer.

Han Shuang, Han Qing, etc., looked closely at the martial arts puppet and also were the first time they saw this kind of thing.

“Are you ready?” asked Han Qingshu.

Han Jin nodded heavily, Han Qingshu said no more, walked behind the martial arts puppet, and removed the silver bar shaped like an antenna on the head of the martial arts puppet. Suddenly, the martial arts puppet exudes an aura that only a cultivator can exude, and it is still the sixth layer of Yuan Wu.


At this moment, the martial arts puppet raised his right hand like lightning and slapped Han Jin. The wind suddenly roared, making the clothes of all those behind hunt.

Han Yu’s eyes narrowed slightly and the escape palm shown by this martial arts puppet was almost perfect.even with his sharpness, he could only retreat or force it after the palm came out. With Han Jin’s strength, I am afraid that one move would have to be defeated.

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