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Martial God Sovereign

Chapter 15: Inheritance

Chapter 15: Inheritance

After passing through the cemetery passage, Han Yi entered a cemetery, and suddenly a desolate air rushed over his face, at first sight it was an invisible grave with the ancestors of the Han family sleeping in it.

The first thing Han Yu saw was the grave of his grandfather Han Qinghe. Han Qinghe’s grave was in pretty bad shape here. Because it was newer, Han Yu saw it at first sight and approached and hit three of them respectfully. At the sound, his grandmother is next to him, she also called three times.

Because there were too many graves, Han Yu could not hit them all and finally he hit three heads on all the graves before continuing on the road. Halfway through the grave, a small, short grave suddenly caught Han Yu’s attention. The most important thing is that there is no tombstone in this grave.

It is logical that the graves here are of the ancestors of the Han family, and the people who erected the monument were descendants of the deceased. How could it not be erected? Had it not been for the traces of incense burning in front of the tomb, Han Yu would have mistaken it for a small bag of earth.

“Maybe it’s a lost person!” Han Yu could not help but think of himself. Perhaps this person was considered a waste, just like before, so he was not taken seriously when he died.

Han Yu knelt down and squatted three heads. It didn’t matter why he didn’t erect a monument or get the attention of the Han family, he was Han Yu’s ancestor.

Just as Han Yu knocked out the third ring, a message suddenly appeared in his mind, which turned out to be a mental technique.

“This...” Han Yu was stunned and could not help but think of two words with magical power: heritage.

It is rumored that some people who participate in good fortune will seal what they have learned into something, and only wait for those who are predestined to unlock it. This type of transmission can cross the barriers of time and space.

Just like now, the owner of this tomb, at least one figure two or three thousand years ago, can transmit what he has learned to Han Yu two or three thousand years later, crossing the barrier of time.

The mental method is divided into four levels: heaven, earth, mysterious and yellow, with the highest mental method of heaven and the lowest of the yellow mental methods. The higher the cultivation, the stronger the force.

In short, people who are in the sixth level of Yuan Wu and those who practice the Xuanxian Mental Method will have much more fighting power than those who practice the Huangji Mental Method. This mental method, called “Canglong Jue”, was actually a mental method of a mysterious level, which was a completely superior level to the current Huang level mental method “Meditation Jue” of the Han family.

Han Yu could not help but think deeply. People who can keep the inheritance are by no means ordinary people, but why are they not welcome in the Han family? Full of doubts, Han Yu finally said goodbye to the grave, found a flat spot, sat down with his legs crossed and began to study this “Canglong Jue”.

Canglong decided to be concise and concise, with a total of only ninety-nine eighty-one words. Han Yu studied it carefully three times and then realized its essence. Returning both hands to the Dantian acupuncture point, he began to practice this mental method.

Han Yu controlled his vitality to operate according to the specific cultivation meridian of Canglong Jue. After trying seven times, he was able to enter the cultivation state without problems.

Han Yu discovered that the speed of rotation of the vitality was more than twice as fast as in the previous practice of meditation and determination, and the speed of absorption of the body from the aura of the surrounding sky and earth was also twice as fast.

Most importantly, once the blue dragon turns decisively, the dragon hovering over the black hole will appear extremely excited, roaring over and over again, invisibly increasing Han Yu’s momentum!

“Hey, what an idiot, thinking you can win by running fast? Only the one who persists to the end is the final winner”.

“I’m too young, I’m arrogant!”

Suddenly, there were two cynics in Han Yu’s ears. Han Yu opened his eyes and discovered that Han Gan, Han Hai, Han Yong, Han Hao, Han Yi and others had already come close. They were all going together, and now they were all beaten with sweat. The steps were extremely strange, bent over, like an old man in his eighties or nineties who was about to lose his mobility.

It was Han Gan and Han Hai who said the irony, they thought Han Yu could not move.

Han Yu looked coldly at Han Gan and Han Hai, smiled at Han Yi, then suddenly stood up, stretched out and said, “You are so slow, I have slept all of you.

Then Han Yu was stunned by Han Gan, Han Hai and others, who calmly walked away.

Han Gan and Han Hai shook their faces, as if they were being severely slapped.

Soon, Han Yu left the cemetery from another passage, at exactly noon. Han Qingyun’s face was dark and his heart was mixed. Now that Han Yu is in first place, it is obviously not realistic to defeat the Korean War.

Amidst looks, Han Yu walked to one side and sat cross-legged, reflecting the methods of Canglongjue cultivation in his mind and began to reflect carefully.

At approximately 5pm, Han Yi, Han Hao and others left one after another. They lay down on the ground and gasped, and did not even want to move. Compared to Han Yu who was still alive and kicking, they were two extremes.

Before nightfall, Xishan, Han Jie, Han Shuang, Han Qing, Han Jin and others successfully left the cemetery. Compared to Han Gan and others, they were in a worse state. Especially Han Jin and Han Qing, almost crawling on their knees. However, no one laughed at them, those who can get out within the specified time are already outstanding.

The rest of the people who did not come out were already crushed in the cemetery. The people of the Han family entered with special jade pendants, each handed one in to relieve the pressure and came out with help.

Han Qingyun presented Han Yu with the first place badge and the reward with a complicated expression. After receiving the award, Han Yu and Han Zhan supported Han Yi and left under the eyes of the Han family.

After Han Yi recovers, and the Korean War and Han Yu exchange their cups, today is a happy day for them. Han Yu returned home in the middle of the night and fell asleep.

When she woke up the next morning, Han Yu decided to first refine the fourth rank elixir and suddenly discovered that the fourth rank elixir had disappeared.

“Little Horn!” Han Yu almost burst into flames in her eyes, and turned her head to see that the little jade-horn beast (Little Horn) actually fell asleep on her stomach. Obviously, the fourth grade elixir was secretly eaten by this little one.

For a while, Han Yu felt like crying without tears.


Suddenly, there was the sound of the patio door opening with a kick, followed by a roar.

“Han Yu, come out for me!”

Han Yu frowned, what did Han do?

At this point, over a dozen people entered, filling Han Yu’s courtyard.

“Han Gan, what are you going to do? Han Yu came out, looking at Han Gan coldly.

“Han Yu, I’m not convinced I lost to you in the qualifying match!” Han Gan looked angry.

“What’s wrong with me if you’re not convinced? Get out, you’re not welcome here!” Han Yu’s expression sank, pointing out and screaming.

Han Gan choked, his face shook and he said in a deep voice, “If you are a man, fight me. If you can subdue me with your strength, Han Gan has nothing to say!

“Han Gan, do not unreasonably provoke trouble. Do you dare question the justice of the clan association?” Han Yi entered and asked coolly.

“It’s not about the clan association now, I just want to challenge the first person in our Han family, Han Yu, do you dare to fight,” Han Gan asked aloud.

If Han Yu should not fight today, then the first place will be ignorant and ridicule the people; if challenged, Han Gan can humiliate Han Yu and let people know that the first place this year is a parallel import. It must be said that Han Gan’s intentions are sinister.

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