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Martial God Sovereign

Chapter 14: Han Family Cemetery

Chapter 14: Han Family Cemetery

It was the day of the qualifying competition in the blink of an eye. When the sun rose in the morning, all the members of the Han family arrived at the martial arts camp. The top ten of the campaign is already at the forefront, along with ten people, there are five people who are the most striking. These five people are Han Gan, Han Hai, Han Yong, Han Hao and Han Yi, all of whom are the external disciples of the Liuyun Sect, the best among the young people.

Han Hong was injured and his position was replaced by another person.

The so-called qualifying contest is actually very simple, that is, fifteen young disciples go to the cemetery in Hanjia and qualify according to the time elapsed, the shorter the time, the higher the qualification. The winner of the first place can get a fourth grade elixir as a reward.

Of course, the process is simple, but going through the cemetery is very difficult.

Because the Han family cemetery is different from other places, the air inside seems to be extremely heavy. The people who walk in it are like carrying a heavy burden on their bodies. There are never more than ten people who can walk within the specified time each year. .

The reason why the Han family cemetery is so special has a lot to do with the history of the Han family. Young people often hear the elders of the Han family brag about it. Long ago, the Han family was a very large family, comparable to the Lu family in Jingzhou. The Lu clan of the dynasty only changed over the years, and the Han family fell into decline, and now it has become a small family.

However, in the cemetery, there are all the terror figures before the Han family, who formed an aura after death, which made the space of the cemetery change. Only when you wear the jade pendant specially made by the Han family, can you enter the cemetery without being affected by the strange aura.

Fifteen disciples, led by the Korean War and the Seven Great Elders, arrived outside the cemetery. The entrance to the cemetery is a quiet path. Tall green plants are planted on both sides of the path, and leaves cover the sky so that the sun is It is difficult to shoot a single penny, and there is a pinch of invisible darkness.

Among these 15 people, some had entered the cemetery more than once, but Han Yu was the first time.

Han Yi has been to the cemetery three times and has a good knowledge of the cemetery. He pointed to the line at the entrance to the cemetery and told Han Yu, “As long as you cross that line, the whole world will become different. It’s a very strange feeling. Those who insist on going out will have a great harvest. Enter the cemetery. After that, you must remember, don’t worry, the one who runs in front is not necessarily the winner, but the one who persists to the end must be the winner. Also, my brother will help you to block Han Gan and others, as long as there are no disciples of Liuyunzong. Fight with you, no one in the family will be your opponent.

Han Yu nodded, even if he competed fairly with Han Gan and others, he wouldn’t necessarily lose, but he didn’t say much, it was Han Yi’s kindness.

With the order of the Korean War, everyone started running towards the cemetery passage, Han Yu saw that Han Jin got in the way, staggered and almost fell. Even Han Jie and Han Shuang, after only taking three steps, were completely shaking, making it difficult to take another step.

“Han Yu, even though you have the ability to kill Yang Tai, you still don’t have the right to fight me,” Han Gan suddenly approached and whispered to Han Yu. After he spoke, the corners of his mouth arched slightly, he looked at Han Yi and walked. He walked to the cemetery passage.

Looking at Han Gan’s back, Han Yi gradually showed a cold color in his eyes.

Han Gan, Han Hai, Han Yong and Han Hao intervened one after another. Although their conditions were better, they were also like snails.

“Brother, let’s go too!” Han Yi took the lead in intervening, Han Yu followed closely, and then took a step with his right foot, it seemed that a large stone was pressing on his leg, causing his foot to fall hard.

“It’s really scary!” Han Yu took a deep breath, followed his left foot and went in. Suddenly, her whole body was under an invisible squeeze, so Han Yu felt that her body could be squeezed at any moment.

“Brother, how are you doing?” Han Yi smiled strongly.

“Han Yu silently moved his mind, his vitality overflowing the surface of his body, blocking the pressure on him. Suddenly, the pressure on Han Yu disappeared without a trace.

“What is the situation?” Other people also use their vitality to resist the pressure, still struggling, why isn’t he under pressure?

“Is it because of Shenlong’s black energy?” Han Yu is different from others in that his vitality is mixed with the black energy of Shenlong. Before Yuan Wu Sixth Level, Han Yu only spat out blessings of vitality when he was in battle, but in Yuan Wu Sixth Level, the black dragon spitting out more black energy, Han Yu can get blessings of black energy as long as his vitality is working .

“Brother, how about making a bet,” said Han Yi.

Han Yu turned his eyes and smiled, “Okay, what are you betting on?

Han Yi said, “We’ll bet on whoever’s halfway there, and if you lose, enjoy a great meal! Han Yi must let Han Yu go first, so that there is no one to pass the finish line first.

Han Yu smiled mysteriously: “Then you have to spend money!”

Han Yi was surprised and laughed: “Don’t get too angry!”

However, Han Yu’s next performance made Han Yi’s eyes open like plates. Han Yu unexpectedly took his hands behind his back, slowly and steadily, walking like a horse and looking at the flowers, turned around and smiled slightly at Han Yi.

Han Yi couldn’t help but rub his eyes. Could it be that he made a mistake?

Not only Han Yi, but also Han Gan, Han Hai, Han Yong, Han Hao and others, including the Korean War and Han Qingyun who were outside the passage, were stunned. Can they still walk like that in the cemetery passage? Is this not a joke?

Han Qingyun looked at the Korean War for a moment: “In the Korean War, wouldn’t you give Han Yu a special jade pendant to get Han Yu first?

Han Zhan said angrily, “Is this the kind of person in the Korean War? If you hesitate, you can go in and check!”

The Korean War also doubted why Han Yu could walk on the ground, but it never believed that Han Yu would cheat.

Han Qingyun snorted and walked to the cemetery passage. He was wearing a special jade pendant. The pressure was not effective on him. Soon he chased Han Yu and carried out a check, but he was surprised and confused. Not only did Yu not have a special jade pendant on his body, but there was nothing special about him either. In the end, Han Qingyun had to give up and left with many doubts.

Han Yu walked slowly for a while, then accelerated and soon disappeared at the end of the passage. For the rest of the people, the fastest one was only about 100 meters deep.

Han Gan’s face trembled. He looked down at Han Yu earlier, saying that Han Yu was not even qualified to compete with him, but now he was returned by Han Yu’s action, and was not qualified to compete with Han Yu. Han Gan’s face gradually turned sombre.

Han Yi could not help but shake his head and smiled bitterly. He also wanted to create problems for other people and let Han Yu have a chance. Now it seems that this is simply unnecessary.

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