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Martial God Sovereign

Chapter 12: Come to kill

Chapter 12: Come to kill

Han Yu frowned, why did Han Qing return?

Han Yu opened the door, and Han Qing stood outside the door panting: “Xiaoyu, it is not good, the Yang family has come to the door!

Han Yu did not change his face and asked, “Don’t worry, what is the specific situation?”

Han Qing said, “Just now, Yang Zhentian, the head of the Yang family, brought the Yang family teachers and opened the door of our Han family, threatening to kill us.

Han Yu said, “When Yang Tai was beheaded that day, there was no one else. How did they know?”

Han Qing said, “I don’t think they know it’s us, it should be a guess!

By this time, the Han family’s door had already been turned upside down, and the Yang family’s master came up hard and shot the two stone lions in front of the Han family’s door into the ground, and directly broke into the Han family’s mansion.

When the Korean War and others came, the Han guards had fallen to the ground, groaning.

“Yang Zhentian, what are you doing? It’s so intimidating!” The Korean War advanced and the fivefold horror of the Xuanwu crushed the Yang family like a tide. Many members of the Yang family were shocked and their faces paled. The Yang family, staggering backwards.

To practice power in the kingdom of Xuanwu, the fivefold “power” of the Xuanwu kingdom is not something that the people in the Yuanwu kingdom can resist.

“Hmph, don’t think the Korean War is the only one of the five basalts!” Yang Zhentian shook his body, and the momentum among the Korean War uncle emerged, blocking the terrible momentum of the Korean War.

“Yang Zhentian, today you don’t give a reasonable explanation, members of the Yang family, don’t even want to leave!” Han Zhan’s long hair stood up and his voice rumbled.

The elders of the Han family also arrived one after another, suddenly.

“Explanation? I want your Han family to give me an explanation!” Yang Zhentian went tit for tat.

The Korean War and others were baffled. Yang Zhentian came to the door and hurt so many of the Han family. He asked the Han family to explain. What happened?

Han Qingyun’s expression changed, he stepped forward and asked, “Patriarch Yang, what is going on?

Yang Zhentian snorted: “You youngsters of the Han family, you killed my 13 people of the Yang family in Qilin Mountain. What do you think is the problem?”

The Korean War and various elders looked at each other, they really didn’t know anything. Han Zhan shouted, “Don’t spit on people!”

Yang Zhentian murderously said, “Really? See if I spit on anyone, Han Hong, Han Qing, Han Shuang, Han Yang, Han Hui, Han Yun, Han Xin, Han Sheng, Han Li, Han Yan, Han Xun , Han Yu, dare to call the twelve to face each other! ”

The expressions of the Korean War and the elders became extremely heavy. Is it true that Yang Zhentian could name so many people at once? But even if it is true, the Korean War will not be timid: “If you face it, will you be afraid of not succeeding?

Han Yu and the others had come to the distance and looked at the situation in secret. Han Yu turned to look at the people behind him: “Wait, no matter what you wonder, just say you don’t know, do you understand?

Han Qing nodded his head. Some people had been scared to death, but when he saw Han Yu’s cold eyes, he shuddered and quickly said yes.

Han Yu and others followed an old man, and everyone in the Yang family suddenly saw their faces as swords. Except for Han Yu, who was able to face him calmly, the rest of them could not help but avoid him, and their hearts beat.

“Yang Zhentian stared at the Korean War.

“Han Hong was wounded by the monster yesterday, and now he is healing, so it is not convenient to go out,” answered Han Zhan.

“Do you dare to go out, or is it inconvenient to go out?” Yang Zhentian was aggressive.

“Inconvenience is inconvenience!” Han Zhan did not back down.

Yang Zhentian looked at Han Zhan coldly, looked at Han Yu and the others, suddenly pointed at Han Shuang and said, “Come out!”

Han Shuang shuddered at the sight of Han Zhan, Han Qingyun nodded and looked at Han Yu, Han Yu nodded before coming out. Although this is a small movement, it fell into the eyes of Yang Zhentian, Han Qingyun and others. Han Qingyun was quite surprised. From Han Shuang’s small action, you can see that Han Yu turned out to be the leader of this small team.

Although Yang Zhentian heard that there was a trash in the Han family, he did not remember what Han Yu was like. Suddenly he changed his mind and pointed to Han Yu and said, “Come out.

Han Yu didn’t look at anyone and took a step forward.

Yang Zhentian looked at Han Yu, with murderous intent in his eyes. If he were an ordinary young man, his legs would be frightened. Han Yu looked at Yang Zhentian with indifference, standing up. Such a performance surprised Yang Zhentian and others.

Han Zhan has been looking at Yang Zhentian, if he wants to be a disadvantage to Han Yu, he will definitely try.

“Were you on Qilin Mountain two days ago,” Yang Zhentian asked coolly.

“Yes,” replied Han Yu, neither humble nor unassuming.

“Have you met anyone from our Yang family?”


Han Yu’s answer made the Han family feel a cold sweat.

“Have you ever been in conflict?”


“Not really?” Although Yang Zhentian’s impulse was blocked by the Korean War, her eyes seemed to penetrate Han Yu’s body.

“No,” Han Yu answered firmly.

Yang Zhentian asked several times again, the pressure was overwhelming and he used mental pressure during the period. Unfortunately, Yang Zhentian’s mental pressure was too weak to deter Han Yu at all. Han Yu’s expression was consistent and her response was consistent.

At some point, Yang Zhentian wondered if she had blamed the Han family. Because the reason he named those Han family people was also seen when they left the city, there is no evidence to show that they were made by the Han family.

However, Yang Zhentian’s heart suddenly shook and the sight of Han Yu became frightening.

If the Han family really did it, and Han Yu could remain unhurriedly under their oppression, then this person would be a little frightening.

It can be said that Han Yu’s performance is beyond everyone’s expectations, but who can guarantee that others will be able to withstand the pressure like Han Yu, Han Zhan stepped forward in haste and stood in front of Han Yu: “Yang Zhentian, you want to ask, I also asked, what else do you have to say?

Yang Zhentian was so angry that he blew out his beard and stared. He gave Han Yu a deep look, nodded and said, “Okay, okay, you guys from the Han family panicked, it’s really leaking. But don’t think I don’t have proof. There’s nothing you can do about the Han family people. If the three races try, our Yang family will definitely stay with them until the end.

Yang Zhentian was extremely depressed. Although it was certain that the Han family did it, but there was no evidence. He thought he would kill the Han family and force the young Han family member to get the answer by surprise, but he did not expect to fall into the hands of a young man. Today, if he forces the collection of debts, he will inevitably lose his tongue. Besides, the two families are fighting and the Zhang family will finally benefit.

However, this enmity had to be reported, so Yang Zhentian set his sights on the Tri-Clan Test. At that time, you can simply kill the young men of the Han family and avenge the dead.

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