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Martial God Sovereign

Chapter 11 Kill all

Chapter 11 Kill all

The Yang family was surprised for a moment, and when they saw that it was Han Yu, everyone showed disdain.

“Go,” Yang Tai casually instructed a disciple of the Han family from the Fourth Layer of Yuanwu.

There was a cruel look on the man’s face, and he ran to Han Yu with arrogance: “I will turn you into a real waste that you cannot take care of today!

He punched Han Yu, and Han Yu didn’t even bother to look at him and kicked him.


Then there was a scream, and the man crashed to the ground, with blood blisters in his mouth, and didn’t know his life or death.

Everyone in the Yang family was baffled. Han Yu killed a person with his gunshot. Is this method not too cruel?

“Yang Geng, go and kill this waste!” Yang Tai was furious.

The person named Yang Geng was a Yuan Wu level five grower. He ran and cut Han Yu’s throat with a palm. Han Yu still only kicked.

Han Geng, like the man just now, flew out and hit the ground with blood blisters in his mouth.


Not to mention the Yang family people, even the Han family people took a deep breath, and the shot was a killer move. Two shots were fired to kill two people. The heavy and cruel movements caused everyone to lose their backs. !

“You evil thief, you are looking for death!”

Yang Tai shouted and rushed to kill himself personally. And this time, he shot harder than before, and the blade of his fist almost materialized.

However, the martial arts that can be called the vanguard of the Yang family are now full of defects in the eyes of Han Yu. It is not that Han Yu is competent in the Yang family boxing techniques, because after Han Yu’s killer baptism, his spiritual sense is sharper than that of ordinary people.

However, even though he had seen the flaws of the other side, Han Yu still chose to go head on.

“Yang Tai had a sneer on his face.

“Tiger-shaped fist!”

Han Yu is like the jump of a tiger, and his fist is like the roar of a tiger, like the roar of a real tiger, several times more powerful than Han Hong’s screen.

Yang Tai scowls, Han Yu is only a practitioner of the Sixth Layer of Yuan Wu, how can he perform the first form of Dragon Tiger Fist as much as he wants? It’s too late to avoid it.


With a loud noise, people saw a figure flying upside down. After hitting the ground, only air came out, no air came in.

“It increases the fighting power by 20%!” Han Yu smiled slightly.

Everyone was stunned. Han Yu actually beat Yang Tai of Yuan Wu Eighth to death. It was a dream. Even Han Qing and the others, who knew the horror of Han Yu, were stunned.

Everyone in the Yang family was shocked, and Han Yu was completely a killer in their eyes.

“Kill everyone!” Han Yu’s eyes turned cold.

The people of both families trembled. When the people of the Han family saw Han Yu’s somber expression, they did not dare to go against Han Yu’s will and shouted to the people of the Yang family to fight back.

The people of the Yang family had lost their fighting spirit and were defeated like a mountain. More than a dozen people were beheaded. Among them, there are some more stubborn people, Han Yu personally, a quick death.

In the disorderly forest, it was extremely quiet in an instant. Han Qing, Han Jian and others wanted to get close to Han Yu, but were trapped by the sharp aura on Han Yu’s body and did not dare to approach.

Han Yu did not say a word and quickly left with the basket of medicine on his back. When her back disappeared from sight, Han Hong and Han Qing suddenly let out a sigh of relief.

When Han Yu returned home, she put the little jade-horn beast to bed to sleep. The little one had been beaten all the way, but he still didn’t wake up. The level of repetition really looked up to Han Yu.

After that, Han Yu sat cross-legged, took out the box, turned the button on the box towards himself and then slowly opened it. As soon as a crack opened, the terrifying killer instinct stabbed Han Yu’s head with a stabbing pain and he passed out. I couldn’t see what was in the box.

At noon the next day, Han Yu woke up quietly and, after thinking about him, resolved the pain in his head.

“Han Yu took the box and fastened the button. It only opens a crack, the murderous intention can make him feel sleepy, if you open everything, I am afraid it can kill you instantly. Han Yu hid the box in a beautiful, heavy way. This kind of thing cannot be discovered by people, not to mention that it will make others jealous and can cause irreparable damage.

Seeing that the little beast was still asleep, Han Yu covered it with a quilt and came out, preparing to change the monstrous beast’s core into medicinal materials. Before leaving, the road was blocked by two people.

These two men are tall and thin, with their nostrils looking at the sky, with a haughty color in their faces; a short and stubby man with a gauze wrapped around his head, like a mummy.

The latter is Han Kun, whose teeth were crushed by Han Yu. The first is Han Kun’s older brother, Han Gan. Two years ago, he joined Liuyunzong and became an external disciple. He is one of the younger generations of the Han family, one of the most important royal existences. .

Han Yu looked at both of them with indifference, ignored them and walked away. Suddenly, a hand blocked his path.

“Han Yu looked at Han Gan, without the slightest shyness because Han Gan was a disciple of the Liuyun Sect.

“You hurt my brother, how do you calculate this account?” A cold color shone in Han Qian’s eyes.

Han Yu did not speak, but looked at Han Gan coldly.

“Very well” Han Gan nodded coldly: “In the qualifying competition, you better be the first to maintain your family status, otherwise I will let you die!

Han Yu took his hand away from Han Gan and left directly. With a grimace in the corner of Han Gan’s mouth, he did not pursue him.

“Big brother, why don’t you show this waste” Han Kun was puzzled.

“Now the Korean War is still the patriarch, show him what to do. When the Korean War is not the patriarch, you can kill him if you want!” Han Gan’s voice sounded fierce.

Han Yu clenched his fists tightly. It seems that Han Qing and the others did not announce what happened yesterday. It would be better. It would definitely surprise those who despise him in the rankings.

Han Yu exchanged two second class elixirs and four first class elixirs with the monster’s core. When he returned, Han Qing was near the door.

“Xiaoyu, you are back,” Han Qing greeted him warmly.

Han Yu nodded indifferently, Han Qing could not help feeling a little bitter, and smiled grimly: “Xiaoyu, thank you for saving me twice. If it weren’t for you, I’m afraid I’d already...”

With that, Han Qing’s eyes could not help but turn red.

“No, thank you, that’s what I should do,” Han Yu said lightly.

The more Han Yu did not care, the more uncomfortable Han Qing took out a box and handed it to Han Yu: “Xiaoyu, sister does not know how to thank you, there are five first grade elixirs in it, you accept it!

Han Yu arched her eyebrows, and Han Qing’s one-month training grant was only four plants and one grade elixir. But he refused outright: “No.

After speaking, Han Yu entered the room and closed the door.

After Han Qing left, Han Yu sat cross-legged, holding the elixir in his hand, and shortly after refining all the medicinal materials he had exchanged, the cyclone in his body suddenly grew very large.

Then Han Yu practiced the Dragon Tiger Fist, wielding a violent grip, shaking the dust off the beams of the room. Suddenly, there was a flurry of blows and screaming.

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