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Martial God Sovereign

Chapter 10: Sixth Cover of Yuan Wu

Chapter 10: Sixth Cover of Yuan Wu

Among growers, only one person in 10,000 can cultivate the power of the soul. Once a person has cultivated soul power, his or her spiritual sense will become extremely acute and he or she will learn everything at once. It can be said that the person who cultivates soul power is one genius in a million.

Han Yu had not cultivated soul power before, and he did not expect that the killing aura in the box would actually allow him to cultivate soul power. This is simply a priceless treasure.

Seeing Han Yu looking at it, the monstrous beast knew its whereabouts had been leaked, revealing its cold fangs, and ran madly. When it saw the little jade-horn beast in Han Yu’s arms, it turned its head and ran away in the blink of an eye .

“It seems you are still my charm!” Han Yu touched the head of the Xiaoyuhorn Beast and smiled slightly.

When Han Yu reached the periphery, he did not hurry back. He went to the cave that was closed earlier and took out all the elixir. Han Yu first refined the first and second class elixir, and the cyclone in his dantian doubled.

Han Yu directly refined a third class elixir, which is not necessarily fully refined by ordinary people for three days and three nights. Han Yu took only five minutes, and there was no waste at all.

However, after refining a third-rate elixir, Han Yu still showed no signs of progress.

Han Yu could not help but smile bitterly, “Others may have made their way a long time ago, but I need twice as much or even more aura from others.

Han Yu did not stop, refining the second third-rate elixir. As the refinement drew to a close, a loud noise came suddenly from the Dantian.


The cyclone was in disorder, Han Yu controlled his vitality to condense into a cyclone, and three cyclones condensed in a short time, the atmospheric cyclone was surrounded by the medium cyclone and the medium cyclone was surrounded by the small cyclone. After the cyclone stabilized, Han Yu let escape a long suffocation and his eyes became very bright.

Forward, Yuanwu Sext.

Today, the strength of Han Yu’s body has increased several times over. As soon as his thoughts move, his fist is covered with a thick layer of vitality, like running water. Han Yu threw a punch, and the dragon roared and exhaled a bolt of black air, which was twice as much as before.

“I used to increase my fighting power by 10%, how much can I increase it now?” Han Yu was eager to find someone to discuss this with. He stood up, and there was a crunch in his body, which made him scream at ease.

Seeing that the little beast was still asleep, Han Yu didn’t wake it up either, put it gently in the medicine basket and then went backwards. Quickly transported through the forest, his body was as strong as a monkey, and he soon reached the foot of the Qilin Mountain.

Suddenly, a loud noise attracted Han Yu’s attention.

“Han Qing, you hurt my brother and wanted to leave like this? If you don’t give me a satisfactory explanation today, you guys in the Han family won’t want to leave here!”

Yang Tai of the Yang family blocked the way of Han Qing and the others with a murderous aura. At the same time, the terrifying aura of the eighth layer of Yuanwu was fully revealed.

“Yang Tai, your brother did not abuse Han Qing, and almost killed Han Qing and the others in the belly of the jade-horn beast. He was simply wounded and taught a lesson. This is minor. What do you want?” Han Hong stepped forward. One step is to keep Han Qing and the others back. As the strongest person in the Han family, he has a responsibility to protect others.

“Hey, stop talking nonsense, let Han Qing’s bitch serve my brother Yang Kang well, and serve him well. Stop this business, otherwise don’t blame me for being ruthless!” Yang Tai’s fists cracked, behind Yang Kang, whose face was swollen in a bow, looked at Han Qing with direct eyes, hatred and joy.

Although Han Qing is not an incomparable beauty, she is also considered outstanding among the three main families, and Yang Kang has always been cruel to her.

Seeing Yang Kang’s miserable appearance, Han Qing felt like vomiting and Han Hong frowned, “Yang Tai, don’t fool people too much, don’t think our Han family is afraid of you.

“Really? Then let me learn and teach you the skill of Han Jiajunjie,” said Yang Tai, taking a step and hitting Han Hong. In the fist, there was a light like a leaf, and the fist went through the void, making a loud noise.

“Second order martial arts, Dao Mang Fist!”

Sword Mansion Fist, among the martial arts of the Yang family, is already considered a superior martial skill. When striking, it will emit a sword ray, which is extremely destructive, and its power is comparable to the Dragon Tiger Fist of the Han family.

“Tiger Fist!”

Han Hong did not hesitate to perform the first form of Dragon Tiger Boxing.


Han Hong’s body suddenly flew backwards like a cannonball and hit the ground. He vomited a breath of blood with a wow, and an angry light shot into his eyes: “Yang Tai, you are so cruel!”

Han Hongcai Yuan Wu’s seventh level of cultivation was lower than Yang Tai’s kingdom, so he couldn’t stop it with one move!

Yang Tai’s punch not only paralyzed Han Hong’s arm, but also rushed into Han Hong’s body without any scruples. Suddenly, Han Hong’s menstrual pulse broke three times, and Han Hong wanted to recover. I’m afraid it won’t be three or five years. Impossible, the most important thing is that he can leave the root of the disease. It can be said that Yang Tai’s blow almost cut Han Hong’s future path.

“Hmph, do you think I just made a move,” Yang Tai pursed his lips in disdain, snorted coldly, pointed at the Han family and shouted, “Except for Han Qing, the rest are all abandoned!

The people of the Yang family suddenly ran out like a flood, and Han Hong, the strongest member of the Han family, was knocked down and suddenly confused.

“Push this stinking Han Qing bitch to the ground! Let the young master vent his anger,” Yang Kangti lifted his pants, his eyes bursting with ejaculation.

Han Qing was so scared that her face was pale and Han Hong was hurt. He definitely had no chance of defeating Yang Tai. Suddenly she saw Han Yu walking not far away, like a drowning child seeing a straw that saves his life: “Brother Han Yu, Xiaoyu, please help us ... ”

Han Qing wanted to run to Han Yu, but she was surrounded by the three people of the Yang family. Of these three people, two of them were no less powerful than she was. Yang Kang looked at Han Yu, dismissed him and walked towards Han Qing with a smile.

“It’s just garbage, you still want me to save you, don’t dream! Satisfied with the little master, when the little master is happy, maybe he pampers you well!”

Han Yu’s pupils shrank and an unprecedented cold glow exploded. Although he did not like Han Qing and the others as much, he was the son of the Korean War and had the responsibility to protect all members of the Han family.


Han Yu shouted violently and walked away quickly.

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