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Martial God Sovereign

Chapter 1: Black hole in the body

Chapter 1: Black hole in the body

In the deep space of the universe, a giant cauldron burns with furious fire, illuminating most of the sky. The eight elders surrounded the giant cauldron, the light in their eyes materialized and their faces filled with emotion.

“Three thousand avenues, choose a method, this is our last chance!”

“Drink up!”

The eight elders shouted at the same time, with their hands knotted with mysterious seals, and at the same time they hit the central cauldron.


The great cauldron shook, the flame suddenly extinguished, an endless divine light burst forth, three thousand points of colored light sprouted like fireworks and then scattered all over the world.

“The seeds have been planted, hoping to become a giant tree!”

Fifteen years later, the cloud continent, Jingzhou.

“Han Yan, three first-degree elixirs... Han Cheng, two first-degree elixirs...”

At Mangcheng, the Han family martial arts camp, all the teens whose names were called ran to the high platform with enthusiasm to receive this month’s training grant. The better the aptitude and the stronger the person, the more training aids they will receive.

“Han Yu, a second grade elixir...”

As soon as the voice was heard, people in the martial arts field laid their eyes on the young man standing in the corner at the end of the crowd almost at the same time.

“One second-degree elixir is equivalent to ten first-degree elixirs. Unexpectedly, Han Yu will get the most grants!”

“Isn’t it said that the stronger, stronger and better the grades, the more training grants they receive? Why does Han Yu get the most grants every month?”

Han Yu only made it to the high platform, and countless cold eyes looked at him, Han Yu did not dodge it and faced it calmly. The middle-aged man sitting in the center with white sideburns nodded slightly with his eyes full of affection. This is the Korean War, the head of the Korean clan and Han Yu’s father.

“For me, my father is under tremendous pressure, and I must make a difference!

Han Yu clenched his fists tightly. It has been recognized as a waste, but he receives most of the training grants every month. The pressure of the Korean War can be imagined.

At this moment, Grand Elder Han Qingyun, who was sitting next to the Korean War, suddenly stood up and walked toward the court and said aloud, “Today, I want to announce something important to everyone!

Han Yu suddenly had a bad feeling.

A sneer of contempt appeared on Han Qingyun’s face and then he said: “After a careful discussion by the Presbyterian House, it was decided to dismiss Patriarch Han Zhan!

“What?” Most people were surprised. Although the Korean War had some shortcomings on the elixir issue, it wouldn’t eliminate the patriarchal position, would it?

Han Zhan looked at Han Qingyun and asked in a deep voice, “What is wrong with me in the Korean War?

Han Qingyun looked at Han Zhan aggressively and said, “You made three mistakes in the Korean War. First, since you inherited the position of patriarch, our Han family has gradually declined from the first family in Mangcheng to the third family; second, over the past three years, our Han family has been ranked first from the bottom each time in the Three Clan Test. Thirdly, it has dumped almost all of the family’s growing materials on its wasteful son and ignored other children. He still has three major flaws. What can you say?”

“My Korean War child is definitely not a waste!” Han Zhan stood up, his voice was loud and clear.

Han Qingyun curled up his lips and said unceremoniously, “Han Yu is a waste? Everyone knows it in their hearts, can you admit the three previous sins?”

“Humph!” snorted Han Zhan coldly, and looked at Qingtian with his hands behind his back.

A smile crossed Han Qingyun’s face and he said aloud, “Since you have pleaded guilty, that is good! I declare that as of today, the Korean War will be dismissed...”


Suddenly, there was a loud scream!

I saw a young man who clenched his fists and slowly raised his head, his face was pale and his pupils injected with blood, this man was Han Yu who was standing not far from Han Qingyun.

“First, my Han family is shrinking. Did it start with my father? Second, in the last three years, the three tribes will try to be first from the bottom. That’s their offspring. Third, my Han Yu is not a waste. ! ”

Every time Han Yu said a word, his body trembled, but his voice was loud and powerful, reaching the depths of everyone’s heart!

Han Qingyun’s face is unusually ugly. The decline of the Han family and the last three years in the Tri-Clan Test are not the fault of the Korean War.

However, the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to bring down the Korean War is right in front of him. He won’t let it go easily, his face sank and he shouted, “Bold, do you have a place to talk here?

Han Yu looked into Han Qingyun’s eyes, neither humble nor overbearing: “What I said is the truth!”

Han Qingyun’s face shook violently, and he was speechless for a moment, and he said angrily: “Well, well, tomorrow it will be the clan association, are you a waste? Use your strength to prove it to everyone!

“In the Korean War, if your son gets first place in the clan association, then you show that your approach is right; but if he can’t get first place, how can you, the patriarch, explain it to the hundreds of young men in the Han family?

Han Zhan hummed: “I can’t get first place, I won’t be the patriarch in the Korean War!

Han Yu watched the Korean War with surprise, his fists cracked so much that his nails were inserted deep into the flesh and blood of his palm.

Han Qingyun ignored the shaky teenager, pointed to Han Yu and said: “Not only can you no longer be this patriarch, this waste, you can never enter the Han family!

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief. At the clan meeting where the teachers met, how could Han Yu get the first place? Isn’t it clear that this was to get Han Yu out of the Han family?

Anger burned in Han Zhan’s eyes, and he took a deep breath and said, “Okay, deal!”

When he returned home, Han Yu took out the second grade elixir he had gotten today, and a look of hope shone in his eyes.

“I hope this second grade elixir can feed you!”

Han Yu held the second grade elixir tightly in his hand and silently operated his mind. At this moment, a terrifying swallowing force came from the depths of his Dantian and absorbed all the essence of the second grade elixir with the force of the wind and the remaining clouds. .

In general, it is absolutely impossible for a Yuan Wu Triple C cultivator to refine a second grade elixir without three days and three nights, but Han Yu only took one minute before and after. Because in his Dantian, there is a black hole that can swallow all the spiritual power.

The Cloud Continent is respected for martial arts. Known levels of cultivation are Yuanwu, Xuanwu, Lingwu, Soulwu, etc. The kingdom of Yuanwu is the entry stage for practitioners. It is divided into nine levels, the first three being the training body. The body refinement is mainly based on soaking the body with medicinal materials and training the strength. Black holes have no effect on Han Yu, but after reaching the triple layer of Yuanwu, it absorbs the essence of heaven and earth to practice and refine it into vitality in its body for its own use.

Whether Han Yu refines the elixir or absorbs the aura of heaven and earth directly from the heavens and earth, he was swallowed by the black hole for the first time, so since the twelve year old practiced in Yuanwu Sanzhong, Han Yu’s level of cultivation has not improved.

However, Han Yu firmly believes that the black hole will be filled sooner or later, as long as the black hole is full, he can continue to practice. However, this second degree elixir is obviously not enough to fill the black hole of greed.

“Is he really going to cause my father to lose the position of patriarch because of me?” Han Yu clenched his teeth tightly.

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