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Madam Has An Amazing Life After Her Divorce

Chapter 459 - 459 Huo Zhou’s Blind Date

459 Huo Zhou’s Blind Date

After breakfast, Old Madam Xiao and Xiao Yue’s mother came to Qiao An’s residence to pick up the three children.

Before leaving, Xiao Yue’s mother said, “Xiaoran, Qiao An, leave the children to us today. The two of you should accompany Zhou Zhou.”

The children seemed to especially like to go to the two old ladies of the Xiao family and the Huo family. They probably felt that the grannies were friendly and accommodated them without any bottom line.

After the children left, Huo Xiaoran held Qiao An’s hand and arrived at Huo Zhou’s residence. At this moment, Huo Zhou was lying leisurely on a lazy chair in the courtyard, holding milk in one hand and pizza in the other, and chewing his breakfast elegantly.

From afar, one could hear Huo Zhou’s mother roar, “Huo Zhou, you’re only 35 years old this year, not 53. Even if you’re 53 years old, there’s no man like you. You lost your passion for life at such a young age and started to live a life of idleness.”


Huo Zhou simply adopted a strategy of ignoring everything. The other party was roaring, and he was still eating his breakfast.

Zhou Zhou’s mother was so angry that she raised her broom and slashed at him. “Since you’re living a life of waiting for death, why don’t I help you end your boring wait in advance?”

Huo Zhou threw away the milk and pizza in his hand and quickly fled. Hence, the mother chased her son around.

When Xiao Ran and Qiao An entered the Huo family, Huo Zhou happened to run behind them and use them as shields.

“Xiaoran, you came at the right time. Help me persuade my mother,” Huo Zhou asked for help. 𝒾𝗻n𝚛𝗲𝚊𝑑.𝒄o𝒎

Unexpectedly, when Zhou Zhou’s mother saw Xiaoran and Qiao An, it was as if she had seen a life-saving straw. She grabbed Xiaoran’s hand and complained, “Xiaoran, An’an, you came at the right time. Your cousin won’t go on a blind date. He even said that he wants to live alone for the rest of his life. He’s purely cutting off my family’s descendants.”

Huo Xiaoran glanced at Huo Zhou. “This is your fault. My mother passed away early. I searched for everything in my life myself and deliberated hard. It’s not like you don’t know the hardships of the process. And you’re lucky to have a mother to care for you. You just need to go on blind dates and get married when you have to. How leisurely is that? You don’t know how lucky you are.”

Qiao An echoed, “Exactly.”

Her aunt was extremely satisfied with Xiaoran and Qiao An’s performance. She glared at Huo Zhou unhappily. “Look at your cousin. Unfortunately, my sister passed away early. If she was still around, she would be enjoying life now. Unlike me, I’ve lived in vain. My son is disobedient and my husband is disappointing. What’s the point of living?”

Huo Zhou was attacked by everyone and raised his hands in surrender. “Alright, alright, I’ll go on a blind date. I’ll go. Is that enough?”

Then, he criticized his mother incredulously, “Don’t drag my father down with you. Isn’t he just supporting my free love? Do you have to hate him?”

Zhou Zhou’s mother’s evil plan succeeded. “Alright. As long as you go on a blind date and your father supports you, I won’t argue with him.”

Then, Huo Zhou was escorted to a blind date by his mother and cousin. It was at a very high-end clubhouse.

The woman had long arrived. After Zhou Zhou’s mother entered, she apologized humbly. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I’ve made you wait for too long.”

Huo Zhou looked at his mother in disbelief and lowered his head.

Huo Xiaoran and Qiao An sat beside him. Huo Xiaoran tugged at his sleeve when Huo Zhou didn’t speak.

“Are you mute? Are you greeting her?”

“Hello.” Huo Zhou was like an obedient child at the mercy of others.

The girl opposite him was wearing a very formal socialite dress. She kept glancing between Huo Zhou and Huo Xiaoran.

Although the two men were not bad, Huo Xiaoran was clearly better. She had heard that Huo Zhou was the young master of the Huo family. Thinking that he was a young talent and had been in a high position for a long time, he must be domineering.

As time passed, Huo Xiaoran had become even more imposing. Therefore, the girl misunderstood that her blind date was Huo Xiaoran.

Qiao An saw that her gaze was on Huo Xiaoran and realized that this silly girl had recognized the wrong person, so she moved closer to Huo Xiaoran.

Huo Xiaoran thought that she was sitting at the side and did not have enough space, so he moved closer to Huo Zhou.

This gave the girl the impression that Huo Xiaoran was rejecting Qiao An and immediately smiled smugly.

Qiao An was especially depressed. Huo Xiaoran usually tried his best to get close to her. What was wrong today?

Sigh, she and Huo Xiaoran were clearly a couple. What was with this girl’s gaze?

When she noticed that she was wearing a cheap pure cotton T-shirt today and observed Huo Xiaoran’s noble aura, she instantly understood. The girl must have treated her as Huo Xiaoran’s sidekick.

Just as Qiao An was reading the situation, the girl said honestly, “Who brings a girl on a blind date?”

Qiao An quickly explained, “Miss, you’ve misunderstood. Actually, I’m not a girl. I’m a young woman.”

The girl had an even more ridiculous misunderstanding. She asked Huo Xiaoran directly, “Is she your secretary?”

Then, she raised her head and said proudly, “I don’t like my future husband hiring a female secretary.”

Huo Xiaoran was stunned.

After realizing that the girl might be interested in him, Huo Xiaoran suddenly pulled Qiao An into his arms and kissed her forehead. He even asked her considerately and gently, “Honey, the air conditioner is a little cold. Are you cold?”

The girl was dumbfounded.

“Are you… husband and wife?”

Qiao An was about to speak when Huo Xiaoran stopped her.

Because he realized that Qiao An had a characteristic that especially attracted the jealousy of bitches.

He replied directly, “Yes, we already have three children.”

The girl’s eyes drooped, defeated.

Logically speaking, the blind date should have ended here. Huo Zhou had already sighed in relief.

However, at this moment, the forthright Zhou Zhou’s mother refused to give up and explained desperately, “In-law, this is my son, Huo Zhou. That’s my sister’s son, Xiaoran, but Xiaoran is already married.”

The girl glanced at Huo Zhou. Perhaps she was not interested in Huo Zhou.

However, Huo Zhou’s mother only wanted to promote Huo Zhou. “Miss, although my Xiaoran is good, he’s taken. Why don’t you consider my Zhou Zhou?”

The girl was a child who had been doted on by her parents. She said proudly, “You can still get a divorce after getting married.”

Qiao An was so shocked by her that she almost fell to the ground.

Huo Xiaoran pulled her onto his lap and wrapped his arms around her. “I, Huo Xiaoran, will never get a divorce in my life. I will only be widowed.”

The girl didn’t alienate him because of his words. Instead, she liked him even more.

“Relationships aren’t static,” she said very pretentiously.

Qiao An sighed helplessly.

Huo Xiaoran said domineeringly, “Do you know the outcome of the last woman who sowed discord between us?”

Then he said sinisterly, “Her family was ruined.”

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