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Love in the Midst of Mistaken Identities

Chapter 9 - Old Mother and New Father

Chapter 9: Old Mother and New Father

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

There was so much pain in her lower body that she did not dare to move. It hurts that much.

He had not only tore her body apart but her soul as well.

She fluttered her eyes closed for she had no more power left in her. Her long eyelashes had been soaked with her tears, and there was some vague translucent color on her pale face.

She scrunched up in a fetal position. She was bruising everywhere from sleeping naked in the cold since she did not have anyone to cover her up with a blanket. On the brand new sheet, there was a ghastly sight of bloodstains.

She felt so miserable that she hugged her stomach. Her weak voice vaguely escaped from her badly bitten, scarred lips,

“Mummy... mummy... .”

As helpless as a child, the only thing she needed was her mother—but her mother hated her.

She could still recall the events that happened that year. Even though they had led a plain and tough life, her mother had loved her until then.


A woman held a young girl’s hand. The girl had a round face, a pair of big eyes and two long rolls of eyelashes which batted like small fans when she blinked.

“Mummy, why have we come here?” Curious, the little girl tilted her head upwards. The woman merely bent her waist down and placed her hand on her soft, flawless face.

“Xinxin, this will be our home in the future. Remember, from now on, your name is ‘Xia Ruoxin’ . Can you remember that?”

After the little girl nodded her head in obedience, the woman stood up. She had recently married into the Xia family with three-year-old Xia Ruoxin in tow.

“Yijun, Is this Xinxin? She looks beautiful.” The man looked at the little girl as she tried to hide behind Shen Yijun. She had the molds of being a beauty and she would definitely be a gorgeous woman when she grew up.

“Come, Xinxin. This is your new father. Can you call him ‘Daddy’ ?” Shen Yijun nodded her head as she pulled Xia Rouxin from behind her. Xia Ruoxin cast a look at her mother and she glanced at the strange man.

Then, in a soft timid voice, she called, “Daddy”.

She would behave so she wouldn’t be left behind by her mother.

“Ha... great. Good girl. Right, I have a daughter too but now, I don’t know where she went to play.”

Xia Mingzheng’s face glowed with affection at the moment of his daughter. She was his most treasured darling baby.

“Daddy...” a velvety voice rang. Then, like a flapping butterfly, a little girl ran right into Xia Mingzheng’s arms. Xia Ruoxin tugged at the corner of her mother’s blouse and looked at the little girl’s attire with such envy. It looked beautiful, like a princess from a fairytale. But she could give it up as long as she had her mother. She moved closer towards Shen Yijun unconsciously.

“Ah...” Xia Mingzheng carried his baby daughter in his arms, “Xuanxuan, this is your new mother and that is your new sister.” He pointed at Shen Yijun and Xia Ruoxin who were standing in front of them.

“I don’t want a mother.” Xia Yixuan pouted her lips delicately. “Nor do I want a new mother or even a sister. I only want Daddy. I hate them.”

Xia Mingzheng could only look apologetically at Shen Yijun. He had really spoilt her rotten. She was his only daughter, of course, it was inevitable.

“It’s alright, Mingzheng. I understand.”

Shen Yijun simply shook her head but she had made up her mind to always treat Xia Mingzheng’s daughter well. She could only truly call this place her home, where she would gain everything, once his daughter accepted her.

She loosened Xia Ruoxin’s small hand but the little girl only held on tighter to her clothes.

“Mummy... ” She blinked her black eyes. A stream of tears had gathered on her eyelashes rapidly. Was her mother giving her up?

As she looked at her daughter’s pitiful expression, Shen Yijun hesitated for a moment. Then, she hardened herself and pulled her hand away. And she walked towards Xia Mingzheng.

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