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Love in the Midst of Mistaken Identities

Chapter 30 - The Arrival of the In-Laws

Chapter 30: The Arrival of the In-Laws

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

She hugged her knees in a daze as she stared at the portrait hanging on the wall. She felt embarrassed. Looking at Xia Yixuan, she felt lost.

There was a soreness between her thighs as she got off the bed. She placed her hand on her stomach and her eyes teared up. Two streaks of tears fell like beads.

She shouldn’t be Xia Ruoxin now. Instead, she should be called Crybaby. When did she become a one, anyway?

Walking into the bathroom, it smelled of shower foam—green tea. Did he like this scent? She made a mental note to remember everything.

Then she showered. As warm water gushed on her body, she looked down and saw the bruises on her body. The process had been brutal, but she had already known it, hadn’t she?

She walked out after a change of clothing, and her pale complexion revealed how unhealthy she was. As she picked up a rag, she had not forgotten that to an outsider she was the wife of the CEO of Xia Enterprise. To Chu Lui, however, she was a whore who warmed his bed at night and a maid in this villa.

She took her time to move around. There was a newspaper which made its daily appearance in the room. Every headline written was about Chu Lui. While he may be married, no one had treated him so. He had endless scandals, and he constantly had a new female companion beside him.

She put her hand down and sighed as she opened one side of the window. The cold breeze drifted in and blew on her face but inside her heart, she was already moist.

The sound of an opened door came from the doorway. The maid was watching television in her seat. She put her snack down thinking it was Chu Lui. She then tidied her clothes and deliberately revealed a flattering smile. From the looks of it, she had not taken Chu Lui’s warning yesterday with any seriousness.

A bully will always be a bully, and it was addictive.

When the door opened, the smile on Luo Sha’s face froze.

“Mr. Chu. Mrs. Chu...”

Her lips barely moved. She saw Mr. Chu staring at Xia Ruoxin who had half her body out of the window. What was she doing? A daughter-in-law of their Chu family was actually wiping the window while this maid, dressed like a prostitute, stood there. If one was not aware, one would have thought that she was the mistress of the house.

Song Wan glanced at Xia Ruoxin and she blinked her eyes in unbelief. What had happened here? What exactly was her son up to?

While Chu Jiang, on the other hand, was already fuming.

“Mr. Chu, I...” Luo Sha’s face twisted with apprehension, and she stuttered as she spoke.

Upon hearing the door, Xia Ruoxin turned her head around. Two elderly stood in the doorway—they were Chu Lui’s parents. She had seen them more than once, but she wasn’t on familiar terms with them nor were they strangers to her. 𝒾n𝘯𝒓𝙚а𝑑. 𝓬𝑜𝙢

She removed her gloves and set the rag down before walking towards them.

“Dad... Mom, you have come.” It sounded somewhat unnatural and strange to address them like that. It had been a long time ago since she addressed someone in that way, especially the word ‘Dad’.

Her eyelashes fluttered as she walked over to tidy up the table. Every action had seemed so natural, like there was nothing odd about it. Luo Sha, on the other hand, stood rooted on the spot. She was clearly unsure of what she should be doing.

“Dad, Mom. Please sit down.” She stood up. Song Wan tugged at Chu Jiang’s shirt. He was apparently still fuming as he gave Luo Sha a hard stare. The people he hated most were the ones who acted above their status. She was just a maid. Who did she think she was? How dare she climb above her employers?

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