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Chapter 28: Untitled

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

He placed his huge palm on her face, and he could almost feel the soft trembling of her body. She didn’t hate him but feared him.

The scent of masculinity became stronger. She could only helplessly shut her eyes as the hands that had pinned her own above her head tightly clenched.

There was a light sensation on her lips, and it made her weak in her knees. It startled her, and so she stared at Chu Lui in disbelief.

He was kissing her—oh so gently.

“Focus, woman.” He put his hands over her eyes to prevent her from seeing. However, the fluttering kisses he gave her all the more amplified.

Chu Lui looked down at her. A sliver of iciness flashed across his eyes.

He adjusted his body over her, putting just an ample amount of weight on her—not too heavy and not too light. He let go of the hand covering her eyes, revealing a pair of extraordinary eyes.

Just like the new moon, her eyes were as clear and as bright. It occasionally shimmered, with a ripple of misty, pearly. More so, her sleek eyebrows and petite lips gave her a perpetual look. When he pulled away from her lips, she could only bite her lips again. It made her feel embarrassed and sad.

It was just a kiss—just a simple kiss—yet he ignited sparks of love and lust in her. It was so gentle she wanted to cry.

He could treat her cruelly, but please, he can’t be as gentle as he currently was because she couldn’t imagine the cruelty that would come after it.

Her eyelashes fluttered constantly and brightly. It was undeniable that the woman had skin as white and as pure as snow. Her bones were as slender as bamboo shoots. Everything was perfect, making even Chu Lui, who was used to beauties, feel something different towards her.

Since she was his wife, she should fulfill his needs. To put it simply, she was but a maid in his house—a woman to warm his bed.

“Do you love me or not? Tell me!” He bit her petite earlobe and remotely looked at her. He wants her to be crazy over him and reveal her true ugly colors. Xia Ruoxin slowly opened her eyes, eyes that looked as if someone had drowned her. She looked intently at the man in front of her, and his eyes were void of expression like the usual.

“I love you... I really do...” Her lips lightly trembled. A transparent teardrop fell from the corner of her eye, and it was almost as if it pierced through Chu Lui’s extremely cold and hardened heart. It made his black eyes narrow a little, but only just for a second.

But her unregretful expression made Chu Lui laugh, it was cruel and cold.

“You’re really sly.” His cold words made Xia Rouxin’s face, which had just gained color, pale again. The cruelty that came after the gentleness made her feel miserable.

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