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Love in the Midst of Mistaken Identities

Chapter 27 - Afraid To Love

Chapter 27: Afraid To Love

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

He walked in and closed the door. He crossed his arms as he watched the woman sprawled on the bed. Was she waiting for him? He watched for a long time, and in that time, her silhouette was not within his sight. The look in his eyes was so dark and profound that he couldn’t tell whose memory had been imprinted in it.

He turned around and walked into the bathroom.

Xia Ruoxin woke up, still groggy from sleep. She heard the sound of water and felt something familiar yet strange in the air. It was a calm, faint smell of cologne. She turned around and heard the sound of water coming from the bathroom. He had returned. But she was clueless as to how she should face him.

She wanted to see him and yet she was afraid to.

The door to the bathroom opened. She cowered out of instinct. The only two times that their bodies had united was the most intimate but also the most brutal. The only memory she had was the ripping pain and the truth about losing her ability to be a mother.

The pure masculine scent drifted over. She cowered even more.

Chu Lui slightly lifted his brow. The woman was afraid of him.

He held her hand in a single grasp and pinned his body down on hers. But she never stopped shivering or cowering.

“Don’t you forget your status. You are to provide whenever I want it.” He gripped her slender wrists. It was so hard that it left bruises on her wrists. If he exerted more strength, it would break her wrists.

Xia Ruoxin turned her face around. The smell of masculinity raided her face. Little goosebumps appeared on her skin—such sensitive skin.

He brushed his hand gently over her lower body. As he looked at her, there was a look of meekness and honesty to the woman’s face. She seemed so innocent, so pitiful. But no one knew that under such looks, lay such a vicious mind.

“P—please, let me go...” Xia Ruoxin twisted her head towards him. She knew it was futile, but she kept begging him to stop hurting and tormenting her.

Rolls of translucent tears rolled down her pale face little by little. It flowed with the gradient of her face, and it landed on the pillow.

It was pathetic and helpless.

“You are my wife. I said this before that you are to provide whenever I want it. If you don’t give me what I want, I can always go to others.” Chu Lui released her hand. Xia Ruoxin could only rub the pain out of her wrists.

After that, she remained silent. She did not want him to go to other women. Her heart ached so badly by just looking at Chu Lui hugging another woman. Just the thought of them behaving intimately caused her to have spasms of pain all over again.

He was indeed merciless. He knew exactly what to do to hurt her deeply.

“Do you love me?” Chu Lui came up abruptly. He held Xia Ruoxin’s pointed and thick chin. He could see the looks of anguish and love that she had for him in her eyes. Perhaps she wanted to love but couldn’t, or maybe she was afraid to.

“Do you hate me?” He pinned her hands over her head once again. He then looked at the woman underneath him. His handsome and aloof face revealed nothing.

Was it hate? Xia Ruoxin lightly shook her head. She knew she was cheap, but she had never hated him. She did not hate him because there was too much love.

“You love me that much?” Chu Lui sneered. Something dark flashed in his eyes, but Xia Ruoxin missed it.

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