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Chapter 26: Endlessly

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Xia Yixuan was supposed to be the one alive while Xia Ruoxin should be the one dead. Right. Some were born to be a princess while others were just redundant—like her.

She slowly lowered her eyes and placed her hand on her stomach. Her fingers tightened. It felt like it was snapping.

Haven’t she paid enough? She lost the chance to be a mother! Wasn’t it enough?

Was it really enough? In fact, she was ridiculously wrong. She had much to pay, so much more that she could not even imagine.

She looked around. The place really resembled a prison. It not only imprisoned her body and everything she had, but even her soul was stuck here.

She lay down and coiled her body up. It was the only way she could feel herself alive. Her fingertips were already frozen.

She had no idea how long she had slept for she had awakened in the same position. It was dark outside. She was alone in the huge room and her only audience was herself.

She walked out of the room and turned on all the lights. She had long gotten used to that kind of life. There was nothing to be afraid of.

She sat on the sofa and began reading the day’s newspaper. After a glance, she felt her heart spasming. On the page was her husband—not anyone. He had one of his arms around a woman’s waist in an intimate fashion wear. Beneath the photo was others’ speculation as to when his wife would fall, be abandoned, and become his ex-wife.

She put the newspaper down. Her eyelashes fluttered. She was feeling slightly dizzy and lost under the milky white lighting.

As it turned out, he was perfectly capable of treating another woman well—except her.

She stood up and all of a sudden, she could not tolerate the atmosphere in the room. It was stuffing and she couldn’t breathe. She locked herself up and stood with her back against the door. Despite that, she could not stop the anger. Her hand was clutching the chest part of her blouse as she lifted her head.

It was indeed agonizing.



And endless pain.

She sprawled on the bed once more and buried her face in the blanket. No one could hear the sound of her suppressed cries that resounded from within the room.

A privately-owned black sedan parked at the doorway. A man in a black suit emerged. It seemed that the suit perfectly blended into the night, as did the man himself. His lips were slightly pursed together.

He was a man who belonged to the darkness.

He fished his keys out. The card reader beeped and he walked in. All the lights inside had been turned on. His lips curled up a little in a more sarcastic way. He thought, “That woman is afraid of the humans or ghosts?”

He removed his necktie, sat on the sofa, and casually picked up the newspaper on the table. His eyebrows raised ever so slightly. Another woman who did not know what was good for her. Would he, Chu Lui, be manipulated that easily? She had only spent a few nights with him, but she thought that she could get into his good looks. With the exception of Yixuan, for only she could be his wife.

He callously crushed the newspaper. When he stood up, he noticed how quiet the room was. He opened the bedroom door. He had prepared everything here for Yixuan. However, the one who came was Xia Ruoxin.

He smiled. The curve on his lips was as cold as ever.

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