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Love in the Midst of Mistaken Identities

Chapter 16 - That Was Because She Loved Him

Chapter 16: That Was Because She Loved Him

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The maid stood up. There was a glint of sympathy in her eyes. However, it quickly vanished as a look of contempt replaced it. It was a look solely reserved for a person who had caused her own sister’s death. No matter how kind she was, if it wasn’t for her, their master would have not turned into an unpredictable, moody person like he was now.

The door loudly closed with a bang. Xia Ruoxin lowered her head. A fog had gathered in her eyes. He could really find ways and means to humiliate her every minute.

Dressed in a maid’s attire, she was a maid in status. She might have married him, but this was his warning to her that she would never be his wife. To him, she was only a servant.

With trembling hands, she took the clothes from the bed and wore it. Her quiet and exquisite face would never find happiness again. Maybe she never had happiness to begin with!

She walked out of the room. The pain from the previous night still lingered between her legs. It kept reminding her every minute of how the man had abused her the night before.

“Madam, from now on, at this timing, you will do all the chores in this house. This was Master’s instruction,” she solemnly said with barely any expressions on her face. Even the maid in the mansion treated her like she was not the mistress.

The maid had addressed her as a madam, but did she really look like she was one?

She nodded her head dumbly and dragged her cumbersome body to begin a new day in her life. Here, her status could not compare to a maid—she was worse than a maid.

She held her swollen hands tight and kept rubbing them together. She hoped it would bring warmth to herself, but soon she realized it had not helped at all.

For half a day, she towed herself away as she worked in the two-story luxurious villa. After a grueling day’s work, she let herself rest. As she looked at the huge villa, it only amplified her emptiness and it frightened her even more.

This was still her newlywed period.

A faint sound rang at the door and her body turned rigid in reflex. As she was about to walk away, she heard a cold and chilling voice.

“Why? You don’t enjoy seeing me? I thought you wanted to marry me to the extent that you would even murder your own sister. So, you do not have the courage.”

He did not leave her any type of retreat as he spat out every word. In his eyes, she was a murderer and nothing else. 𝐢n𝑛rℯ𝒶𝚍. 𝑐o𝘮

“I’m not...” She gently pressed her lips and finally managed a bitter laugh. It didn’t matter whether she was a murderer because no one would believe her. They were all convinced that she had caused Xia Yixuan’s death. Was it because she loved him?

She suddenly felt her jaw snapping upwards. The cracking sound of her bones resounded, and it appeared he had the intention of breaking her jaw. She looked up and saw the blushed red veins in Chu Lui’s eyes. She could see the look of pure, unhidden hatred.

He hated her. He loathed her to the core.

“Get in the room,” he sneered. All the while, Xia Ruoxin’s body violently shuddered and her face turned a shade of a ghastly pale.

“Don’t you forget, since I married you, it’s your duty to provide your body to me.” He saw the fear in her eyes, and he understood that. It made him sneer even more since smiling really didn’t suit him—it made him look even more heartless and cruel.

He was determined to make anyone suffer, especially the ones he hated.

As she followed him from behind, her steps were very heavy. Xia Ruoxin gently shut her eyes. Under her pale complexion, a few drops of tears rolled down, but the rest she held them in her eyes. As tears fogged her eyes, she realized they were so close and yet, so far away. If only she could hold him, but she could not even hold on to the corner of his clothes.

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