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Love in the Midst of Mistaken Identities

Chapter 14 - She Really Liked to Cry

Chapter 14: She Really Liked to Cry

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“I know.” Still, there was no anger in her voice. Xia Ruoxin merely looked outside but in reality, Shen Yijun was beginning to feel like a stranger to her.

The corner of her lips curled up in sarcasm. She would rather they gave up this kind of life.

As she watched a thin and cold smile appear on her Xia Ruoxin’s face, Shen Yijun could not stop herself from an unfound feeling of guilt. She hastened to remove her hand from Xia Ruoxin’s hair, it felt as if her fingers were being pricked by her hair.

That’s right. Even if her hands were not pricked, she could feel the pain from the sensation that filled her heart.

The door closed once more. No one would even know that she had been crying, for the tears that rolled down her cheeks were almost translucent, and it blended well with the look of despair in her eyes.

As more tears streaked down her cheeks, it evoked a sheer sense of despair and regret within her.

She gathered up her emotions carefully and hid them—her heart and her feelings. She watched Chu Lui and Xia Yixuan in silence. Yes, her mother was right. Only a princess like Xia Yixuan was worthy and deserving of him.

But with every glance, she came to a realization that her feelings for Little Brother had become a habit that she built bit by bit over the years. She could not stop herself from thinking about him, from loving him.

And now, with each day, she was suffering.

Chu Lui held Xia Yixuan’s slim waist, his gaze darkened. He quickly leaned down and before Xia Yixuan regained her composure, kissed her heavily on her lips. The way he treated her was different from the other women he knew. Because she was the bride. The one he had chosen in his childhood.

“Brother Lui...” Xia Yixuan’s eyelashes misted, her vision blurred a little. She liked the feeling, and she realized how much she loved Brother Lui.

“You must grow up faster. By then, you can marry me.” He reached out and stroked lovingly at Xia Yixuan’s face. It wasn’t until he saw a silhouette at a distance that his gaze gradually changed to a frosty glance.

“She again.”

Xia Ruoxin.

Xia Ruoxin’s hand went to her chest, her face turned ashen. So, the reality of everything did hurt. But it hurts, even more, to have witnessed it. She thought she had gotten used to pain, but no, she never thought that such pain felt as if she was being ripped apart.

She turned around. A dark shadow fell over her face. She looked up abruptly. Chu Lui was leaning casually by the wall. His aloof features hinted at a little rivalry.

“Do you like me?” His haughty voice was cold as the wind on a winter’s day. His tone made Xia Ruoxin felt like her body had split down the middle into two. She was in misery from the chilled, cold tone in his voice.

Xia Ruoxin simply evaded his gaze because she was at loss for what she should do next.

Yes, she liked him. No. She loved him. She could deceive everyone around her but she could not deceive herself.

Chu Lui straightened his frame and walked closer to Xia Ruoxin. He grabbed her chin abruptly, “I am warning you. Keep your unreciprocated love to yourself. If you dare to even harm Yixuan a tiny bit, I will make your life a living hell. Do you know what hell is? You hurt even one strand of her hair: I will destroy your whole head of hair.”

He said it in such a cruel and heartless manner that Xia Ruoxin could only lightly nod her head. A teardrop had fallen on the back of his hand but he shook her chin off. The smudged tear stain on the back of his hand had particularly caused him to feel discomfort.

He hated it when women cry. Especially this woman’s breathless crying.

He strode out in wide steps leaving behind a heartbroken woman who watched his silhouette in despair. It was as if she wanted to etch his life in her eyes and deeply in her soul.

She turned around and put the back of her hand against her lips. She bit on her hand but it tasted bitter—like her tears. So, she really liked to cry.

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