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Loser's redo: Transmigration in a novel

Chapter 228 The Emperor

Hundreds of black waves converged into one point, forming a dark vortex, between Zick and Lesine.

This was an origin spell that Zick came up with while staying in the republic. He had gone through the research they were studying, for knowledge's sake.

Knowledge was a very deadly weapon when used properly.

While reading them, Zick got inspiration and decided to consolidate it.

Which led to this origin spell β€” Vacuum!

Just the pressure from the black vacuum caused the dead planet to tremble. The dead planet began crumbling away, floating into space.

'Not good!' Lesine used all her power to begin running. There was no way she could defend against something like that. It was her first time experiencing such an atrocious spell, the concept of an origin spell was foreign to her.

But just as she turned around, an immense suction force reached her body.

"What...." An incredulous feeling rose within Lesine, the divinity she tried using was sucked into the vacuum!

Not only that, but her body was also getting pulled into it rapidly. She could not resist this force for a long time, no matter what she did, all her attacks were sucked into the vacuum, making them useless.

"Wait..." Lesine tried speaking to Zick, who was unaffected by the vacuum. However, her transmission did not reach him, it was disturbed by the vacuum too.

Zick knew what she was saying even without hearing, thus he coldly transmitted: "No point begging now, you will have to die here, no matter the cost. Only when any one of us dies, thus this duel reaches its real end."

Zick's transmission perfectly Reached Lesine, not at all affected by the vacuum.

Lesine's expression got filled with gloominess immediately. There was no way out for her anymore, she knew that surviving after getting hit by the vacuum was nigh impossible.

The suction force's power increased, growing in size ferociously, engulfing everything around it.

The vacuum expanded, sucking in the whole dead planet within it instantly. Lesine could not escape this either.

The black vacuum condensed and then vanished with a sparkle. Leaving a place devoid of even a single rock.

Zick's body began reverting to normal, with the scales and horn slowly shrinking away.

Zick contemplated for a second: 'The strength behind a vacuum is good, but to use it, I will first have to make the enemy come near me. If they are far from the vacuum, there is a high chance that they can escape.'

'Well, this disadvantage can be ruled out if I used Vacuum while in my dragon. The vacuum's strength or more specifically pressure would increase tremendously this way.' Zick contemplated and moved to the world that would come under his rule soon.

Now, Zick claimed a base for himself legally. Soon an executive from the dark faction would come, after getting informed by Taweir. Only then will he be able to officially join this faction.

'The benefits of joining this faction are not small either. With Taweir's support, many would have high expectations too, this is good for me in the long run.'

'I will be spending multiple years in peace, but after that, I will have to start moving again.'

Zick smiled to himself, he was not someone who was not prepared to take risks.

What could be better than ravaging the other world and absorbing the world's core?

'The light faction...I will have to collect as much information as I can on them. And form connections with others, so that I can use them later on.'

Zick had long thrown the giant race out of his head. Kururu most likely noticed that he had the world core after Reikel died. But it was different now, Zick was a god too, and many times stronger than normal gods.

Shortly, Zick met Yuriel and the others, moving into the Exleverious world.

First of all, Zick headed to the world core using Arianel's space power. Thankfully, there was no problem there.

In a subspace, with darkness everywhere, the world's core shone with myriads of color, giving an impression of the stars.


The exleverious world was a low-grade world, which was a rank lower than the Igmorous world, from where Zick came. In this world, becoming a grandmaster could be said to be impossible.

Even rising to the master rank needs a catastrophic amount of time. Only one person from among billions of people had the chance to rise to that rank. And most of all, time and special nurturing are critical in it.

The empire of ancient archeology, Gevereon.

Revelation was released through the church of life god. Saying that a new god has been born, taking over Life god's role.

Unlike the world Zick was in, this world's higher-ups were aware of the tradition of dueling to the death between gods.

"Ahhh.....For the god of life, miss Lesine to lose..." The higher up of the church and the emperor, with his dukes, gathered to have an emergency meeting.

"That doesn't matter anymore! The new god has ordered us to gather here at midnight. Will what we feared happen...? Will everyone be killed to restart from the beginning?" The emperor seemed distressed too, this matter held just that high of importance.

"I don't know...They are gods, after all, they might just do that." The pope of the church of life spoke grimly.

The Emperor held his chin, entering a deep state of consideration.

In the end, he opened his eyes: "What the gods need are faithful servants, those who pray to them with their whole heart. If all the civilization is destroyed, it would most certainly take dozens of centuries to have humans and other races as populated as now."

"While it would take us only a few decades to produce believers... no if we used everything at our disposal, it is possible within a decade. There is still hope that we can pass this with no need for genociding."

Hearing the emperor's explanation, many of the people in the meeting hall showed an admirable expression.

Just as hope rose within all of them, a cynical voice reached them: "That's so? I myself thought it would take at least a decade, so can you do it within that time frame?"

Everyone froze in place, with cold sweat forming all over their forehead. Even without anyone saying, they could tell that the person who spoke was a god. Just the familiar feeling was more than enough.

Zick had made an entry hours earlier than the assigned meeting time.

Everyone got off the tables and prostrated towards Zick who wore luxurious clothes, appearing no different than a dignified king.

To obtain something greater than your ability, sacrifices are necessary. The people were aware of this fact, hence they threw away their pride and prostrated to this unknown god with no hesitation.

Zick felt their attitude to be commendable, all of these people here have experienced the working of the world. And accepted that fact too, humanity or any race, without strength they were nothing but chicken on a cutting board.

Zick smiled malevolently: "Alright, If you are able to turn even 30β„… of the citizen of this empire into my devote believer, within the next 10 years, I will spare everyone in this empire."

Zick did not think this to be that bad of a deal, he did want to move if not necessary.

Hearing this, the emperor's body shook: 'There is still hope for humanity to survive! This request is absurd, but I can do it, no we can do it.'

Determination passed through the emperor's eyes sharply.

"Thank you for your generosity, Lord god." Everyone pressed their head harder into the floor.

This was the truth of reality, no matter who, they have to bow down to the people above them, more so in a strength-based monarchy. But...

'It doesn't matter! If the cost to save humanity is for me to bow my head. I will do it as many as needed.' The emperor saw hope in the future in his eyes. π™žπš—π“·π—ΏπšŽΠ°d. π™˜π’πš–

Only the ones who are still able to move forward, even after facing setbacks, are the only ones who have truly become successful.

'This is the only way humanity can move forward.'

Zick was truly amazed by the emperor's mindset, he had found his goal and moved towards it with unwavering steps.

"As a gift for your resolute attitude, I shall give a helping hand too. Tell any new believer that they can get my blessing if they pray for a day straight, without stopping or resting." Zick vanished saying this.

Zick's senses covered the whole planet, nothing could escape him. And as it goes, if someone prays with all their heart, it can actually reach him.

'My name...The god of chaos holds special power, it can be said. As long as it is used by a devoted believer, it would reach me certainly.'

Zick returned to the world core, as per his order, Yuriel had begun investigating it and started to search for a way to make herself stronger.

'The current her is too weak, She can't be much of a use like this. I should let her concentrate on finding a way to strengthen herself from now on.'

'Arianell and Aurel can grow stronger even without doing anything, but they will still have to work hard, to fasten their growth. I hope they can become at least a demi-god before the next decade passes away.'

Zick planned on making some good memories with them too. As he was lost in his thoughts, an executive from the dark faction reached him at last.

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