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Chapter 19: Let me rest!

At Reyan’s words, all of them started walking towards where the herd of monsters seemed to be heading. The more they went, the better they could see the monsters. Having wings on their backs, they had a body similar to that of a lizard and a sharp and long beak. They also had large legs and dangerous-looking nails.

As they walked a little bit more, they could finally see some people gathered together in a street. Some of them were wearing military uniforms and some protective equipment. Most of them were carrying weapons and there were wield vehicles parked around. The atmosphere seemed really serious.

One of them, noticing the 5 youth walking towards them asked in a loud voice.

“What are you doing here? We told everyone to evacuate!”

Others also turned their heads hearing the man’s words. Reyan approached them without any hesitation while taking out his identification card. Others did the same as they followed behind.

Reyan showed his identification card to the man.

“Hello sir, we are cadets Special Forces Academy sent here to aid you in clearing the monsters of this area.”



The man looked back between the cards and the faces of the cadets, then nodded his head.

“Can you explain the situation?”

The man pointed at the monsters flying in the sky with his chin.

“As you can see, these guys suddenly popped up this morning.”

“Suddenly? Weren’t they shown in the pattern?”

“They were, but they showed up sooner than scheduled. That made things a little bit complicated.”

At his words, four of the cadets frowned and exchanged glances. As the other one... meaning Kairen, he just followed what the others were doing. He frowned and pretended to be in thought. But unlike the other times, he knew what they were talking about thanks to studying for his exams.

Monsters, that would suddenly pop up in random places weren’t like normal creatures who would be born and raised. They had flesh and bones but weren’t made out of them in the beginning. They were created. Created from an unknown something. Some named that something ‘Chaos’ while others called it ‘Universal Energy’. Some believed that they were creatures created by ‘God’s Rage’ while others called it ‘The natural flow of the universe.’

In the thousand years of struggling to find their answers, humans actually had some achievements. One of them was finding a pattern in which unnatural energy would flow, turn and crash, and finally create what we call a monster.

This achievement changed lots of things. Humans who were afraid of monsters could now arrange a plan on how to live, where and when to hide, and how to kill the monsters. That single achievement gave humans an opportunity to develop.

“Have you evacuated the citizens?”

“Yes, they are all sheltered. We have been busy with that till now. But the problem is how we are going to kill them.”

“Hmm. They are in a big group and also in the sky. That surely won’t be easy.”

Swordsmen could jump high using their immense physical strength but that also had limits. And also, recklessly jumping into a huge bunch of monsters wasn’t a really wise action.

“Do you have mages in your team?”

“Yes. There are 2.”

So in this kind of situation, mages had a big rule. Their long-distance attack was a great weapon in killing this kind of monster.

“If everything is ready, let’s start the work. It’s better to kill them before they enter the city. We don’t want to damage this city if possible.”

By the man’s order, who seemed to be the leader here, they all got on special cars and moved towards the entrance of the city where the monsters were approaching. In the way, Reyan again explained their plan.

“Ellyn and Kairen, you two use long-distance attacks. There is no need to kill them, don’t exhaust your mana. Make them unable to fly and separate them from their group. The three of us and the rest of the group will kill them once they fall.”

Reyan looked outside the window and continued.

“Once we attack them, they will probably go rampage and attack. So make sure to stay away from them for your own safety.

“Sound like a good plan.”


Once they arrived, they went into formation. Two mages in the back are being protected by the swordsman, Reyan. The military people also prepared their weapons and readied themselves to fight. They also had swordsmen and a few mages who would also fight.

Kairen decided to step back and first watch what others would do. He didn’t want to make a mistake by using the wrong spell.

The leader of the group raised his hand and then lowered it.


Gunfire started, bullets flew towards the monsters. Mages cast their spells, different kinds of magic were shot towards the sky. some sent lightning and balls of fire towards the monsters, some created storms, some used gravity magic, and some sent weapons made out of magic towards the sky.

Some of the mages stayed back like Kairen, reading themselves for the next wave of attacks or using supportive magic.

Being hit by the sudden attack, the monsters screamed, some tried to dodge and some fell on the ground. Those who were injured, or those who were startled by the attack started charging towards the mages. 𝒾𝐧𝚗𝙧𝙚𝐚d. 𝗰o𝓶

Swordsmen moved at the moment. killing those who were on the ground and defending the mages. Shield magic was cast to protect the defenseless mages from any harm and the second group of attacks started forming.

Kairen also prepared his spell. Mana condensed on one point in the air and then spread out like a large blade. The blade of mana was large and sharp. Kairen aimed at the monsters’ wings and released his spell. The blade moved forward and reached the monsters.

Probably his aim wasn’t accurate, cause instead of the wings, the attack hit the body part of the monsters. Tens of monsters were cut in half in a moment by Kairen’s attack.

‘OOhh! Wasn’t that really nice?’

He really felt like his attack right now was amusing. It felt like playing a game. He excitedly cast the same spell again, making the blade a little bit stronger and longer this time, and released it. The blade slaughtered nearly half of the monsters remaining in the air in one move.


“I told you not to overdo it!”

Kairen, who was looking at the air with proud and sparkling eyes could hear Reyan’s somewhat angry voice at the moment. Reyan beheaded a monster charging towards them with his sword. Then used an aura slash to kill five other monsters in the back with one move. Kairen could see his angry face when he turned around.

“I’m not overdoing. It’s just a small amount of mana.”


Reyan clicked his tongue and moved his sword once again. The fight was still ongoing as a huge amount of monsters were now on the ground. Even if they couldn’t fly, their sharp teeth and nails weren’t a joke at all. And also, the flying monsters had come down as well and were attacking people from above.

Kairen couldn’t use his mana blade anymore as it was too dangerous to attack the monsters now that they were not that high in the sky. Other mages around him were using magic to kill the monster one by one or were casting buff and healing magic for the swordsmen.

Kairen cast the same spell again, this time making multiple small-sized blades. The blades moved towards the monsters here and there and cut them in half. Around 30 monsters died in an instant.

People fighting with the monsters were startled and confused by their sudden death but there was no time to look around. They continued their fight with the remaining ones.


Controlling multiple blades was harder than Kairen imagined as he felt sudden exhaustion engulf his whole body. His back became wet with cold sweat and he panted heavily. But he still felt really satisfied with the results.

Kairen looked forward. There didn’t seem to be any difficulties in killing the rest and he also didn’t want to hear another nagging from Reyan so he just decided to step back.

‘My job here is done!’

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