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Legend of the Supreme Soldier

Chapter 604 - A Warning Shot

Chapter 604: A Warning Shot

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

For long, the purple cloud zone had been a landmark of space, haunting the intergalactic travelers like a lump of aggressive horror as if there was something that sucked the entire space in.

It almost felt like an absolute truth of eternity till the Xue Lai clan witnessed the changes occurred.

The purple clouds were boiling, vigorously rolling. With a diameter of more than a few thousands kilometers, the sight was shocking.

People of the Xue Lai clan were stunned, "W-what"s going on?" Whispered the chief as she watched the sight in disbelief. Her men were the same, bewildered.

The pilots screamed, overjoyed a moment later, though they had no idea what had actually happened. It seemed like a great chance to fight back and they decided to launch themselves upon the red-tailed beasts that headed to rescue their compatriots.

Ye Chong, in the meantime, had discovered a simple way to clear the crowd.

High compression grenade.

The classic which had been long forgotten by history, had resuscitated in Ye Chong"s hands as it would devastate the entire structure of purple cloud area. One single explosion could clear a large area of the bush. This was a much better alternative than beam firearms which hardly penetrated the tendrils.

The shaking explosion wrecked the whole area, as fluids sprayed the space rocks, the shreds of the unborn red-tailed beasts filled the space. Even the most wicked monster would be the most fragile at their infant stage.

Ye Chong looked at the screen again after the grenades were hurled.

A 6-toed red-tailed beast was making the evasion clumsily in the midst of explosion, its body was tainted by the dried fluid from its prematurely dead offspring while a piece of meat from an unknown part of its compatriot also dangled on one of its shoulders.

Sha Ya was the first person who discovered the escaped beast. Whispers passed quickly among her mates and all the crosshairs went upon the running beast immediately.

The target was clearly of a high rank. It had six toes after all! That was one exciting dummy for shooters to practice aiming! The shooters traced the beast quickly with their weapon. The anticipation brewed on as they wanted to make that outstanding headshot to impress the others, till Ye Chong, in a cold tone, ""All fire at once."

Sha Ya knew the captain well. The captain was never a person who liked to have things done rather than being entertained. The orders were passed through whispers again.

Reformation occurred as the shooters spread into 2 batches of 300 each, where one would clear the incoming pack of red-tailed beasts while the other, under Sha Ya"s command, would make massive fires at the 6-toed elite.

The waves of parapsychic attack ambushed the elite like a roaring shock-wave.

Ye Chong could see the raging fear inside the frozen pupils of the red-tailed beast. It was biting its teeth as it stumbled upon the attack.

As the leader had said — kill it right off and no more messing around, Sha Yan executed the order flawlessly.

The fired beams rained upon the beast like a giant bar of glowing fence that sealed off the beast entirely. There was no gap to escape. The red-tailed beast would soon be killed.

And then they missed.

Strangely, they did. Against the law of physics, they did.

The beast unleashed its potential as its body distorted itself to fit into the gap of fence. It was close but the red-tailed beast managed to survive with only a few beams that brushed against its body, of which one charred a 5 centimeter deep wound on its shoulder.

The shooters were of course stupefied. The strategy they just employed was one specialized for handling a dexterous target like red-tailed beasts and adjustments had been made from time to time to improvise, yet this red-tailed beast hacked its way through their light fence attack.

The red-tailed beast then further twisted its body.

"It"s running away!" Whispered one shooter sharply. Their experience told them that a wounded beast would make its runaway frantically. They were quite right, a hint of fear could be discerned in the bloodshot eyes of the red-tailed beast.

Right when the light fence passed through the surviving beast, an additional set of beams were fired, like the three musketeers dived through the gaps of the fence, penetrating the body of the beast.

The center of the forehead was bleeding, the throat was bleeding, the heart blew up. The distortion remained on the anatomy yet the soul was lost in the fierce eyes of the red-tailed beast, glowing dimmer each second.

It was Sha Ya who launched the arrows. She predicted the escape and added the shots.

The one plot twist after another had excited the Xue Lais as they first tasted victory of overcoming the beasts. The army of red-tailed beasts had further shrunk into a measly hundred.

The anticipation grew stronger!

The purple cloud had begun fading away as the supporting tendrils broke down. The shooters managed to knock out most of the red-tailed beasts yet a few tens of them were approaching their destination.

The beams could not reach them!

And Sha Ya was puzzled thinking of a way to hold the beasts.

That was when a bursting flock of laser beams smashed the remaining beasts.

The field was silent.

What… just happened? The purple cloud area should have been the nest of the beasts.

"HOLY!" One person was screaming at the communication channel, "What the heck is that! Guys, switch to photon mode!"

Then they finally saw it, a giant warship.

No one would actually craft a gigantic warship. A simple spaceship could have been more superior because of its speed and dexterity. Only lunatics would make a warship this giant. Sha Ya believed this was by far the largest warship she had seen in her entire life. The most ridiculous part was how they were literally blind to this whale-sized monster the whole time.

The body of the ship attracted attentions. A Zika-ranked ship body that fired laser beams that landed the fatal spots of the red-tailed beasts accurately. The warship traveled slowly in grace, like a king on his debut to the peasants at the street. For some reason, the running mechs ceased moving and went into a hostile position.

A few mechs were then zooming towards the mech out of nerve-wrecking curiosity.

It was only natural for humans to react with aggression towards the unknown.

…(On the ship)…

Everyone knew whose ship that was.

Appilok was on it, giving a new order, with an indifference one had seen countless times on their supreme leader. "Perform warning shot."

And the next barrage of laser beams crossed the void.

The bewildered Xue Lai clan was terrified.

"Enemies?!" The old chief was feeling unease, her army was already drained and no way they could take another wave of attack.

The beams were reaching the mechs.

It was too fast! The plot twist was too fast! The Xue Lai clan never saw it coming.

It was the same flock of beams that broke the red-tailed beasts completely in one go. No doubt, they would be doomed!

The beams landed, yet fortunately they only hit the ray guns the mechs were holding.

The ray guns exploded.

A warning shot in fact it was.

Xue Lai clan, once excited by their victory, was again chilled to their bones.

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