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Legend of the Supreme Soldier

Chapter 30 - Across Illogicality

Chapter 30: Across Illogicality

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Ye Chong shook his head understandably, “I don’t know! How the heck I’m supposed to know who you are at the very first glance of you both in my whole entire life?”

“Then why do you attack us?” Number 2 questioned unbelievably.

Ye Chong nonchalantly responded, “More like you guys did it first.”

“I…I was just thinking of removing your dangerous-looking… dagger!” Number 2’s pretty face was reddened with embarrassment.

Ye Chong simply made an “oh” and thought through the situation impartially… Apparently the discussion of such a topic was not really a rational act for both sides at the moment.

“Okay, listen. I can tell you all that I have not even the slightest interest in you guys. But I hope for mere cooperation. Or else, I wouldn’t mind taking your lives as part of punishment for your misbehavior!” It was a blatant intimidating threat uttered from Ye Chong’s mouth, yet the expression on his face was more natural than ever, a kind of tranquility and indifference that couldn’t be explained, as if what he did was as normal as one’s daily routine of eating and drinking.

Chill uncontrollably crept up their spines, like a sharp sword stuck ruthlessly right at their throats, while its eerie coldness permeated through the pores of their skins into every single cell of their bodies; Those words from Ye Chong, in that apathetic tone, were flooded with immense bloodthirstiness, overflowing the limits inevitably, like pouring more water into a full bucket of it, ready to be kicked as it spread everywhere.

“What kind of cooperation do you desire?” Number 2’s voice was trembling a little. Fear could be felt. The young man was also uneasy, as cold sweat streamed through his forehead.

Ye Chong was pleased, seeing how his warning somehow magically worked out. But his facial expression remained unchanged, not even a bit. It was still as uninterested as he ignored Number 2 and inquired on, “Are there any other survivors on this craft?”

He stared at Number 2 with intense focus, eye to eye.

“No! The rest of us other than ourselves are dead!” She replied without much pause while shaking her head sincerely. The sexy lips of her tiny mouth moved in crimson seduction, the captivating charm unavoidably wafted without notice.

However Ye Chong wasn’t infatuated at all and carried on with his inquiry, “So now… what are the rough coordinates of this stranded spaceship?”

“I dunno. You can only know that at the main control room!” She shook her head again.

“Then we shall go there now!” He bolted up.

Number 2 went on pleading, “Then could you pleaseeee untie us? We can’t show you the way with these on!” Her expressive eyes shot a pitiful sight at Ye Chong, with a scarlet red blush on her cheeks, which would make any man sympathize upon her at first sight.

Still, Ye Chong was never going to get the hint, while he was finding the random red patches on her face strange. Why the heck this lady’s face getting all red? Instead, the young master got the hint, as he was mesmerized by her looks. His eyes locked on her and he seemed to have forgotten where he was.

“Ohhhhhh! It’s okay. Save your trouble!” He planned to ignore her recommendation and just lift them one on each side, as they weighed close to nothing in his hands. The lifting shocked the boy in his day-dream and it was fortunate enough that he regained his senses quickly enough to force curse words back into his guts. Imagine if he insensibly cursed this monster lifting him, he might be tossed right out of the ship on the spot. Number 2 felt ashamed of herself, her charm failed her the very first time in her entire career! What a steady man! Ye Chong slowly grew and became more unpredictable in her thoughts, with terror mushrooming about this man.

The sensation being lifted head down was causing discomfort, which was still fine for Number 2, since she had been sternly trained in her childhood. For countless times she had been through various kinds of discomfort way more than this. It was more like suffering, while this was just a piece of cake! Rather, it was real anguish for the young man beside her, since he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and was raised thoughtfully. He was frail and Ye Chong’s ropes were tight, constricting him with pain and discomfort, especially when Ye Chong was lifting him with gravity pulling his weight all the way down with ropes upon him. That was more than painful, which would make anyone wail.

“So, how do you get to the main control room?” Ye Chong didn’t seem to care.

She shot a glance at the young master and signalled him to hold on, “From this room, go through the green door then turn right, there would be a corridor about 20 meters long. Enter the yellow door and that would be the main control room!” Number 2 was certain that she couldn’t do anything at the moment, so she only could state where the control room exactly was.

He advanced one step forward and stopped, as he remembered Mu. What if Mu had rebooted himself and couldn’t find his old pal? He must be worried! Well then, let’s go for Mu first! The plan flashed in his thought and began spreading throughout his mind. Let’s go for Mu first! He made up his mind and glanced at the “baggage” in his hands. There’s no way he could leave them alone. I’ll just hand-carry, save the check-ins. They aren’t that heavy anyway.

So he carried them along and headed towards the stairs.

“Wait! The main control room isn’t here! This is the wrong direction!” Number 2 shouted.

“I know.” Ye Chong raised his shoulders casually. That shoulder-lift might be rather easy for him to do but it was uneasy for his “luggage”. Poor Number 2 and the boy, being raised up and down quickly by the shoulder-lifts caused them to feel the inertia like a rollercoaster ride, as blood rushed in fluctuations, in which they grew dizzy.

Guided by the fabric ropes tied back on his own, Ye Chong walked fast. They arrived at the safety gate along the corridor fairly quickly.

The safety gate had been closed. Ye Chong recalled the door was open back when he was strolling through the place and so he asked, “Why is the door closed?”

“This… The corridor after the gate was damaged, to prevent casualty from air pressure difference, the gate was shut!” Ye Chong walked quickly, too quickly on his way there. The poor two “bags” in his hands were shaken so violently that it left them in utter dizziness. It took quite some time for Number 2 to recover just to explain to Ye Chong.

“So how do we open it?” He asked.

“Do you want to kill us?! It’s vacuum on the outside! V-a-c-u-u-m!” She shrieked.

“Vacuum?” Ye Chong the fool asked on, “So what if it’s vacuum?”

Number 2 nearly fainted after hearing such a stunning question from this man. Gosh, in what times are we living in? How did he manage to ask a question of common sense that could be answered by a 3-year-old? Thinking of how the superior bodyguard of a great family of noblemen losing to a man like this, Number 2 actually thought of slitting open her own throat. The young man on the other hand was astounded at first, as he couldn’t help but snicker softly afterwards.

“Hey! What’s wrong? What’s up with that?” Ye Chong couldn’t comprehend their reactions. They would never know how Ye Chong was raised throughout his age. He only got to make contact with the outside world after encountering Mu. Even in the virtual world, he at most would stay in the NRS training field or speak to the elders at the Aurora in Gudista. So he had zero knowledge about what everybody thought was common sense or elementary.

Well, since their lives were still determined by this man, Number 2 dared not to mock anymore, and enlightened him, “In vacuum there is no air. Going into a vacuum without any form of protection would lead to either suffocation or a burst in your bloodstream, considering how there is also a different level of pressure in your own blood vessels. When there is no air pressure outside, let’s say, in a vacuum, the pressure in your bloodstream would force out your blood and you will bleed to death within a few seconds. Yes, every part of your body would be bleeding internally. So you need to wear a suit whenever you enter a vacuum space!”

“I am aware that you couldn’t live without oxygen. But, keep the suit. I don’t need it. You see, I walked in from there just now, without any s-u-i-t and I’m still fine?” Ye Chong didn’t seem to care… once more.

No suit? No way! The corridor has a length of more than 50 meters at least! The gravity and the oxygen supply were solely recovered by the young master and myself! And we found this man who had entered the room way before that. Could… could it be? Could it be there’s actually a human who could survive in vacuum without a suit and not be killed without having his bloodstream burst?

Is this man still a human being? That robust body… that even the mutated lifeforms could feel inferior of! Number 2 and the young man looked at each other awkwardly, as her pupils reflected her drained face, the horror that laid bare in her eyes!

Don’t tell me he’s actually born in a certain kind of barbaric village filled with beasts? I’ve heard of stories about how certain villages of beasts still retain cannibalism!

Oh the fear. Oh the fright. There was no other emotion other than panic in their eyes! Their faces were completely pale. Dreadfully pale as they thought on.

Oh lord! If you heard us, please save us!

Please hear our prayers!

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