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Legend of the Supreme Soldier

Chapter 28 - Across Humanity

Chapter 28: Across Humanity

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Ye Chong was never expecting to see this after waking up at all!

Without much pondering, he identified the opponent as malicious, an enemy! If it’s an enemy, then there’s no need for mercy in Ye Chong’s mindset. Even if it’s just a hare at the front, we shall remedy it with a force used to capture a lion! This is what Ye Chong had learned from encounters with mutated lifeforms on Trash Planet-12 all these years and it had melted into his marrows, imprinted onto his bones!

There was no hesitation when Ye Chong’s left hand dragged the arm all the way into his embrace, at lightning speed. Then his right hand took control, retrieved his dagger, and aimed it right at the throat of the enemy.

Number 2 was intensely terrified, he could only feel how powerless his arm was. Before he could act up, a blow to his throat had already choked him, which caused him to feel dizzy as he backed off gracelessly.

Who the hell is this individual? Agitation cloaked his eyes, he touched his throat uncontrollably; a deeply wounding strike tainted the shiny, unmarked armor of his. If he happened to be not in his armor just now, the blow to his head would have probably caused his head to be happily rolling on the floor like a chopped melon.

Ye Chong glared at the dagger in the grip of his arm, unsatisfied; trashes from Trash Planet are still trash, the quality of this dagger could hardly be guaranteed and the blade actually curved?! He discarded it right away.

Attacking without any sign of caution was also one of the good habits Ye Chong possessed.

His legs slightly lowered to charge up his jump. He then launched himself like a cannonball right at Number 2.

The armor on Number 2 was of miniature mech origin in actuality. It is exclusively tailored for fighters and does not come with an in-built dynamo. Thus, it heavily relies on the user’s own strength in movements. The body is made out of light but highly sturdy material, of a special kind, in a way that it would not affect the fighter’s movement speed significantly; to counteract such weakness from the absence of a dynamo, it also contains an elasticity switch at the legs. The specialty and most salient feature is its combat-aid system. Contrary to the usual mech, a miniature mech has a high performance visual capturing component, accompanied with an almost advanced processor, which would assist the fighter in providing information for reference by capturing every frame of the enemy’s action and analyzing them on the spot.

A trained fighter would be able to exert forces few times more than his or her own strength by manipulating this mech!

And such mech has only been heard in research and development by a few major companies. A successful attempt has yet to be reported, but Ye Chong never thought he would see one here!

He couldn’t resist but express a strong interest in his eyes! Although he never thought of letting up just because of this obsession. This was because eventually, even if he adored mech maniacally, he still had not reached the stage to give up his life for this.

Death had always been clinging on as an opponent ever since his birth and he had never once had a thought of losing to it!

It sounds like a better choice if he were to destroy the enemy first, then checking out the remains later.

Number 2 had a frightening discovery as his eyes stumbled upon the streaming data in the hologram before him, endlessly like a great waterfall. It never stopped updating with roaring hushes and it happened so fast he couldn’t even glimpse a word of it!

Number 2 was also the decisive kind. Without much ado, he disregarded the data flooding before him and readied his posture to fight, concentrating, as his eyes fixated on Ye Chong with anticipation.

However the vast difference in strength utterly made him despair, for there’s no way for him to capture Ye Chong’s movements. Even if the system sometimes finally got a frame, he couldn’t react to it immediately too. In the end he could only fight on intuitively. The fighting techniques used by his opponent were crude in his eyes, but he was f-a-s-t! And h-e-a-v-y! Every attack delivered by Ye Chong was like a breeze, as Number 2 could barely trace his silhouette. Hence, Number 2 depended on his instincts and past experience to counter the attacks; yet Ye Chong’s punches delivered vicious blows. His arms might appear to be slender or even fragile as he lacked broad skeleton structures at first, but Number 2 was still having trouble holding on, as those fists in his eyes had already become two forceful mallets that were brandished!

THUP.THUP.THUP. The sound of fists upon the armor felt like raindrops hitting on leaves.

Ye Chong on the other hand was enjoying every single moment of the process, the person before him was as feeble as an engulfer and slow as a landworm. Nonetheless, his skills were undeniably good! A mere man that holds neither strength nor speed, could hold up for this long, and as such, a rare enemy. It was his first time fighting a living man outside the virtual world, considering how beings on Trash Planet-12 were mutated lifeforms, which consisted of either the engulfers of which he didn’t care for a bit, or the iron lizards that he feared so much. Mu? He didn’t even have the courage to think about it, especially after witnessing how Mu killed the iron lizard singlehandedly. His mind was set. There’s no way to fight this monster. Yeah, Mu is not even a human to begin with!

The man before him was remarkable at his combative skills, but he sure knew how to stall with his solid shells outside, which would have shattered if they were produced with ordinary metal. Ye Chong was well aware that after the physical training conducted by Mu, he noticed that his strength dramatically increased. There was once that a marble training session did not go well and out of anger, he tapped the iron board beneath the marbles, which broke into pieces. That was a long time ago and Mu’s demand on training had never stopped. He himself wasn’t sure at all regarding on how much he had improved on his strength!

But wow, the shell had only dented on a few parts? It seems like I had not hit hard enough. Ye Chong thought. Number 2 could feel how the armor on his flesh was gradually dented by each punch the person pulled, which skyrocketed the terror in him, Is this person still human?!

He jumped to the back and shrieked, “Stop!!”

Ye Chong didn’t seem to concern himself with the surrendering statement the armored guy made. He just grabbed his arms and pulled him into embrace, as his stability is disrupted by the overwhelming force. He fell and that was when Ye Chong delivered a kick at his abdomen using his knee. One heavy kick!

THUMP. The sound went off and Number 2 was on the ground, like a pool of mud.

Ye Chong by then nodded in satisfaction. It’s not that he didn’t hear him, it was simply… What has it to do with me? It would give him far more security to have an upper hand in the entire situation, especially in a foreign place like this!

Ye Chong turned to the young man, dazed at the side.

The dark pupils in the eyes of the young man were filled with infinite worry and dread. Upon seeing Ye Chong approaching, his body quivered helplessly.

Ye Chong untied the ropes around his waist and had just found out the fact that he was no longer floating. He cautiously pulled out the breathing tube of the kit from his mouth and breathed twice. Yes! I really can breathe! He was more than joyful.

A voice came from behind him, “Please don’t hurt him! We surrender!” Number 2 grasping his stomach in pain, trying to get back into stance.

He turned around. This shellcrab is quite tenacious, isn’t he?

“Surrender?” He halted as this was his first experience in dealing with such a response. The mutated lifeforms on Trash Planet had never talked about surrendering, for they never feared death. They would just bite the enemy, even in their dying moments.

Surrender? Why surrender? Doesn’t surrender mean being willingly treated into anything by the enemy? Wasn’t that a demand for death too? Ye Chong had never seen a mutated lifeform giving in, letting its prey go when it gave up fighting back during an encounter. If it would still be death in the end, what’s the point of surrendering? Ye Chong did not get it!

Number 2 added pitifully, “Yes, we surrender. But please don’t hurt him!”

Ye Chong took a glance at the coward before him.

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