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Legend of the Supreme Soldier

Chapter 22 - A Chance Reunion

Chapter 22: A Chance Reunion

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Ye Chong was still flushed with indignation, the pain from being torn apart earlier still lingered within him.

The opponent was unexpectedly cunning to lay a trap amidst the trees. The blasts used to clear a perimeter around it were merely a bait; the trees surrounding the clearing was littered with mines, forming a circular minefield, and Ye Chong triggered the mines when he approached the clearing. What’s more, the opponent detected Ye Chong immediately when the mines were triggered, and so the chain reaction of the explosive mines combined with cannon fire from the opponent led to his instantaneous and thorough annihilation! A swift death!

The spectators were wildly impressed with Invincible Firepower’s strategies - the three cannon blasts used to clear the perimeter not only managed to create a leveled clearing, but also avoid triggering the mines surrounding it thus, showing great expertise in firepower control. However, the most exciting of all was how the mech noticed YC almost immediately after he triggered the mines, but at that time, both were still separated by a few enormous trees, blocking one’s view of the other!

From then on, Invincible Firepower rose to fame!

That particular battle also encouraged a wider range of battle strategies, and many mech accessories that were previously left in the cold were receiving newfound attention!

Of course, this was all irrelevant for Ye Chong. He had yet to figure out a way to beat Invincible Firepower, the greatest weakness of all short range mechs! Ye Chong grew frustrated as he continued to devise ways to defeat the mech.

In a blink of an eye, his surroundings changed, and Ye Chong found himself transported elsewhere.

Without a doubt, this must be Mu Shang’s doing!

Mu Shang spoke anxiously, “Ye, look for the news with ID 020242985.” It did not sound like its usual calm self.

Ye Chong looked around and realized that he was at the main area of the News Square, with a news screen display before him. Ye Chong was perplexed. “What is it, Mu?”

“You’ll know when you see it!” Its somber voice glazed with menace.

Ye Chong keyed in the ID, and a news piece came to live - when he fathomed the headlines, Ye Chong paled immediately.

Xiu had been at Sun Xuelin’s house for days. Xiu’s parents, who were Sun Xuelin’s second aunt and partner, had been transferred to the Luo galaxy. The trip there was long and dangerous so it was arranged for Xiu to stay with the Sun family, under the care of Sun Haining and his wife. For convenience, Xiu had transferred to Sun Xuelin’s school. Sun Xuelin’s parents were fond of their delicate and gentle niece, and saw to her every need. Moreover, Sun Xuelin and Xiu were close like sisters.

During dinner, Sun Haining asked after his niece’s studies. “Xiu, will you and Xuelin be having an exam for your mech subject this year?”

Xiu, who had just transferred was still unfamiliar with such things. She cocked her head slightly, and casted her puppy eyes at Sun Xuelin, asking for help.

Su Xuelin nodded, “Yeah! Everyone in school has to!”

Xiu’s lips thinned, unsatisfied with the school’s policy, but she still managed to look adorable.

Sun Xuelin’s mother served more fare on Xiu’s plate, and spoke softly, “Then you’ll have to work hard! Xuelin can help with your studies. Oh, I remember you two were attending daily trainings at the NR Training Center. How did that go?”

At the mention of the NR Training Center, Xiu slumped a little, and focused on her meal, unwilling to speak. Sun Xuelin was also looking a little awkward while stuffing herself mechanically.

Her mother was surprised. “Ah, Xuelin, I thought you never liked celery! Whatever led to a change of mind?”

Sun Xuelin blushed intensely, but continued to fill her mouth indiscriminately as if nothing was wrong.

Xiu, who was feeling a little down, cannot suppress a slight chuckle.

Sun Haining appeared to be oblivious of the duo’s emotional turn. “Xuelin, that YC guy that you mentioned last time is amazing!”

Sun Xuelin and Xiu both let out an unintentional gasp, and stared at Sun Haining.

Her father reminded them, “Did you forget about him? The guy whom you said was skilled at piloting the Raven and performed a Wavy Leap?”

Sun Xuelin grew anxious. “What about the YC guy?” Xiu stared at Sun Haining with her pearly eyes, interested in the conversation.

Sun Haining was pleased to have the attention of the two young girls, but kept that to himself. Instead, he went off tangent. “Oh dear me, my plate is empty. Hmm, my favorite dish is the sweet and sour fish, it is simply wonderful! Hah!”

Xiu was stunned speechless by the man’s diversion.

Sun Xuelin, however, was already familiar with her father’s gimmicks; she immediately grabbed a large bowlful of sweet and sour fish and emptied it into her father’s plate in one smooth motion, obviously well-versed in her role as a daughter.

Xiu observed her hosts bug-eyed as Sun Haining’s wife gave a discrete laugh, used to their antics.

Sun Haining chewed on a piece of fish, and closed his eyes to savor the taste. “Ah, this is good food…”

He opened his eyes to the glaring eyes of his daughter, empty bowl trembling in her right hand on the verge of eruption. Sun Haining sobered a little and decided to not push any further. “Haven’t you heard about the YC guy? He’s going viral on the net, his battle videos are the hottest things around, and even I have watched a few of them… The man’s got skills! Hmm…” he continued.

*Clunk* Sun Haining lay spread-eagled on the floor with a huge bowl covered on his face, and his next words muffled by the bowl.

Sun Xuelin made a face and pulled Xiu along to her room. Her laughs ringing softly like wind chimes.

Sun Xuelin’s mother called from behind her, “Finish your meal first!”

Sun Xuelin yelled back, “We’re finished!”

Her mother chided fondly, “What a difficult child!”

“Dear, could you help me take this bowl off of my face… That young lady sure put her strength into it!”

“Well you did tease her first, so you deserved it!”

“Oh heavens, my hair… Oh…” he exclaimed as his wife chuckled at his current state.

It turned out that he was always in the battle grounds! The two girls exchanged a smile, and logged on to the virtual world hurriedly.

Sun Xuelin and Xiu watched YC’s battle videos in fascination - who would have thought he had switched mechs, and seemed to have behaved more maturely. The uninitiated Xiu might thought YC looked cooler in his recent battles, but Xuelin understood that the guy had improved tremendously, and lauded the moments where his wisdom brought him success in battles.

“Xiu, let’s go watch him battle tomorrow!”

“Let’s go!” Xiu nodded in agreement!

What they did not know was, at that moment, light-years away, Ye Chong was facing the greatest crisis he had ever encountered!

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