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Legend of the Supreme Soldier

Chapter 18 - Turn in Events

Chapter 18: Turn in Events

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YC is like a never-ending cave of treasure where one will not see the end because there’s always a new trick up his sleeves that constantly caught everyone by surprise.

Skills ranged from the Thomas’ Spin to the Wavy Step were classic moves that were like bread and butter to the pilots. As fundamental as they were, the skills became something that was extraordinary when executed by YC at the same time deadly as well. Moreover, his emergence shattered the dogma of how advanced techniques would win them all, and the superstitions of how a premium mech would determine victory in the general public. The trends have evolved into a new era where basic moves were in the spotlight once again.

There were even some who identified and compiled every set of moves used by YC in the visuals available as new references in the textbooks.

Not once did YC ever comment about his reputation. He had unfailingly challenged three pilots a day and vanished right after. No one could tell who he was and no one would know where he came from. He would always remain a mystery among the community which had initiated a cult of his fandom; those that crazed for his appearance and craved for his flaunt of skills.

Contrary to the habits of the pilots, YC had never operated only one particular kind of mech. Instead, he changed them regularly and all of them also happened to be the pre-made models. Pre-made models were more of the majority than modified models in the field. These models were mostly used of commoners like YC due to the fact that they could not afford to modify their mechs which would cost them a fortune. Plus, these standard models have stark disadvantages compared to the modified models but despite that, YC brought life into them. Every single ounce of the mechs’ capacity had been utilized, their wills were resuscitated and the continuous episode of the weak surpassing the strong replayed on the battlefield.

Whenever YC piloted a different type of mech, a brand new variation of strategies would get showcased and it would be beyond everyone else’s imagination! The ending of his moves could hardly be predicted like the master among the experts, every input was under his control and anything under his vicinity could be killing weaponry. Once the champion fighter, the Son of Light commented, “If he were to pilot a mech of the same level as mine, I’m not even sure whether I could take him down!”

The visuals of YC’s battles were the hottest items in the virtual world.

YC could be seen as rather impulsive fighter to the other world, but he could not care less. Ye Chong was not concerned about whoever that sang for his victories and thirsted for his fights; his life would not be altered by them. The battles that he partook up until now was to sharpen his ability and to improvise the chance of survival on this dying planet of trash.

Without a doubt his mentor Mu Shang was amazed. “Hmm, this is a good trick. You could think about keeping it.” Mu Shang praised as he watched Ye Chong performed a Low Angled Turning.

Later in the days, Ye Chong had a new daily task at hand which is to pilot Mu Shang! Wow, Mu actually pulled off a significant low angled turning about 20 times in three seconds! That is scary! Ye Chong mumbled to himself.

The first ride ended up as quite a horrifying experience to Ye Chong. He had to drag his feet out of the cabin with his face drained of color and his legs trembled. Before he could even utter a word, he threw up drastically and was forced to take a break for the next few days despite having a strong physique.

“Dammit Mu! How could you do this to me! You actually shut down the cabin pressure buffering system?” Ye Chong muttered in complain as he flopped on the bed while shooting a glare at Mu who was smirking at the side. Hmph!

“The side effect does not seem too bad. Hmmm, we could still increase intensity!” Ye Chong was exasperated but with a final blow, he was knocked out!

Mu was definitely not joking around and as expected, he really did raise the intensity by turning it up a notch!

Fortunately, Ye Chong too was not a typical fighter. With buffed up muscles like a mutated ape, he made it through the first few days of piloting Mu and as time passed, such training had become the easiest part of his day.

Jeb shrieked, “What?! We had lost contact?”

Butler Chew responded, “Yes! I too have not the slightest idea on what’s going on, but we had indeed lost contact with the four mavericks we sent. They seemed to have disappeared… I suspect…”

“What do you suspect?”

Butler Chew glanced at his master, “I sus…suspect… they could be in grave danger!”

“Grave danger? What do you mean?”

“I had heard from Sir Luo that the mavericks hold the ability to disrupt the neurological system of a man’s brain through the network of the virtual world, given they were strong enough… I speculated… were these happened to be…”

“For real?!” Jeb was fuming in disbelief. “Why does a man like me have never heard of such story? Are you pulling my legs?”

“No sire. There’s no way I would dare to offend your greatness.” The butler quickly begged for forgiveness, “I shall fulfill all the orders by your greatness, whatever it take, on my own. I would and only would do it by myself. If it’s for your greatness, how would I dare to be negligent and let others take over?”

“Of course you wouldn’t dare!” Jeb snorted. He hesitated for a moment, “Is this the end of the whole episode?” Jeb knew very well ever since he was born into a big family like this about the dangers of making enemies in the field; especially those who lurk in darkness whom he couldn’t see.

Butler Chew exhaled in relief knowing that he would be the last one to die even in the worst case scenario. “Master is such a decisive and forgiving leader!” At the same time, he did not forget to butter up to Jeb. Jeb snickered at his compliment and felt overjoyed.

It has been three days since Angel had vaporized from the virtual world!

Day by day he feared and regretted of what he had done and wondered why he would be so impulsive as to accept that foolish request! The nightmare haunted him like a skeleton in the closet, clouding his mind.

He was furious! For a maverick like him, being forbidden to go on virtual web was like a bird losing its wings to fly! Regardless, he dared not oppose his own will; if virtual web was his wings, he would rather not to lose his life over it. For three days he curled up in the gloomy cottage, feeling a little insecure.

The fifth day came and the former glory gleam on his face was long gone. Now, all that was left were the horrors which prevailed from the torture he had been through.

On the eighth day, he snapped!

His wrinkled hands reached out to the helmet at the corner. If he were to die, an instant death was always better than suffering in pain.

Well, what am I even thinking? Maybe the guy didn’t even recognize me at all. I’m just overthinking. Why would he care!?

His fingers gently caressed the round surface of the helmet. The expression plastered on his face was like one in a trance as he thought to himself; to go or not to go? The decisions drummed in his head. He still could not come to a decision.

At last, biting his teeth, he put on his helmet and logged in!

He became calm as he stood in a moving crowd and looked upon the virtual world.

He walked for few hours yet nothing had happened but a wave of relief washed over him. Apparently, it was indeed him overthinking things.

Tranquility started filling his heart as he began to hum and strolled towards a gathering spot for mavericks to get some info because there were still doubts that nagged in him.

Who was this YC? I had never heard of a maverick of such kind? He queried and would absolutely like to find out more about this guy.

And out of a sudden, the world shook!

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