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Legend of the Supreme Soldier

Chapter 14 - Unravelling Secrets

Chapter 14: Unravelling Secrets

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Angel evaded the seemingly random traps and the wandering electrically-activated mines very carefully.

Hmph, so what if they’re the MPA*? He managed to slip into their internal system after all, as if the place was left unguarded. Angel was secretly pleased with himself.

Today, photon processors offered more and more capabilities for mechs - one could even say that it was the mech’s most important component. The MPA may give the impression of consisting mainly of mech pilots, but the association had enlisted a wide range of other experts related to mechs. Amongst the ranks, the Mavericks number quite a few.

While Angel was generally capable, entering the MPA’s interior ground was still a feat he was quite proud of.

However, it would not do to be careless here, for dangers lurked around every possible corner, and if his presence alerted the Mavericks who served as guards for the area, escape will be more than difficult!

This was a crucial job - if he succeeded, the pay will be enough to support his spending spree for a good while. Angel knew that there were other Mavericks who received the same offer, and that made him eager to prove himself to be a cut above the rest.

The portal before Angel emitted a bright rainbow colored spectrum; steam escaped through the cracks, as though the portal would lead to a fairyland.

Angel suspiciously eyed the portal. As a Maverick with more than a few years under his belt, Angel came to realize that a dazzling appearance was often a cover for a potentially fatal trap.

Angel bent down to reach for the floor with his right hand, and closed his eyes - and an almost faint ripple spread out from where he stood.

This was one of Angel’s two unique skills, called the Ripple. Every Maverick had their own unique skills, and these skills represent the Maverick’s attainment and achievement in their respective fields. Ripple was Angel’s - it was used to scan the surroundings without triggering sensors or traps, and could even be undetectable by other Mavericks. The skill was a complementary addition to his trap setting expertise, and his skillset made him an excellent choice for clandestine jobs. Other Mavericks may have attributed his past successes to his excellent intuition on traps and their locations, but it was all a cover for his true skill.

His other unique skill would be Epiphyte - like the eponymous group of organisms, Epiphyte would not harm its target, but once activated, it would cling on tightly to the target till Angel allowed otherwise. It was a very reliable skill, and efficient for tracking. Angel’s reputation was largely built on these two skills.

Angel focused on the feedback from his Ripple.

One, two… Angel counted silently to eight. Eight tiers! What stroke of luck, to have an eight-tiered security barrier!

Angel did a double take on the situation, sensing something was possibly amiss.

Without absolute certainty, Angel did not dare to make his next move. Instead, he went through his memories meticulously.

That’s not right! He finally figured out what gave rise to his uneasiness. On his way in, he would not have avoided all those concealed traps without his Ripple! The MPA’s hired Mavericks were good, so it would be illogical for the security barrier to be easier to break than the earlier security measures.

An eight-tiered security barrier may not be simple to hack, but for a Maverick who could venture this far into the MPA’s domain, it would seem like child’s play! Angel concluded decisively - there must be some other hidden trick! Right! That must be it.

Angel closed his eyes and activated Ripple again, calmly analyzing the feedback with care.

It took thirty minutes, but Angel finally re-opened his eyes and exhaled slowly in relief.

What astonishing programming! While the barrier appeared to eight-tiered, each tier was connected to the others based on some intricate principles, effectively creating an extra tier of security - which meant, there were actually nine tiers! If one had hacked through the barriers through usual means, it would surely have triggered a trap.

Astounding! What an astounding way of linking between security tiers! His first ever encounter with such mechanism, and he had nearly fell for it! He thanked his lucky stars for being extra careful!

While the security barrier was complex, Angel had managed a good grasp of its inner workings, and felt reasonably confident. However, as he began hacking, a green shadow flashed past his vision, catching him off guard!

What was that? Angel, who was very much surprised, stopped his hacking. The portal before him was still glowing brightly, painting a rainbow hue over his surroundings.

Was the green flicker an illusion? Angel wasn’t certain. As he studied his surroundings carefully with the hopes of finding the source of that green flash, the portal’s bright, colorful glow greatly inhibited his search. In the end, he found nothing.

Perhaps it was really an illusion? Angel was unsure. If only the portal would stop glowing -

Angel started. That’s right, why is the portal glowing? Could it be… Could it be… a means to hide something?”

Angel thought it through and began to see the sense in his reasoning. He avoided making sudden movements, and merely scanned his surroundings.

And there it was! Angel nearly went blind with the searching, but he could now see the dim green flash - it was a thin sliver of green light, concealed by the portal’s brighter glow.

It was concealed, even after using his Ripple detection. It was a first for Angel, and he could not help admiring the masterpiece! However, since he had found it, then…

Angel gave the mysterious portal another look - in his eyes, which mirrored a fair maiden’s pair, beckoning him with open arms.

Butler Qiu began respectfully, “Second young master, regarding your orders last time, there have been some developments!”

Jeb was overjoyed. “Really? Where’s he from? His real name? Haha, he will not get away this time!” He sobered, and continued ruthlessly. “Hehe, your offense against me has doomed you!”

Qiu had more to say, but was obviously hesitant.

Jeb noticed and frowned, displeased. “Come on, just spill it! Could it be that he is from a family of high standing?”

The butler bowed a little. “That’s not it, it’s just that… Well…”

Jeb grew impatient. “Just tell it as it is, none of this nonsense!”

Qiu grew nervous. “Young master, after you ordered for this information, I had hired a few capable Mavericks to investigate. While the training center’s security was commendable, they still managed to bypass it and access and information archives. It’s just that… It’s just that, the whole thing looks suspicious!”

“Suspicious?” Jeb inquired.

Qiu grew increasingly edgy, as he knew that the second young master before him was quite temperamental. With the current delicate balance within the family, he must always be on his guard, for any error on his part would have disastrous consequences. If the matter at hand was not satisfyingly handled, the second young master might throw a tantrum, and that would spell punishment, or even his expulsion from the Luo Family. Qiu, who was careful in nature, dreaded the possibilities ahead.

He replied shortly, “Yes, in the information archives, we searched through all of the ID’s, but could not find this YC character, not even one with a similar name.”

Jeb was stunned. “Not even one? That’s impossible! I saw it, clear as day! It must be right!”

Qiu maneuvered through the conversation smoothly. “Of course, this servant believes in the young master’s sharp eyes, you could not have possibly seen it wrong!” Seeing Jeb preening as expected, he continued, “But that’s what’s so suspicious about this, why would there be no records of him in the archives? Access to the virtual world requires identification of some sort, it would have been impossible otherwise!”

Jeb began to realize the situation clearly. “That’s it, this is impossible!”

Qiu continued, “This servant was thinking, perhaps YC is a Maverick too?”

Jeb beamed and followed his logic. “That’s right! Hah! That must be it! Only Mavericks could do something like this!”

Mavericks were people who could bypass limitations set in the virtual world through their skills in using photon processors. They were talented specialists of these processors, and so had an unimaginable advantage over the average person in the virtual world.

Qiu continued, “And so this servant thought, one would need to fight fire with fire. This servant has entrusted a few Mavericks associated with the Luo family to investigate his background!”

Jeb prodded impatiently. “And what have you found about his background?”

The butler’s expression grew even stranger.

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