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Legend of the Supreme Soldier

Chapter 11 - Against a God

Chapter 11: Against a God

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Ye Chong stared at the mech before him, thoughts racing through his mind. Here was a ten-meter tall humanoid mech, armed with a silver shield on its left shoulder that glistened like mercury under the soft interior lighting. The fire sabre wielded by its right hand was a flame shaped into a weapon. Its grey body was elegant, and the golden ornaments on its forehead were a stunning addition to its appearance.

This was obviously a modified mech. Its dual axle shield functions at above average compared to other accessories, but his Raven’s magnetic sword would barely be able to scratch it. Although the fire sabre was a medium level weapon, it would probably only take a few hits to cleave the Raven in half - a strike on a weak point of his mech would be fatal. The mech’s body structure was well designed for defending against attacks, and its good weight distribution avoided overloading the mech’s engine. There were also a few weapons for long range attacks.

This was a brilliant creation! Ye Chong realized as he examined the mech thoroughly.

If Ye Chong were to judge this mech, he would summarize it in one word - graceful! Despite being equipped with various mid-level accessories, a well-rounded pilot could do plenty of damage with it.

Ye Chong believed its engine was probably either a Parham or a Swordfish-IV, for only these two engine models could bring out the best of the mech and its accessories.

A mech that could do well in both attack and defense which was also armed with long-ranged and short-ranged attacks would be a formidable opponent. Ye Chong found it hard to believe that he would meet such a strong opponent in his first battle.

However, Ye Chong was not troubled by negative emotions such as fear and worry. Life on the trash planet made him realize that the types of enemies he battled was beyond his control. There was only one concern - how to defeat the enemy!

Ye Chong wanted to use his ray guns but even a direct hit would hardly be a threat to the enemy.

What about alloy daggers? Oh dear, the daggers would surely yield under the opponent’s sturdy structure. He thought to himself.

Fortunately, all hope was not lost, for his magnetic sword could withstand some damages though it would take three strikes on the same spot to break the mech’s armor; which would be a great difficulty.

Ye Chong mused at the thought.

Ye Chong analyzed the mech for its weaknesses. He had learned from experience that no adversary was perfect; a well-aimed strike at the most vulnerable spot would tip the scales in battle, and that was the key to winning against stronger opponents.

Undoubtedly, the throat was the most vulnerable spot in the majority of humanoid mechs due to the presence of high density of photon nodes. Even a little damage could cause the mech to malfunction, and the neck’s extremely bulky armor greatly reduced its flexibility. Others would find the throat an awkward position to defend against with the exception of heavily armed mechs. However, that was common knowledge amongst mech pilots, therefore it would be expected to find the throat carefully guarded.

Ye Chong eventually dismissed this approach.

As for the pilot’s cabin, it will be a no-brainer that pilots would not leave themselves exposed! Unlike the throat, a humanoid mech’s pilot cabin is located at its chest area where the armor is thickest. Even if Ye Chong managed to burst through the cabin area with his magnetic sword, it would take at least a dozen strikes to damage the armor. The odds of him surviving so many close range attacks with the fire sabre wielded by his opponentdid not look promising.

What now? Ye Chong grew desperate in planning his strategies.

But time waits for no man - with the soft ring of the bell, the battle began!

Ye Chong cleared his mind and focused on his opponent.

Jeb sat casually in his mech, smiling mesmerizingly under his aquiline nose; his golden hair was naturally wavy, much like a prince from a fairy tale. His posture was elegant, and his movements majestic. His intense brown eyes studied the Raven with a hint of sneer.

Jeb scoffed, “Truly, one does not learn to fear what one does not understand! How dare you challenge my dear Apollo with a Raven? Ah, looks like yours truly will have to teach you a lesson!” The scorn in his tone was apparent.

Jeb decided to give Ye Chong a little “lecture”. When the countdown of the battle ended, he charged straight for the Raven with his prized Apollo. He did not bother to activate the mech’s shooting systems, or his dual axle shield.

The Raven remained static as though surrendering to its faith awaiting for a fatal blow.

“Ah, what a poor and unlucky fellow! A battle with yours truly was your greatest misfortune!” Jeb mocked. These days, Jeb was not feeling exactly cheery, and this battle served as an opportunity to vent off his displeasures. I shouldn’t finish him off so soon, Jeb snickered darkly.

As both opponents closed in on one another, Jeb whipped out his fire sabre; the flames flickering menacingly, as it yearns for damage.

Jeb anticipated for his opponent to be outright panicking and flustering. As the Raven’s wings received a heavy blow from his attack, the game of cat and mouse finally commenced. Jeb smiled wickedly, delighted with the destruction.

The game has only just begun! Jeb thought pleasingly.

There was no shooting involved despite being the fastest and safest strategy against his Raven which confuses Ye Chong.

Jeb’s mech closed in slowly, and Ye Chong thought it was odd. If his opponent chose a close-ranged battle, why not take advantage of the mech’s speed?

As the mech’s fire sabre attacked his left wing, Ye Chong was even more confused. Why ignore vulnerable spots of the Raven to unnecessarily strike at a left wing? Even the dual axle shield was not utilized, leaving its chest defenseless. The fire sabre’s attack was also more style than substance - the quivering flames only for show; the attack itself weak and badly angled. Thoughts raced through his mind as he contemplated about reasons behind these forms of attack.

Ye Chong was bewildered thinking that a pilot armed with such marvels was making absurd ambushes!

Regardless, Ye Chong was presented with a golden opportunity, and he would not miss it!

The Raven instantaneously accelerated reaching its maximum speed as Ye Chong sidestepped, dodging the fire sabre effortlessly. His magnetic sword hooked upwards at an angle and scraped past the enemy; leaving a gash of five-centimeters deep and was about one meter long across the enemy’s hull. The gash stood out like a condescending smirk. Before the enemy could retaliate, the Raven took advantage of its momentum and aimed its left wing at the opponent’s chest.

The two mechs met at high speed, and with a loud *BANG* they clashed and bounced off each other awkwardly to the sides.

Ye Chong was prepared for the high speed collision, and maneuvered away with ease. His basic training had taught him how to handle collisions, and Mu Shang’s strict coaching regimen allowed him to decide where to land right when the current collision occurred.

Ye Chong adjusted the controls with astounding swiftness, and the Raven’s twelve secondary engines located along its sides roared to life like music to his ears, angling the mech with precision. He managed to power up in split seconds.

All twelve secondary engines rumbled in sync - the Raven, now twenty centimeters from the ground, paused slightly in mid-air - as the claws on its right limb flexed out and its wings angled accordingly. The Raven sprang off the ground like a graceful raptor, and headed back for the skies.

The black mech flew along a graceful arc, and at the peak of its parabolic trajectory was the Apollo, still recovering from the collision.

Even as an entry level mech, the Raven’s maximum speed was not to be underestimated. In a blink of an eye, the Raven was already at Apollo’s tail.

Jeb was still dazed and unresponsive from the collision, and Apollo was left without its pilot.

Its throat came into view, and Ye Chong locked in on his opponent’s most vulnerable spot like a predator ready to pounce on its prey.

Ye Chong howled in anticipation, and thrust his magnetic sword with breathtaking speed into Apollo’s throat - much like a knight of ancient times charging with his lance at full speed towards the enemy’s throat. The force of the lunge greatly exceeded Ye Chong’s expectations as the Apollo was flung far across the battlefield like a puppet; its thickset neck now barely intact, and the photon circuits all jumbled up.

The seemingly impossible victory was overcome almost by instinct.

Ye Chong had won!

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