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Legend of the Mythological Genes

Chapter 87 - Genetic Army

Chapter 87: Genetic Army

𝚒𝒏𝓃𝓻e𝑎𝙙. 𝙘o𝑚

Translator: Lordbluefire Editor: Lordbluefire

“Speak clearly! What do you mean?” Feng Lin halted as he asked in a heavy voice.

It was as though the long-robed man had expected that Feng Lin would halt. He had a calm smile on his face and a feeling that the situation was under his control.

“The Giant Pharmaceutical Company is backed by the Solar System Coalition Government and is one of the genetic potion manufacturers that enjoys a monopoly in the industry. Its only goal is profit, and it brings nothing but harm to us Martians. Our Mars Revolutionary Army pursues the will of fairness and peace. Thus, we are mortal enemies with the Giant Pharmaceutical Company, and our understanding of it far surpasses yours. Do you really think it’s just a normal genetic potion manufacturing company? You are far too naive!” The expression of the long-robed man turned heavy, filled with hostility as he continued, “The solar system is a Chaotic Star Region, and the laws only exist in name only. The Giant Pharmaceutical Company is a huge oligarchy enterprise. Do you really think they would honestly run a business? If they didn’t hide their strength, they would have already become a gold mine in the eyes of many and would be partitioned up by greedy wolves as they collapsed.”

Feng Lin’s heart stirred, and he thought of the bloody, terrifying human experimentation he had witnessed in the R&D department. Those weak and scholarly looking researchers all had cold looks in their eyes, treating the lives of those subjects as non-existent. An inexplicable uneasiness arose in his heart.

However, there was no change to his facial expression. He calmly continued, “So what? What does this have to do with me?”

Even if there was a huge conspiracy behind the Giant Pharmaceutical Company, as long as it didn’t involve him, Feng Lin didn’t want to be involved at all.

He knew how powerful he was now, and he wouldn’t overstep his bounds!

Feng Lin wouldn’t lose his sanity just because he became an interstellar cultivator.

He didn’t plan to search in-depth for the answer behind the human experimentations.

Maybe as a human, Feng Lin would feel sympathy and rage when he saw those humans as little white mice in the laboratory. But because of his intellect and rationality, he didn’t intend to be a busybody and be overly inquisitive.

This was also the reason why after his initial rage, he no longer cared about the reason behind the human experimentations.

Without sufficient strength to protect himself, if he still tried to be a busybody, wouldn’t that be courting death?

Upon facing Feng Lin’s reply, the long-robed man was startled. He didn’t expect Feng Lin’s personality would be so cold and unfeeling. This made him feel extremely uncomfortable as he had a belly full of words but was unable to speak them.

However, he wasn’t willing to give up so easily.

It seemed like if he didn’t reveal news of great impact, Feng Lin’s heart wouldn’t be moved!

The long-robed man gritted his teeth. His tone turned mysterious. “I know that you are recruited by the R&D department of the Giant Pharmaceutical Company. But do you know that the R&D dept is tackling a new key research topic recently? The content of the topic is how to manufacture genetic potions that can be used by ordinary people!”

Feng Lin’s expression changed. This man was extremely well-informed; his news was extremely accurate. It seemed like the spy must have a pretty high position in the Giant Pharmaceutical Company, or it would be impossible for the spy to learn of such a secret.

Upon noting the change in Feng Lin’s expression, the long-robed man decided to reveal an even more shocking news, adding more fuel to the fire.

“From my source, the purpose of this research topic isn’t so simple as to benefit the masses. Do you really think that the Giant Pharmaceutical Company is running a charity? They only have a single purpose...” As he spoke until here, he intentionally pretended to be mysterious and lengthened his tone.

“What is their purpose?” Feng Lin spoke in an unconcerned manner as he continued to press for answers.

“To create an army!” the long-robed man replied in a heavy tone.

“An army?” Feng Lin’s expression changed. He thought about the research topic and tried to link it with what he heard. Could an army be artificially created by potions?

“That’s right. They want an army made up of soldiers that are all interstellar cultivators!” The long-robed man spoke with a tone that could sever iron, his expression extremely grim.

“How can this be possible?” Feng Lin instinctively rebutted. He immediately felt that this was impossible.

He knew very well how difficult it was to become an interstellar cultivator.

Every step of gene evolution was extremely tough and required strenuous effort. Feng Lin was knowledgeable in myths and legends and had the genetic equation ability to aid him. But even so, his path wasn’t a smooth one, and he even had to flee from his clan. Everything he did was for him to evolve into an interstellar cultivator, to control his fate with his own hands. It could be considered that he had paid a heavy price.

Once one became an interstellar cultivator, no matter where he wandered to in the human world, he would be treated like a high-class guest!

Now, this long-robed man actually said that the Giant Pharmaceutical Company wanted to create an army of interstellar cultivators.

When did it become possible to ‘manufacture’ interstellar cultivators? The long-robed man spoke of them like tools created from the machinery of a factory that you could create as much as you wanted to.

The first thought Feng Lin had was that this was impossible. It felt that it was a ridiculous notion, but he suddenly thought of something that made him frown.

Allowing ordinary humans to use genetic potions, what was the real purpose behind it?

Was it to stimulate the latent potential in them, allowing them to gain the power of interstellar cultivators?

Was the purpose really what the Giant Pharmaceutical Company has told me? Just to benefit the masses? Why did they take out 1 billion star coins as a reward just for a research topic?

Wasn’t the amount a little too high?!


Feng Lin furrowed his brow as he fell into deep contemplation.

“Seems like you already feel that something is wrong!” The long-robed man laughed. “As expected of a genius genetic researcher recruited by the Giant Pharmaceutical Company!”

His next words further verified the guesses in Feng Lin’s heart.

“Why would they research on creating genetic potions usable by ordinary people? Because, once it succeeded, they would be able to continuously use genetic potions to stimulate the mythological genes in ordinary humans, forcing the mythological genes to awaken swiftly and evolve to primeval genes, allowing them to become interstellar cultivators!

“In this case, genetic soldiers could be artificially created in large batches. Once an army is formed, who in this solar system would be able to stop them? The Giant Pharmaceutical Company would then possess the immense strength needed to sweep through the solar system with invincibility!

“One must know that for different armies in the Supreme Interstellar Empires, the genetic regiments among the armies are also considered the most elite troops of all. Even for such inferior, artificially created ones, if placed in the chaotic solar system, they would be an invincible army! At that time, a chaotic war would break out in our entire solar system, leading to countless deaths and endless destruction.” The long-robed man’s expression was heavy to the extreme; he couldn’t find it in himself to be relaxed.

Feng Lin startled. If this was true, this plan of the Giant Pharmaceutical Company was truly crazy and terrifying enough.

A chaotic war that would sweep through the entire solar system. At that time, it was highly possible for him to be dragged into it even if he didn’t want to participate.

Although Feng Lin felt shocked in his heart, his facial expression didn’t change. He didn’t fully believe in the long-robed man. This matter might be either true or false; he still needed facts to verify it.

He then spoke about the puzzlement in his heart, “The power of genetic potions is fearsome. It’s extremely difficult for the weak bodies of ordinary humans to be able to adapt sufficiently to consume them. This research topic would most probably end up in a failure. At that time, this genetic army naturally wouldn’t be formed. Why must you be so worried?”

“No, they will definitely succeed for sure.” The long-robed man spoke, but he was incredibly pessimistic.

“Why? As their enemy, shouldn’t you hope for their failure?” Feng Lin was curious.

The long-robed man shook his head. “We are enemies with the Giant Pharmaceutical Company and do hope for them to fail indeed. But even so, we respect reality. According to our spies, the Giant Pharmaceutical Company has already found a mythological ancient site. And in there, a miraculous technique of creating genetic potions is recorded, allowing ordinary humans to consume them. In addition, there are many ingredients there which effectiveness are enhanced by the long passage of time. They are really able to cause ordinary humans to awaken their mythological genes and gain extraordinary abilities. Hence, the Giant Pharmaceutical Company don’t really need to create a new technique. They only needed to experiment and try to restore the recorded ancient technique back to its original state!”

Feng Lin was immensely shocked. There were simply too many, too many secrets in the Ancient Earth Era. He didn’t expect that such advanced medical technology would have already existed back then. He could only sigh silently in amazement.

“Since the Giant Pharmaceutical Company’s ambitions would threaten all of humanity, why don’t you guys inform the Solar System Coalition Government?” Feng Lin asked.

“No! We don’t believe in this kind of puppet government. They are merely the puppets of interstellar humanity and the various Supreme Interstellar Empires. If we told them the truth, the secret would only be leaked uselessly. We, the Mars Revolutionary Army were formed to fight for the authority and freedom of all humans on Mars! Not only is the Giant Pharmaceutical Company our mortal enemy, but we also want to topple those puppet governments and build an independent Martian Government to represent the humans on Mars. We will build a united nation that can represent all the humans in the solar system...”

The long-robed man was no longer as calm as before. His expression became fierce and heated; his tone became impassioned and resonated out loudly.

Snakeboy who was at the side had finally recovered. An iron-like resolution could be seen on his face, and his gaze was filled with fiery zealotry.

This kind of expression...

Feng Lin was startled as these two felt different for some reason. Their hearts contained a supreme spiritual goal that they wanted to pursue. To achieve it, they had already seen past life and death.

The long-robed man’s tone changed, and he suddenly solemnly issued an invitation to Feng Lin.

“Feng Lin, I understand that you were also subjected to exploitation by your clan. Join our Mars Revolutionary Army! Our slogan is “The fire of Mars, burning the blazing sun!” After toppling the Giant Pharmaceutical Company, we will liberate the humans in the solar system. Everyone will regain equal rights and be treated fairly, no longer subjected to oppression and exploitation...”

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