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Legend of the Mythological Genes

Chapter 86 - Kunlun Grand Palm Imprint

Chapter 86: Kunlun Grand Palm Imprint

Translator: Lordbluefire Editor: Lordbluefire

“Kunlun Great Palm Imprint is an ancient martial art from the Ancient Earth Era. Its origin isn’t clear but according to its name, it should be a supreme martial art from the Kunlun Mountains of Ancient China. There are a total of twelve martial pathways recorded—palm arts, finger arts, capturing arts, sword arts, whip arts, hammer arts, and all the powerful moves from every weaponry—as well as a method to link them as a complete whole, allowing the user to practice countless variations. It seems that this martial arts contain the true essence of all martial arts under the heavens. No matter what martial arts it is, they would definitely belong to one of the twelve martial arts pathways. This Kunlun Grand Palm Imprint contains everything and is able to counter any moves...”

In the image, a lanky male figure with moves as explosive as a cheetah was currently performing the stances of this ancient martial arts while articulating the oracular formula of each pathway, explaining them.

Feng Lin paid close attention and discovered that this was an ancient martial art that had been passed down from the Ancient Earth Era to now. It wasn’t like what he had assumed earlier. This martial arts wasn’t genetic martial arts!

The power of this ordinary ancient martial arts could actually reach such an extent. It actually was able to incorporate the essence of all different kinds of martial arts in the world within, allowing the user to grow stronger and stronger.

He knew that this point was true. When he had exchanged blows with the long-robed man earlier, the long-robed man’s techniques contained countless changes. This was undoubtedly an extraordinarily powerful ancient martial arts.

What made Feng Lin startled was that among the stances of this Kunlun Grand Palm Imprint, there were a few that sounded extremely meaningful—”God Beating Whip Imprint”, “Sky Flipping Hammer Imprint”, “Yin-Yang Mirror Imprint”...

All these titles caused him to lost in wild and fanciful thoughts.

Feng Lin slowly immersed himself. Upon reading and pondering, he discovered that this martial art was extremely wondrous. Although there weren’t any steps or genetic theory in it, it contained the true logic of the essence of martial arts. There was a total of twelve different palm imprints, and each move contained endless arcane logic. The whip imprint allowed his attacks and aura to be fast and ferocious. The hammer imprint allowed his attacks to be explosive and filled with power. The mirror imprint allowed Yin and Yang to coexist and complement each other...

Although this ancient martial art didn’t have a grade to classify it, it was most assuredly not an ordinary one. These techniques were refined again and again by experimentations of top-tier martial artists for millions of years. The power they could unleash wasn’t in any way inferior to some genetic martial arts. In fact, the power it could potentially unleash might even surpass some genetic martial arts.

It was just that this ancient martial art wasn’t able to incorporate the extraordinary abilities of mythological genes into it. It meant that it was innately inferior.

He was reading the content seriously while continuing to hold Snakeboy up with one hand. His other hand started to unconsciously move, following the movements in the image as he attempted to comprehend the essence of martial arts in one of the palm imprints.

Suddenly, a black shadow flashed before his eyes, rushing toward him.

A wariness rose up in Feng Lin’s heart. He instinctively used the move “God Beating Whip Imprint” that he just comprehended. His arm lashed out like a whip, ferocious and quick, forcing the person rushing at him back. The long-robed man only came to a stop after he was blown away for over ten steps.

“What? You manage to learn the God Beating Whip Imprint so quickly?!” The palms of the long-robed man trembled. Earlier at the moment of impact, the force was so great that he felt the bones of his arms were about to break apart. He had a face filled with disbelief.

“What are you doing?” Feng Lin’s eyes were filled with wariness as he stared at the long-robed man. He instinctively tightened his hold, causing Snakeboy’s breathing to stop, almost suffocating him.

The long-robed man hurriedly stopped; he indicated that he had no ill intent. He pointed to Snakeboy and sighed, “If you don’t release him soon, he would be strangled to death by you. I only rushed at you to save him.”

His eyes stared ruthlessly at Feng Lin and were filled with anger and helplessness, but he didn’t dare to say anything.

Feng Lin was astonished. He lifted his head and realized that because he had been too concentrated in studying the Kunlun Grand Palm Imprint, he hadn’t paid any attention to his other hand. Snakeboy’s throat was almost crushed by him. Both Snakeboy’s eyes had already flipped white, and he was on the verge of being suffocated to death.

That would be truly awkward then...

Feng Lin pretended nothing was wrong and loosened his grip.

Snakeboy instantly fell onto the ground like a pile of soft mud, lying there limply. He no longer had that unyielding attitude from earlier. He was panting heavily as the sounds of gurgling could be heard from his throat. There was fear on his face, as well as joy at having survived. Tears and mucus flowed unceasingly down his face from his relief.

“Snakeboy!” The long-robed man rushed over and did a check. When he discovered that his team member wasn’t dead, he finally heaved a sigh of relief.

Staring at the pitiful appearance of Snakeboy, Feng Lin’s expression also stiffened unnaturally. He had almost accidentally killed a human.

He wasn’t someone that didn’t keep his promise. Since he had already obtained the martial arts, he naturally wouldn’t kill his hostage.

Upon obtaining this martial art, the benefits he had received far outweighed the risks earlier. Feng Lin’s anger also dissipated.

Although he could have killed that cultivator apprentice easily, this long-robed man was after all an experienced interstellar cultivator. It was easy to gain an advantage over him but not so easy to fully control him.

After all, Feng Lin had just become an interstellar cultivator.

Even an angered rabbit would bite people! Let alone an interstellar cultivator that was provoked.

Feng Lin was just a single human. There was no need for him to form a mortal grudge with the Mars Revolutionary Army just for the sake of the Giant Pharmaceutical Company. It wasn’t worth it at all.

But if the Mars Revolutionary Army didn’t know what was good for them and continued trying to hunt him down, he naturally wouldn’t show mercy.

“I’ve already released the hostage, and I’ll let the two of you go this time. Don’t ever come to antagonize me again or you all won’t be so lucky next time!” Feng Lin coldly warned. He then turned and left quickly. He didn’t want to have any more interactions with the Mars Revolutionary Army.

This kind of underground organizations always represented great trouble. Feng Lin wasn’t willing to associate with them.

This Feng Lin really released Snakeboy!

The long-robed man also felt puzzled. Was this really still a cold-blooded killer from the Giant Pharmaceutical Company?

He glanced at Feng Lin as his eyes turned bright. All of a sudden, his figure flashed and appeared before Feng Lin, blocking his way. “Hold on!”

Feng Lin’s expression sank when he found his way blocked. “What do you want? I already spared the lives of you and your disciple, so you should be satisfied. Don’t tell me you really want me to kill you two?”

“Sir, hold on. You misunderstood my intent!” The long-robed man suddenly became very polite. “I only have something I want to discuss with you.”

“How can there be any matters that we can discuss?” Feng Lin spoke unkindly.

This was a clear rejection; however, the long-robed man didn’t get angry. In fact, he smiled and continued, “If I’m not mistaken, you should be Feng Lin, a new employee of the Giant Pharmaceutical Company, right?”

“How do you know my name?” Feng Lin’s gaze turned gloomy. If this man couldn’t give him a reasonable explanation, he would act instantly.

His name was actually known? This was too dangerous.

The expression of the long-robed man returned to his original calm. He felt that he had taken back the initiative. He smiled and said, “Not only do I know your name, but I also know your identity and origins. You came from a minor clan on Earth. You were exploited by your clan, and you are filled with reluctance to accept that fate; hence, you went for an interview and managed to be hired by the Giant Pharmaceutical Company...”

The long-robed man unhurriedly listed out Feng Lin’s origins clearly.

Feng Lin’s mind was spinning. “I’ve never interacted with anyone on Mars before. Who would know of my origins?”

He saw the microchip of the long-robed man flashing with light. The long-robed man seemed to be reading some information from it.

Feng Lin was suddenly enlightened. “You guys have spies in the Giant Pharmaceutical Company?”

The long-robed man laughed, neither admitting nor denying it. But there was no doubt about this.

Feng Lin was silently musing. He came from Earth to Mars, and the only people he came into contact with were those from the Giant Pharmaceutical Company. Only the company would have information about him.

Since this long-robed man from Mars Revolutionary Army knew so much info about him, the only thing that made sense was that there were spies in the Giant Pharmaceutical Company.

Upon knowing the reason for the info leak, Feng Lin was no longer as worried.

One couldn’t help but say that although the clans would exploit clan members, they would also protect them.

The solar system was a Chaotic Star Region, and the environment was extremely dangerous. Ordinary humans had to depend on their clans for protection before they could live safely.

Since his parents were under the protection of the Feng Clan, no matter how long the arms of the Mars Revolutionary Army was, they would never be able to reach his family.

Feng Lin had no interest regarding the conflict between these two organizations. The reason why he came to Mars was to learn and improve his knowledge about geneticists, paving the path for his future cultivation. He didn’t want to participate in any disputes between martian powers.

Also, Feng Lin was extremely clear that he was merely an interstellar cultivator, a newbie who had just stepped onto the path of cultivation. His strength was still far from enough to sweep aside everything with invincibility.

He didn’t want to court disaster.

“I have no intention to participate in the dispute between your organization and the Giant Pharmaceutical Company. Don’t look for me again or don’t blame me for being impolite!” Feng Lin coldly glanced at that man; his gaze filled with warning. After that, he turned around once more and left.

His speed was extremely quick, capable of traveling over ten meters with a single step. In the blink of an eye, he was already a hundred meters away and was about to depart from this place completely.

This time around, the long-robed man no longer pursued him. A calm and unhurried smile appeared on his face as he spoke from afar. However, his words made Feng Lin voluntarily halt his steps.

“Do you really think that the Giant Pharmaceutical Company is just an ordinary genetic potions manufacturer? That those human experimentations they are carrying out are merely for the testing of new genetic products? If you continue to stay in there, your ending would be a hundred times, a thousand times, ten thousand times worse compared to those humans used in the experiments!”

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