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Legend of the Mythological Genes

Chapter 84 - Unmatched Physical Abilities and Immunity to Energy Effects

Chapter 84: Unmatched Physical Abilities and Immunity to Energy Effects

Translator: Lordbluefire Editor: Lordbluefire

Although martial techniques might be wondrous and could allow weaker ones to win against stronger opponents, but before absolute strength, everything else was useless. It was like no matter how fierce a mouse was, it could never be a tiger’s opponent.

Absolute strength overcomes everything!

This wasn’t some nonsense.

Because Feng Lin’s Stone Monkey Gene was a variation-grade primeval gene, it was able to be impervious to water and fire, to all energy property effects.

This long-robed man awakened two genes, and by logic, he definitely couldn’t be considered a weakling among cultivators. It was just that he was unlucky enough to encounter Feng Lin who was a perfect counter to all his abilities.

This was why the long-robed man felt that he was now living a tragic story.

The energy of wind and fire were both completely ineffective; thus, he could only fight Feng Lin head-on, comparing their martial arts.

Feng Lin was naturally happy to oblige; their fists sank into each other’s flesh repeatedly. However, only Feng Lin felt high in doing so. All the long-robed man was feeling was pain.

Although his techniques were profound, after every clash, he felt like he was punching an iron wall. He couldn’t even injure his opponent and was injured from the impact instead.

This was simply dealing 0 damage to the enemy while dealing 800 damage to himself.

Unmatched physical abilities while immune to energy effects. This was simply cheating!

The long-robed man felt like crying.

However, Feng Lin naturally couldn’t care about what his opponent was thinking. He continued unleashing his moves, sinking his fists into his opponent’s flesh, beating his opponent up.

As to why Feng Lin wasn’t in a hurry to kill his opponent, it was because Feng Lin was extremely interested in the martial arts this man was using.

Since the beginning, all the martial arts Feng Lin had been using was learned from the illusory martial pagoda. Now that he was an interstellar cultivator, those techniques were no longer suitable for him.

Since this person appeared before him out of nowhere, he might be able to squeeze all the value he could squeeze out of this man, and somehow learned this wondrous martial art technique.

For all profound martial arts, they would definitely contain the wondrous effects of many different kinds of techniques. Maybe, it would be able to push his martial skills to greater heights and allow him to develop a martial art suited to him alone.

Hence, Feng Lin was extremely determined to get this cultivation martial art. In his eyes, the long-robed man actually became a sheep waiting for him to slaughter.

As to how he would obtain it, he would have to think of some methods. But at the very least, he had to first subdue this man before him!

When he finished trying almost all his martial arts, Feng Lin was no longer polite and truly unleashed his full power.

His stances and moves were the same, but the strength he channeled through them was much more powerful and ferocious. His vitality stats were 13.6, and the moment he went all out, the power he could generate was truly terrifying.

Right now, even Feng Lin himself had no idea how strong he truly was.

He only knew that he was powerful, extremely powerful...

The long-robed man kept being forced back. Panic could be seen on his face. Clearly, Feng Lin’s moves were all extremely common, but he wasn’t able to endure the strength in them.

This must be the true essence of absolute strength overcoming everything!

The long-robed man felt as though his arms were about to break.

“I can’t allow things to continue. What I’ve awakened are not body-strengthening type genes. My speed and strength are both inferior to his, and my wind and fire are useless against him. I’m completely countered, and if this continues on, I’ll die here sooner or later!” His eyes gleamed with light, as he intended to retreat.

However, he was pressured by Feng Lin to the extent where he couldn’t even find a chance to breathe. How could he even leave? Attempting to think up a plan for him to leave was giving him a headache.

From his perspective, Feng Lin was simply like an invulnerable shield. There was no way for him to break it or to damage it. He was completely helpless, Feng Lin didn’t seem to have any weaknesses at all.

No, there should be a weakness and that was...

The heart of the long-robed man stirred as he gazed at Feng Lin’s eyes.

No matter how tough one’s body was, the soft eyeballs of humans would always be one of their weak points.

With the intention of his will, he unleashed his full strength. His hands instantly launched countless attacks and were like butterflies dancing through the flower fields, blasting toward Feng Lin.

“Good moves!” Feng Lin’s eyes brightened. The moves used by the long-robed man contained a myriad of changes, and the essence of martial arts could be seen in them. In Feng Lin’s perspective, it was like this man was showing him what was the acme of martial arts, causing him to be immersed within.

Feng Lin reacted to every move, gradually changing his own techniques as he continued to spar.

After exchanging blows for over ten rounds, Feng Lin was struck several times. His clothes were all torn and tattered, but he was completely unharmed.

No matter how high one’s martial arts were, it was useless if they couldn’t break the opponent’s defense.

Feng Lin’s eyes glowed brighter and brighter. He received valuable experience from fighting against this interstellar cultivator, and this caused his genetic potential to soar.

Genetic potential +20%, +20%, +20%...

Very swiftly, his genetic potential broke the 300% mark and reached 368%. 𝙞𝓷𝙣r𝚎𝓪𝑑. 𝒸𝗼𝒎

After exchanging blows, Feng Lin actually received more than 100% worth of genetic potential.

After becoming interstellar cultivators, although every single bit of progress consumed a large amount of genetic potential, the amount of genetic potential he gained after every round of practice also far surpassed that of the past.

This was truly a matter that gave him a headache and made him feel joy at the same time...

“It’s about time.” That long-robed man saw through Feng Lin’s attention. Upon seeing Feng Lin being immersed in his moves and techniques, he suddenly launched one of his strongest genetic arts – Fire Explosion Art!

The long-robed man folded his hand, as a cluster of flames converged in his palms. They were compressed to a point before they suddenly exploded, transforming into a flood of dazzling white light that was extremely blinding.

Feng Lin was careless. At such a close distance, all he could see now was a field of white.

Every stream of white light was like sharp swords drilling into his eyes. Both of his eyes felt extreme pain, he couldn’t open them at all. The smoke generated from the flames also scorched his eyes.

“Go!” That long-robed man no longer wanted to battle. He pulled the snake-figured fellow along as he ran.

Feng Lin had his eyes tightly closed; tears could be seen flowing unceasingly from the corner of his eyes. He felt a blinding headache, and he kept blinking but still couldn’t open his eyes.

One couldn’t help but say that the long-robed man truly had exceptional combat experience and easily found his flaws after they exchanged moves.

In the legends, Sun Wukong had a stone body and steel bones, granting him an extremely high defense. He didn’t even fear the samadhi fire in the eight trigrams furnace that could burn all things into ashes. However, his eyes were his only weaknesses. It was said that he managed to master the skill ‘Fiery Golden Eyes’ in there but in truth, he was afflicted with an eye disease.

The weakness of his eyes could be said as the biggest flaw of the Stone Monkey Gene, yet it was discerned so swiftly by his opponent. However...

Did they really think they could escape with just this? They are simply too naive!

Feng Lin extended his mental energy outward, feeling everything with his perception. This allowed him to see things even clearer compared to using his vision. His perception was fixed on the two fleeing figures.

“Captain, why must we flee?” That snake-figured fellow spoke with reluctance. “Didn’t you already obtain an advantage in the battle? Why don’t you kill him? There isn’t a single good member among the staff of the Giant Pharmaceutical Company!”

“I can’t win. That person had a body of stone and bones made of steel; I can’t even break through his defense! His genetic abilities are simply too tyrannical. He’s immune to my wind and fire attacks and can count to be invincible!” That long-robed man shook his head and spoke in a low voice. “Let’s hurry and flee. If not, we won’t be able to escape once his eyes recovered.”

“Hahaha, I don’t need to wait for my eyes to recover. You guys won’t be able to escape now.” A peal of terrifying laughter rang out. Feng Lin’s voice was like a phantom tracking them, slowly getting closer.


The two of them turned their heads and discovered Feng Lin closing in on them. His eyes were still shut, but he could somehow track their movements.

A strange energy ripple fluctuated in the air. There seemed to be some sort of invisible web enveloping them, stopping them from escaping.

The long-robed man felt the energy ripple, and his expressions drastically changed.

Mental Gene!

He was a veteran on the battlefield and knew how powerful a cultivator who awakened the Mental Gene could be.

This could be considered a detecting-type gene that allowed the user to perceive his surroundings. This, in combination with Feng Lin’s incredible close combat prowess and his immunity to energy effects, it was simply unmatched!

Today, it would be as difficult as transcending the heavens if they wished to escape!

The reality was as such. After suffering the disadvantage earlier, Feng Lin was extremely embarrassed and angry; thus, he attacked even more ruthlessly.

Vajra Carries the Cauldron!

Feng Lin raised his hands high and smashed down with them.


The air seemed to turn solid. A formless and heavy pressure akin to a mountain pressed down, causing the movements of the two fleeing opponents to be impeded.

The long-robed man raised his hands. The wind surged up, fanning his flames as he tried to block this attack, but he was slowly crushed by the pressure.

The pressure was extremely heavy; beads of sweat could be seen on his forehead. As the pressure mounted, the stronger the unease he felt. This kind of feeling was akin to facing a calamity. It was simply too torturous.

The snake-figured fellow could no longer endure it. He screamed, “I’ll fight it out with you!”

His body twisted and turned like a snake, as he ferociously adopted a stance and spat out a mouthful of green needles.

Feng Lin’s five fingers flicked out, creating air bullets that knocked the green needles away.

After that, he directly grabbed out, holding on to the throat of the snake-figured fellow and lifting him into the air.

Once his vital-parts was controlled, the snake-figure couldn’t even move and was gasping for breath. He felt like he was about to die.

“Enough!” The long-robed man spoke in a low voice. He no longer dared to look down on Feng Lin because he was young and try to bully him. Instead, he respectfully referred to Feng Lin as ‘Sir’.

“Sir, do you really want to become mortal enemies with us, the Mars Revolutionary Army?”

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