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Legend of the Mythological Genes

Chapter 79 - Astral energy

Chapter 79: Astral energy

Translator: Lordbluefire Editor: Lordbluefire

From the grade of the Stone Monkey Gene, it was a variation-grade primeval gene.

But from its type, it was an extremely rare hereditary gene that contained a portion of inheritance from the Great Sage Equal to Heavens, Sun Wukong.

From the nameless Stone Monkey to the Handsome Monkey King that subdued the crowds of monkey on the Flowerfruit Mountain. He then dived into the eastern oceans, stirring up a gigantic commotion. In the end, he arrived at Fangcun Mountain and took Patriarch Subhuti as his master. From then on, he was given the name Sun Wukong, even managing to learn a myriad of unfathomable abilities on his adventure.

The divine beings of Ancient China had never been born powerful. All of them had to accumulate their strength bit by bit as they grew. Every step they took could be traced through the legends.

Even the abilities of different time periods could be transformed into unique traits and characteristics that were imprinted into mythological genes. Interstellar cultivators could also rely on evolving the mythological genes step by step to gain an increase in their powers and abilities.

Maybe to tread one’s mythological path, other than the evolution of mythological genes, the inheritances from mythological memories were a crucial part as well.

There were two ways to awaken mythological genes. One was to temper your genes via genetic cultivation arts, actively awakening it. The other way was to use genetic potions or other external substances to stimulate the particular sleeping gene, passively awakening it.

Feng Lin didn’t know of any genetic potions that could stimulate the Spirit Gene. Moreover, there was no need to think about it as he knew they would definitely be extremely rare. Hence, he could only choose the active path of awakening the genes.

The Spirit Gene was one of the necessary genes to create Spiritual Stone Monkey Gene in the genetic formula. Although Feng Lin didn’t have the required genetic cultivation art or genetic potions to awaken it, he believed that he might be able to gain some helpful information through searching Sun Wukong’s memories.

Upon thinking of this, Feng Lin mumbled, feeling that this was truly highly possible.

After becoming a Spiritual Stone Monkey, Sun Wukong became extremely smart; it granted him a powerful spirit. His intelligence far surpassed those of his kind, as well as the vast majority of humans. This must be the reason why the unique characteristics of the Spirit Gene were imprinted into his genetics.

It was very possible that he had many spirit cultivation arts in his memories.

The genetic evolutionary formula was the same as a mathematical formula. It had the main parameter as well as the secondary parametric variables.

The main parameter dictated the main evolutionary direction of the gene. For example, a human with the Crawling Snake Gene could only have one gene evolutionary direction: Crawling Snake Gene–>Poison Snake Gene–>Python Gene–>Flying Snake Gene–>Divine Dragon Gene...

As for the secondary parametric variables, no matter how many they were, they could only influence, enhance, add-on, and supplement the main parameter. They wouldn’t be able to change the gene evolutionary direction from Crawling Snake to Crocodile Gene or to the Tortoise Gene.

Undoubtedly, for the Spiritual Stone Monkey Gene, the Stone Monkey Gene was the main parameter while the Spirit Gene was the secondary parametric variable in the evolutionary formula. i𝒏𝐧𝒓ea𝚍. 𝘤𝗼𝓶

How did Sun Wukong gain spiritual energy despite being an ordinary Stone Monkey and evolved into a Spiritual Stone Monkey?

There must be a special and unique method!

Maybe, the cultivation method of the Spirit Gene could be found inside the hereditary memories of the Stone Monkey Gene.

When Feng Lin transformed into a Stone Monkey earlier, he had obtained two cultivation arts—the ‘Transforming energy into qi’ art and the astral breathing method.

Feng Lin felt that the secret lay within these two arts he had obtained.

The ‘Transforming energy into qi’ art allowed him to rapidly digest nutrients in his body to strengthen himself. In that case, by process of elimination, only the astral breathing method remained.

Feng Lin’s heart stirred. He thought back to the memories he had when he had been a stone monkey.

During the time where he had absorbed the essence of the sun and moon, he seemed to have reached a miraculous state that resembled heaven and man as one. His soul was baptized by the moonlight; he felt as light as an immortal. Was that a way to temper his spirit?

This was worthy of a try.

Upon thinking of this, Feng Lin wasn’t willing to waste any more time. He walked out of his residence and headed towards the external parts of the Giant Pharmaceutical Company.

Due to the fact that Feng Lin had finished his tasks way before the scheduled time during the day, he had gone back earlier and had a good nap after his cultivation. But now, the time was still not that late.

Right now, it was still in the middle of the night, but all cities in the Interstellar Era were brightly lit no matter how late it was.

The artificial sun above the Shitai City had mechanisms within that acted like that of an artificial moon. During the night, it would radiate a faint silvery light. The streets were extremely crowded as well despite it being night time. There was no difference from day time at all.

However, because this was artificial moonlight and wasn’t something natural, Feng Lin wasn’t able to absorb it through his astral breathing method.

Feng Lin still had the uniform of the Giant Pharmaceutical Company on him. He didn’t halt his steps and continued heading to the elevator which would lead him to the surface.

The elevator was extremely quick, and he soon arrived at the surface after a few moments.


The instant he exited, a violent gust of cold wind blew over with powerful force. The intensity of the wind was enough to toss a human up in the air. At the very least, the wind intensity had reached the 13th level. The windforce surpassed even violent typhoons.

Feng Lin’s body trembled but he instantly stabilized himself.

The atmosphere during the night on Mars was extremely cold, about negative thirty-plus degrees. Gusts of cold winds would form frequently, causing clouds of dust to fly about. If one was unfortunate, they might even be frozen into ice statues.

However, Feng Lin’s current vitality far exceeded what he had had back then. The atmosphere didn’t really affect him at all.

What was fortunate was that today was considered a day of good weather on Mars. Although the wind was big, the weather was good. There weren’t too many clouds, and one could see the sparkling stars in the sky clearly.

But sadly, there was no moon on Mars. He wasn’t able to absorb the gentle essence of the moon at night.

However, astral energy was the same as well. In any case, energy from the constellations in the sky came from the same source, but they were just not as abundant when compared to the essence of the moon.

Also, the essence of the sun here was too blazingly hot. If he hastily absorbed it, it would only cause the inner fire in his body to surge chaotically. It would be extremely unbearable, and he might even burn himself to death.

Hence, Feng Lin could only settle for the second best and chose to absorb the energy from the stars in the sky here.

He increased his speed and started galloping while facing the wind. Numerous after-images appeared; each of his movements generated wind as well, acting like a sharp blade that sliced the resistance of the incoming wind that impeded his movements.

With a light foot tap on the ground, his entire person traveled a distance of over ten meters. Spreading his arms, he was like a flying bird that was enjoying the freedom of the skies.

Feng Lin propelled himself to his fastest speed. Very soon, he left the forest of windmills in the Shitai City and was heading to towering shadow in the distance.

That shadow was a gigantic and majestic-looking mountain.

There were no oceans on Mars; hence, the saying ‘above sea level’, didn’t exist. But even so, this mountain was at least over 6,000 meters in height. It was lofty and precipitous, with a forest of stones on it. Ordinary humans would find it tough to scale it. Even flying birds might not be able to fly up there.

It was precisely this particular mountain that stood above everything else in its surroundings. If one stood at the mountain peak, they would be able to absorb the most vigorous astral energy with nothing to block it.

Feng Lin transformed into a series of after-images as he sped over with his greatest speed. If an ordinary human was to approach him now, they would definitely feel as though they saw a bunch of phantoms and would scream in fear.

He jumped across the rocks on the mountain and leaped higher and higher, moving like an agile monkey.

When the cruel winds blew past, not only didn’t Feng Lin feel cold, but he actually felt refreshed.

He had never felt so free and unrestrained before, fully displaying his strength and abilities. He felt exceedingly comfortable and couldn’t help but laugh loudly in satisfaction.

His loud laughter echoed through the ravines and drifted to even further locations by virtue of the wind.

Feng Lin only spent less than 10 minutes to reach the peak of a mountain that was over 6,000 meters tall.

Standing on the peak, the violent winds grew in intensity, sending the smaller stones flying all about as they smashed against cliff walls, leaving behind holes. Things were extremely dangerous.

But Feng Lin’s location was precisely right at the peak. Below him was a ten-thousand feet drop or more, if he got blown off by the wind, his bones would definitely be smashed into pieces.

However, Feng Lin stood extremely stably; his legs were like roots of an old tree, deeply entrenched in the ground, standing there without moving.

He cast his gaze all around and could see other martial mountains and endless desert plains. For some reason, he felt that he was stepping on the entire Mars planet, and it gave him a feeling of joy and satisfaction like he had conquered it.

Feng Lin basked in the wind. His robes fluttered, creating flapping sounds as he decided to sit cross-legged.

According to his memories, he started to use the astral breathing method, which he had learned, to regulate his breath.

Breath in, breath out...

As he drew his breaths slowly and with force, each of his breaths was incomparably long.

Feng Lin’s state of heart was incomparably calm, and the pores of his entire body opened up. His body was now like a black hole, frenziedly absorbing the energy in the air.

The stars in the sky dimmed, leaving only darkness behind.

From his surroundings, in a radius of about a thousand meters, strands of silvery light converged together, forming a phenomenon visible to the naked eye. It was a truly magnificent and beautiful sight.

The astral energy entered his body from his pores and started to circulate, bringing nourishment to every part of his body.

It felt like a breeze of cool wind, calming his heart, mind, and spirit. Feng Lin felt incomparably refreshed and his spirit growing clear and bright, even feeling a gradual feeling of levitation.

With a thought, his spirit left the confines of his mortal body and joined as one with his surroundings.

At this moment, Feng Lin felt as though he was standing in the middle of the starry skies with countless constellations gleaming around him as he sensed the vastness of heaven and earth.

This must be the miraculous state of heaven and man as one!

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