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Legend of the Mythological Genes

Chapter 73 - Essence of the Sun and Moon

Chapter 73: Essence of the Sun and Moon

Translator: Lordbluefire Editor: Lordbluefire

The Ancient Earth Era was comprised of numerous civilizations and ethnicities, which had given rise to countless myths and legends. For example, the Chinese civilization, Babylonian civilization, Egyptian civilization...

As for the Chinese civilization, the divine figures in the legends and myths were different compared to the other civilizations.

The Chinese civilization’s myths and legends were the most special one.

For the characters such as—Gods (神), Immortals (仙), and Buddhas (佛)—all of them had the word ‘human’ (人) in one of the many strokes that made up their characters. These divine figures in the Chinese myths and legends weren’t figments of imagination; they were all evolved from humans.

Gods, Saints, Immortals, Buddhas—could everyone become them?

Maybe it was precisely this spirit of striving unremittingly, believing the human could conquer over the heavens, that allowed the Chinese civilization to last so long until the Interstellar Era.

Also, in chinese myths and legends, for mortals that wished to embark upon the path leading to divinity, there was only a single method for them: that is none other than cultivation!

It was said that during the Ancient Earth Era, the atmosphere was filled with spirit particles that were as dense as air. As long as one had the slightest talent, they would be able to sense it.

Ancient cultivators termed the spirit particles as spiritual qi of heavens and earth. They could absorb the spiritual qi into their bodies by using special breathing methods, allowing the energy to temper their bodies, all in order to transcend humanity.

Ancient chinese people also classified cultivation into a total of four steps. From the lowest to the highest, cultivation could be classified as transforming energy into qi, transforming qi into divinity, transforming divinity back into emptiness, and transforming the emptiness, converging it into Dao.

The techniques and effects of each step were completely different.

The ‘Transforming energy into qi’ was the first step of cultivation, allowing one to cultivate their blood essence and nutrients, strengthening their bodies to evolve again and again.

In this case, Feng Lin had become a stone monkey, and it was like there was no need for any teachers to guide him. He instinctively mastered the technique of the first step.

This island was like an immortal ground. Every plant here was a spiritual substance, and the atmosphere was filled with spiritual qi, possessing startling energy.

Earlier, Feng Lin ate too many spiritual peaches, causing the concentration of spirit particles in his body to overfill. If it wasn’t for him comprehending the technique to transform his excess energy into qi, he would surely explode from that.

That seemed to be a memory hidden deep within his mind that could only be activated instinctively. Even without anyone teaching him, when the correct circumstances appeared, the memory would automatically surface.

With just a single round of ‘Transforming Energy into Qi’, Feng Lin could feel that his body had undergone an earth-shaking transformation.

Just like that, Feng Lin seemed to have grown by ten years—from a little monkey that was just born into a matured adult monkey. His bones and muscles were extremely sturdy; he no longer looked like the scrawny figure he had been earlier.

He kept speculating in his heart, was this ‘Transforming energy into qi’ a kind of technique that aided in rapid energy digestion? If he used this technique again when he was back in his original body, would he be able to absorb and direct the energy from genetic potions more quickly, transforming them into genetic potential?

Feng Lin felt the excitement in his heart, but his expression dimmed again at the next moment.

It was useless to think so far ahead now. Currently, the most important matter was for him to figure out his situation and find a way to exit here.

The other matters were not important.

No matter how great the benefits he could gain by staying here, if he couldn’t get out, everything would be useless. There was no place where he could display his abilities!

After satisfying his hunger and thirst, Feng Lin began to stroll around this island, wanting to find a method to return to his original body.

The circumference of this island was extremely huge. He continued walking by the shoreline, but there didn’t seem to be any end to it.

Feng Lin sighed as he came to a halt. He cast his gaze into the horizon, seeing the boundless ocean, understanding that he was at an island with no traces of humanity at all.

Did I become a stone monkey?

Could this place really be the Flowerfruit Mountain?


With many doubts akin to that, Feng Lin continued to ponder. The days and nights passed and in the blink of an eye, it had already been over ten days.

Fortunately, immortal fruit trees were everywhere on this lone island. Also, Feng Lin had a body covered in golden fur; he didn’t need to worry about food and clothing as he pranced around naked every day.

As he ate the immortal fruits filled with concentrated amounts of spiritual qi, Feng Lin continued to transform his energy into qi. His body strengthened rapidly, and he soon became a 1.9 meters tall and sturdy monkey. Among monkeys, he could already be considered a giant.

But so what even if he became the king of monkeys?

Wouldn’t he still be a monkey?

What a tragic and sorrowful story...

This island, which he suspected to be the Flowerfruit Mountain, formed a complete biological chain that was separated from the world by the sea.

During these few days, Feng Lin had seen many types of beasts such as jackals, wolves, tigers, and panthers. However, he wasn’t a weakling. These wild beasts had bared their fangs and claws at him, but as a stone monkey, he was naturally impervious to these attacks.

Feng Lin was proficient in martial arts. He displayed his skills and simply crushed these beasts mercilessly. The wild beasts had all fled after a few moments and no longer dared to come back and antagonize this ‘two-legged beast’ that was Feng Lin.

So what if there were tigers here on the mountain? Monkeys were still the kings!

Not only those creatures, but Feng Lin had even seen many sika deers, peacocks, green cattle...there were all sorts of strange and valuable beasts, but there were even more of his ‘species’.

In the forest of peaches, numerous monkeys leaped around as they cried out shrilly.

When they saw this giant among monkeys which was Feng Lin, all of them stared curiously at him. There were even a few muscular monkeys and apes thumping their chests and roaring at him fiercely, wanting to chase him away.

“I have no interest in the females of your species!” Upon seeing the looks of warning from these alpha monkeys as they pulled the females of their races back behind them, Feng Lin could only laugh helplessly.

He didn’t want anything to do with these creatures that were supposedly the ‘same species’ as him. He rapidly turned and left the area.

The alpha monkeys behind him all let out shrill cries of laughter, feeling extremely satisfied like they had succeeded in chasing away a strong contender for mating rights.

Who else was there that dared to snatch the mating rights from the alpha monkeys?


Feng Lin continued to move forward, increasing his speed and vanished from the vision of the monkeys in the blink of an eye.

This island was simply far too vast. During these days, he hadn’t even explored 10% of the total island.

Without realizing it, the skies turned dark and the stars appeared, shining resplendently.

Feng Lin sat upon a rock, one of his hands propped his chin up as he stared silently at the vast starry skies before drawing in a deep breath.

From the forested region far away, the cries of monkeys and howls of wolves could be heard.

It had been so long, but he still couldn’t figure things out.

Gene evolution...wouldn’t that have meant that he would become an interstellar cultivator the moment he broke through?

Why did he become a monkey then?

This matter was too ridiculous!


Today was a rare full moon night. The moon was as large as a giant plate, cascading down boundless rays of silvery light.

Feng Lin pondered as he stared fixedly at the moon in the sky. Without him noticing, the moon actually grew larger and larger in his vision, hooking his mind and soul into it.

As the moonlight cascaded down on his body, he felt a cool and refreshing feeling that was extremely comfortable.

As he breathed, the moon essence from all directions started to gather and transformed into silvery lines that entered his body, baptizing it, washing his body free of impurities, opening his pores, and connecting the outer and inner as one.


An impulse from his heart was displayed. Feng Lin had no way to control this instinct. He actually arched his back and threw his head back as he howled at the moon.

The resounding high-pitched howl lasted for a long time; it traveled through space, echoing out loud through the island.

The moonlight from the surroundings converged even faster, entering Feng Lin’s body through his pores as cool energy circulated inside him. It connected all the extraordinary meridians and energy channels.

His mind grew clearer and more active as though his intelligence had increased.

His soul drifted around, leaving the confines of his mortal body. Basking under the moonlight, it was pure and clean, as transparent as glass. At this moment, another instinctual memory appeared in his mind.

Essence of the Sun and Moon!

Legend said that in ancient times, birds and beasts were able to absorb the essence of the sun and moon to temper their bodies, opening up their minds. As time passed, they gradually gained the ability to transform and if they cultivated long enough, they could become demons.

And the so-called essence of the sun and moon was now already debunked by science. Although what he was absorbing now was the moonlight, in reality, moonlight was merely sunlight that was reflected.

And as for the sun, its original essence was a star that emitted astral light, which was a kind of energy in the universe.

There were many kinds of energy in the universe—nuclear energy, zero-point energy, bio-energy. These energies could also be classified into different grades.

This essence of the sun and moon was basically astral energy. It was a type of high-grade energy.

The so-called absorbing the essence of the sun and moon was merely using a breathing method that allowed one to absorb the astral energy of the stars to temper their bodies and refine their souls, developing their minds.

However, this particular breathing method was extremely rare, and only very few people knew about its existence.

At this moment, Feng Lin discovered that information about the astral breathing method and meridians circulation diagram actually appeared in his mind.

However, instead of being excited and happy at obtaining the method to absorb the essence of the sun and moon, Feng Lin felt terror in his heart.

Ever since he activated his stone monkey gene, there were simply too many strange things that happened to him, things that were beyond his control. Moreover, there seemed to be a primordial will in his body that would occasionally appear, seizing control over his body, forcing it to act according to his primal instincts.

Feng Lin discovered that he resembled a monkey more and more now. His reasoning ability began to succumb to primal instinct; his being was gradually being assimilated.

Could it be that he was truly destined to become a monkey?!

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