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Legend of the Mythological Genes

Chapter 63 - Chaotic Star Region

Chapter 63: Chaotic Star Region

Translator: Lordbluefire Editor: Lordbluefire

Ever since mankind stepped out of the solar system, their technology had entered a whole new period of rapid development. The land that mankind had subjugated was rapidly expanding within the galaxy.

Although there were all sorts of planets and galaxies in the universe, humans had been constrained within their own galaxy, unable to walk out. However, just one galaxy was big enough. The land that mankind had subjugated was already beyond everyone’s expectations, and they were still continuing to expand.

However, with the development of their civilization and technology, humans hadn’t integrated with the other races to become a unified entity but had instead been split up, and the entire galaxy was segregated.

The saying of “those not of my race would definitely not be of the same heart” wasn’t just applied between mankind and other races in the universe, but also within humans as well. Internally, mankind was also split up into various groups due to all sorts of differences.

The differences to the different groups meant that there were all sorts of differences in areas such as civilization, culture, and ideologies. Unless one party were to give in, it would be very hard for them to be integrated into one.

Amongst all the contradictions between races and groups, the one within the human society was the greatest of them all!

For the sustenance of mankind, although the different races of humanity could unify themselves to fend off the other races in the universe, there were great contradictions between themselves as well. They divided up their lands, splitting up the massive galaxy into many parts.

As the center of the galaxy was a massive black hole, no one could live in it. However, all the other areas were split into four domains—the east, south, west, and north.

Out of these, the Huaxia Star Republic—that mainly comprised of people of the Huaxia (Chinese) nationality—relied on their great population and strong unification to dominate the entire eastern and southern part of the galaxy.

The west domain of the galaxy was split into two, with the majority of its land taken over by the Europa Alliance and the Rome Federation that was primarily dominated by the Caucasians.

The United Nations of America—a country with a mixed combination of race, as well as the Soviet Russia—self-proclaimed to be a battling tribe, split up a great half of the northern and southern parts of the galaxy.

The southern part of the galaxy was where the solar system was at—mankind’s origin. All human forces were unwilling to give up on it. They each proclaimed their own territories, splitting it up. As a result, smaller forces found it hard to survive; thus, there were no unified empires in the solar system.

Some weaker races of humanity could only look for small planets in the gaps of the galaxy to establish their own regime. For example, there were the Dongying Interstellar Empire, India Federation, Feiqiu Alliance, and so on...

Therefore, the human forces in the galaxy formed an interstellar setup of four great forces and many small forces.

The remaining Desolate Star System in the southern part of the galaxy was even more chaotic. The territorial disputes were complicated, and there were no morals or regulations at all. They were referred to as the Chaotic Star Region. They included the famous Viking Star, Caribbean Star Region, Bermuda Star System...

Out of these, the most well-known Chaotic Star Region was the solar system.

The solar system was the place of origin for mankind. Although it had been through 10,000 years of development and the resources had been fully exploited, it still held a great meaning for them. It was an irreplaceable political and cultural representation of mankind. Therefore, all of the other Supreme Interstellar Empires would naturally want to take over it as a representation of their legitimacy. No one was willing to give up on it. Despite so, no one had been able to successfully acquire the solar system.

The solar system was a contestable land that no one was willing to give up on.

Therefore, no one wanted to set off a great war across the entire galaxy over a stellar system. If anyone thought otherwise, they would become the common enemy for all mankind. No one could afford to pay the price for this.

Due to this, no one managed to get their hands on the solar system. Instead, the solar system ended up gaining independence between the Supreme Interstellar Empires. The territorial disputes were very complicated and chaotic, and The Solar System Coalition Government was a puppet controlled by the various big countries, existing only in name.


After hearing Manager Frank asking this, Feng Lin immediately understood the situation that he was in.

Manager Frank looked at his struggling expression and added fuel to the flames in Feng Lin’s heart. “The solar system is a Chaotic Star Region, and the regulations are there just for show—something that is used to fool the people at the bottom. Often, they are completely useless. Otherwise, why would there be so many small clans who exploited their clansmen, violating their human rights? However, the environment outside is worse. Therefore, the clansmen had no choice but to choose to join groups. Although the treatment isn’t good, at the very least, their safety can be assured. In a Supreme Interstellar Empire which had strict regulations, order, and stability, it was impossible for such things to happen. Feng Lin, isn’t it the same for you? You’ve been exploited by your clan, forced to enter the clan’s factory for an internship. You are unable to resist and thus your only option is to escape. You want to return after you’ve become an Interstellar cultivator! What you don’t know is that in the chaotic solar system, places like Earth and Mars are already considered to be good. The asteroid belt, the marginal zones, Saturn... and many other remote planetary regions, in there exist countless powerful and bloodthirsty star pirates. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there. Power, and only power, is the only law in the Chaotic Star Region. Do you understand it now?”

Each and every word he said was like a sharp blade, piercing into Feng Lin’s heart, revealing the chaos and brutality of the solar system.

Feng Lin’s eyes narrowed. “You investigated me?”

“Since you’re already a member of our company, the company will definitely investigate your background before we’ll feel assured to recruit you! In fact, it’s not difficult to investigate such trivial matters.” Manager Frank waved his hand and smiled.

Feng Lin fell silent. Things weren’t as simple as what Manager Frank had made things out to be. There were hints of threat hidden behind those words.

He had fled out from his previous predicament, but the Giant Pharmaceutical Company had managed to grasp all the details about him. He immediately was put in a difficult position.

“Why is the company conducting human experiments in the solar system?” Feng Lin couldn’t accept it and asked.

“That’s simple! The solar system is the origin place of mankind and is said to be a treasury of human races. There are all kinds of people there—black-skinned people, white-skinned people, yellow-skinned people, brown-skinned people... Moreover, every single one of them is of pure blood lineage and hasn’t been put through those messed up genetic modifications. We’ll be able to get the most accurate and effective data if we use the humans from this place for our experiments. In fact, the human experiments that our Giant Pharmaceutical Company has done had all been using the criminals who were given the death penalties by The Solar System Coalition Government. The human experiments that we conducted were all accepted by the government! This is also why our Giant Pharmaceutical Company would dare to set up our base on Mars’s Shitai City.” Manager Frank didn’t think that conducting human experiments were a big deal and didn’t hide anything at all.

Feng Lin was silent. He wore a hesitant expression, unable to make a decision even after a long time had passed. 𝓲𝚗𝑛r𝗲a𝒅. 𝓬𝗼m

Seeing that Feng Lin still hadn’t agreed, Frank’s gaze turned dark. He persuaded with a tone that spoke volumes, “Feng Lin, you have a strong aptitude to become a geneticist. If you come to our company, we’ll put in great effort to nurture you. You’ll have a great likelihood of becoming a geneticist! Are you going to go back on your words? You won’t be able to afford the compensation of 500,000 star coins!”

Feng Lin was a little apprehensive.

Although all of these sounded like persuasions, they were actually threats.

Frank’s attitude was amiable and he seemed to view Feng Lin in high regards. If Feng Lin really were to go back on his words, would Frank still maintain this attitude?

After some consideration, Feng Lin decided to be a person who could recognize and submit to the circumstances.

Although he was infuriated at the human experiments, this matter was unrelated to him in the first place.

Since even The Solar System Coalition Government had accepted this, what was the use if he was the only one objecting? He would only become a laughing stock.

Why did he have to put himself in a difficult situation because of this?

Feng Lin didn’t see himself as Long Aotian [1], capable of changing the entire world and letting the world revolve around him.

He knew what was good for him and nodded. “I’ll agree! I’ll stay in the Giant Pharmaceutical Company and focus on research!”

“Wise choice!” Hearing that, Manager Frank broke into a brimming smile. He put out his hand and ridiculed, “Then we’re on the same side now!”

Feng Lin didn’t answer and just put out his hand.

Both of them shook hands.

The two of them exchanged a glance and smiled. Everything was understood without them having to say anything else.

There seemed to be hints of delight hidden deep in Manager Frank’s eyes.

Feng Lin lowered his eyelids, hiding his gaze. A deep glow gleamed in his pitch-black eyes, seemingly hard to fathom.

One day, I’ll...


[1] Internet lingo. A character that’s often used for satires toward novel, comic, or animation characters—especially toward those who appeared to be very OP.

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