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Legend of the Mythological Genes

Chapter 519 - Genesis

Chapter 519: Genesis

Translator: Lordbluefire Editor: Lordbluefire

A law was created from his words.

A single sentence “Let there be light” made light exist.

Feng Lin’s palm shot out an incomparably resplendent glow that had no impurities. It was pure to the extreme, a stretch of white.

With white, there naturally had to be black!

The meaning and significance of color momentarily appeared in the void.

Millions upon millions of light rays shot out, like divine swords breaking apart everything.

A moment later, the void was shattered as countless dark and gloomy aura were birthed. After that, they rapidly split apart and gave birth to a myriad of utterly different auras like the fiery sun, the cold moon, the cool breeze...

The sun, moon, stars, mountains, rivers, seas, flowers, birds, trees, plants—everything slowly appeared.

Before the universe was formed, there was only chaos.

The beginning of division was chaos, separating into the heavens and the earth.

This was...


The light represented existence; it broke apart the nothingness in the void completely. A new world was seemingly about to be born.

But before it had the time to truly appear...


Fire, it was fire. Boundless flames shot out!

The vibrant blood-like flames gathered into the shapes of lotuses that continued spinning ceaselessly. However, their aura wasn’t one of auspiciousness, but filled with boundless destruction instead. All karma would be completely incinerated by these flames, transforming into the nothingness.

Danger, extreme danger!

Despite Feng Lin having evolved the Sun Wukong mythological path to the extreme and possessing an invulnerable stone monkey body, he didn’t dare to touch the flames.

The danger he felt in his heart told him that as long as he came into the slightest contact with it, the consequences would be unimaginably dire.

Hence, he swiftly retreated.

After that, he saw that wherever that fire passed by, the embryonic form of the heavens and earth that was just created started to burn. There was no smoke as they returned to nothingness from the incineration. It was like they never existed before.

Boundless karma fire?

Feng Lin’s eyes narrowed as he glanced in the direction of the fire. After that, he saw a skinny figure of a cultivator appearing. His entire body was covered in ashes, and his hair was rolled up into a bun. There was a crescent moon on his head-piece, a long snake winding around his neck, a string of bones before his chest, and tiger skin wrapped around his waist. He had four arms and wielded a trident, ax, drum, and staff. He looked like a god and not a mortal.

There was a third eye in his forehead.

The churning red lotus karma fire shot out from there, causing everything to be incinerated into nothingness.

“Shiva’s Mythological Path!” Feng Lin mumbled seriously after a glance.

Such a conspicuous appearance, it was hard for him to miss it even if he didn’t want to recognize it.

This was none other than the supreme God of Destruction from India Mythological System. Out of the three supreme gods, Shiva was undoubtedly number one.

The mythological path left behind by such a powerful god was undoubtedly also a paragon mythological path.

As expected of the boss for the final level of the Heaven Reaching Pagoda!

With such a powerful mythological path, mythological cultivators at the same cultivation realm would find it tough to be his opponent.

Undoubtedly, this was an opponent that surpassed his wildest imagination.

Feng Lin silently mused as the flames of battle intent shone in his eyes.


A powerful opponent in the final battle...wasn’t this what he wanted?

Only a challenge of the most extreme could allow one to break through their limits.

At this moment, he was looking at the surging karma fire emitted from the third-eye of the Interstellar Shiva-Path Cultivator. This fire was capable of burning everything.

Feng Lin’s heart stirred as his heart monkey force gushed up, transforming into boundless light that swept out, wanting to cleave apart chaos, giving rise to the myriad of living creatures.

The karma fire continued burning, transforming the newly created living creatures into nothingness.

World creation (genesis) and world destruction!

For a time, the two of them were the god of creation and god of destruction in the creation myth.

One was creating a world, the other was destroying it.

The space between the two of them was fragmented, causing a stretch of chaos. Void holes would form from time to time, and the whole process was indescribable.

Sun, moon, stars, mountains, rivers, seas—the myriad of things in heaven and earth were destroyed again and again as they were created. Everything entered a strange cycle of creation and destruction,

Shiva yoga!

At this moment, the Interstellar Shiva-Path Cultivator finally moved. His body curled and shifted into a strange angle that defied common sense as he adopted a bizarre position. He was like a totem of one mind with the obscure and profound logic of the universe. His ineffable power suppressed the void.


His body curled into a position that resembled the Sanskrit word for ‘destruction’ as he chanted profound words of truth.

Shiva was the God of Destruction, and he was also the God of Yoga.

The Interstellar Shiva-Path Cultivator adopted a posture as red lotus karma fire erupted, causing an ocean of fire to gush over violently.

Endless Transformations!

Feng Lin wasn’t willing to step back. His body shook as he transformed. A moment later, he had three heads and six arms. He transformed light into a sword, wanting to cleave apart the chaos; he also used a treasured pearl to calm the earth, fire, wind, and water; and he also swept out with his metal cudgel, using the ferocious gusts of the wind to engulf the boundless karma fire...

Chaos, incineration, tremors...

The Interstellar Shiva-Path Cultivator continued to adopt yoga poses as he accumulated the source energy from the universe, wanting to destroy everything. His movements flowed in a continuous chain and were like what the legends depicted – before the world-ending apocalypse, Shiva would perform a world-destruction dance. Everywhere he passed by, calamity struck, followed by endless destruction.

Shiva possessed pure destructive power; there were no fancy tricks. Other than destruction, it was destruction!

For a time, Feng Lin transformed continuously and employed all sorts of methods. However, everything he tried was useless.

“The great dao is simple! As expected, before extreme strength, all sorts of fanciful transformations are useless!” Feng Lin’s eyes flashed with the light of wisdom. “Since that’s the case...”

He drew in a deep breath and all the transformations dissipated into the air. He regained the form of a normal human and held his cudgel in his hand.

“Mere mortal, do you finally understand the difference between you and me?” The Interstellar Shiva-Path Cultivator coldly laughed, yet he had no intention to show mercy and continued to use his yoga-style attack.

The boundless karma fire swept over. Everywhere it passed by, everything was reduced to nothingness. The flames shot over from all directions.

“Do you know a move that can penetrate the sky?” Feng Lin wasn’t shocked or angry, and he just laughed in a light voice.

“What?” Before the Interstellar Shiva-Path Cultivator could react, he saw a metal cudgel rapidly expanding before his eyes.

A burst of golden light flashed. The figure of a person could be seen leaping into the air; its body curved like a bow as it abruptly swung the cudgel with both hands, aiming skywards.

It appeared slow, but the force generated was incomparably heavy, causing the surrounding space to distort.

Augmentation effect of the heart monkey.

For an instant, Feng Lin didn’t care for anything else and channeled all his genetic power into his cudgel.

(Are you not the destruction itself?)

(Let’s compare whose destructive force is stronger!)

Strength 10x, 100x, 1,000x...

Under the frenzied reinforcement of the genetic power, his cudgel rapidly grew larger and became the size of a heavenly pillar. Everywhere it passed by, the myriad of living things was destroyed.

What red lotus boundless karma fire, burning all living things?!

What universe apocalypse, turning everything in the world into nothingness?!

What shiva yoga’s destruction, transforming the heavens and earth into dust?!


This cudgel was then the epitome of complete annihilation!

There was no trace of concealment. Feng Lin no longer delayed when fighting his opponent. He wanted to gain victory in a single stroke!

All his heart monkey force was channeled into his cudgel, and the strength it contained was enhanced to the max.

This cudgel strike swung toward the heavens. It emitted a might that could destroy the world and caused Shiva to feel his heart trembling when he sensed it.

“How is this possible? How can there be a second person in this universe that possessed the power of destruction?” Shiva inclined his head and stared at the cudgel strike that had enough power to destroy even the sky. His facial expressions contorted, and he didn’t dare to believe this.


At the next instant, the cudgel blasted over with overwhelming might, with no sound at all. Only formless ripples could be felt spreading outward as everything that came in contact with the ripples transformed into dust.

“The loudest sound is silence, the largest object has no form!”

In silence!

At the next instant, the void broke and a large hole appeared, causing the shine from constellations and resplendent glow of the milky way to shine in.

That cudgel that was as large as a heavenly pillar penetrated the entire Heaven Reaching Pagoda!

The universe in the outside world appeared before the eyes of everyone.

“What?” The vacuum outside and the pressure in the Heaven Reaching Pagoda caused all objects to be blown out.

That Interstellar Shiva-Path Cultivator could no longer maintain his lofty attitude and was tumbling through the air as he got forced out into space, disappearing in the blink of an eye. It was unknown where he was blasted to.

“What? He truly won!”

“He won against the king of the Heaven Reaching Pagoda, Interstellar Shiva-Path Cultivator!”

“The God of Destruction was defeated by destructive force!”


Sounds of discussion instantly rang out within the Heaven Reaching Pagoda and all the places in the universe where they were watching this battle.

Genetic potential +5,000, +5,500, +6,000...

His potential continued to surge up and soon reached the max.

Hence, Feng Lin continued to add points.

Chaotic World Demonic Monkey Gene +1, Daofruit Gene +1.


Name: Feng Lin

Vitality stat: 1,680,000

Xiantian Genes: Chaotic World Demonic Monkey Gene x10; Daofruit Gene x10

Houtian Genes: Sun Wukong Gene x10; Cultivation Gene x10


Genetic potential 12,000


He finally maxed out the Chaotic World Demonic Monkey Gene and Daofruit Gene!

Feng Lin sensed that his body was full of strength. In an instant, his mind, soul, and vitality was upgraded to the max and had broken through a certain boundary, reaching an unfathomable realm.

“What is he doing?”

“Why is he not saying anything even after a while?”

“A new pagoda-clearer. What is he going to do next?”


Countless gazes turned over, filled with incomparable curiosity.

After that, they saw this mysterious pagoda-clearer cast a glance at the surroundings before laughing in a low voice. At the next instant, under the eyes of everyone, his figure dispersed into light and shadow, vanishing.


There was only a golden rainbow arcing through the distance in the universe. The speed of the golden rainbow was extremely fast. It warped time and space and disappeared completely.


He simply...


Also, they discovered to their amazement that this Spirit Slayer was traveling through space without a spacecraft? He was simply flying through depending on the power of his body!

What cultivation realm was that?

A god?

Countless gazes quickly chased after the golden rainbow that was moving as fast as lightning. Everyone felt a sense of disappointment, frustration, and also fascination.

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