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Legend of the Mythological Genes

Chapter 518 - Wreaking Havoc in the Heaven Reaching Pagoda

Chapter 518: Wreaking Havoc in the Heaven Reaching Pagoda

Translator: Lordbluefire Editor: Lordbluefire

At level 9,044 of the Heaven Reaching Pagoda

The vast space here had no heavens nor earth.

Ever since he stepped into it, Feng Lin’s entire person was like floating in the air.

In his surroundings, there were boulders as gigantic as mountains floating high in the air in defiance of the laws of physics. They were currently moving according to an unpredictable trajectory and would occasionally make Feng Lin feel a sense of being squeezed by ten thousand mountains. Even before he met his opponent, there was an invisible pressure that bore down on his heart, unable to be wiped away.

“You are my opponent, Spirit Slayer? Encountering I, Astral Titan Rennes Cannas, means that your progress is already set to end here!” A muffled voice rang out from the depths of the void.


After that, the gigantic boulders before him exploded like golden mountains ramming into jade. An oval-shaped strange-looking rock floated over. There were four curved stone pillars on the outside, carrying plump stone balls.

Feng Lin’s eyes narrowed. He discovered instantly that this was a figure whose body was curled up together.

“AH!” All of a sudden, a large shout shook heavens and earth.

A gigantic figure of a hundred meter tall stood up. He was incomparably lofty, while his skin looked simple and unadorned. He was emitting treasure light just like the glossy obsidian. He stared down imperiously from a height.

Astral Impact!

Since Lin Feng was challenging the Heaven Reaching Pagoda, there was naturally no need to speak too much!

The astral titan lifted his hands high and abruptly waved down. Instantly, countless asteroids began to move, smashing down with frantic speed. The entire sky and earth were covered, like meteor rain in the universe.


A mighty force smashed down crazily, with the power of ten thousand thunderbolts, wanting to crush this challenger into pieces.

Astral force?

The imperious gaze cast down from above felt extremely offensive to Feng Lin.

In that case...

Grow, Grow, Grow!

With a single thought, his body immediately grew while facing the wind. A moment later, he attained the height of 100 zhang, and his body was still rapidly growing larger, 300 zhang, 1,000 zhang, 10,000 zhang—all the way until his head touched the sky!

“What?” The astral titan stared at this scene in shock. From the start, he had been looking down at Feng Lin. But his head slowly inclined and their gazes finally matched at the same level. Then, his neck tilted back slowly to the maximum. His mouth was wide open and didn’t close for a long time.

His original tall and sturdy figure was now as small as an ant when compared to Feng Lin.

After that, he saw...the sky turning dark.

An incomparably gigantic dark screen cast down its shadow from the top, blotting out the sky and covering the earth.

Pu, pu, pu...

All the meteor rain fell into that dark screen and was instantly crushed into dust.

This time, he saw clearly. That so-called incomparably gigantic dark screen was in actuality, just a huge palm. The five fingers of the palm were like a mountain, ruthlessly pressing downward.

“Don’t...I admit defeat...” That weak voice was instantly drowned by the earth-shattering sounds that could shake heaven and earth. In the end, the voice faded into nothingness.


Genetic potential +2200, +2300, +2400...

A large amount of spirit force flooded over from all directions.

For an instant, Feng Lin felt he was completely submerged in an ocean of spirit force; it then transformed into a large amount of genetic potential.


He should add points!

Feng Lin decisively did so, spamming a large amount of genetic potential on his Chaotic World Demonic Monkey Gene and Daofruit Gene. This caused the light emitting from the two genes to brighten in intensity, radiating to all parts of his body.


Name: Feng Lin

Vitality: 687,200

Xiantian Gene: Chaotic World Demonic Monkey Gene x4; Daofruit Gene x3

Houtian Gene: Sun Wukong Gene x10; Cultivation Gene x10


Genetic potential: 18,000


After adding his genetic points, he instantly recovered to his optimal state. His vitality stats broke the limit of 600,000!

Just like what he had guessed earlier, the Paramount Heart Monkey could truly absorb the spirit force of the multitude of lives to replenish himself. There seemed to be no limits to this as he continued to grow stronger.

The stronger he was, the greater the amount of spirit force he could absorb!

Since this was the case, he might as well take the chance to wreak havoc in this Heaven Reaching Pagoda.


His heart stirred. At the next instant, his body vanished from his original location, transforming into a golden beam of light as he shot into the distance.


Level 9102, the guardian was the Calamity of Earth, Lynes

The seemingly ordinary-looking white-beard old man punched out with both his fists. An intense vibrational force began to shatter the surrounding space as patches of fissures appeared in the air.

Everywhere the vibrational force passed, everything was shattered.

Wreaking Havoc in the Celestial Courts!

The myriad of things was grounded into dust.

Neither of the two combatants wanted to go easy on the other!

However, Feng Lin had the augmentation from the spirit force; his strength flowed endlessly.

After bitterly battling for two more hours, Feng Lin grabbed hold of an opportunity that existed only when the other party was taking a breath. He used his full force in his cudgel and blasted his opponent to the ground. His opponent was completely exhausted and no longer had the strength to stand up.

Genetic potential +2,500, +2,600, +2,700...

Every time, after a battle, the growth speed of his genetic potential grew faster and faster.

However, Feng Lin didn’t stop here.

The higher he climbed, the greater the difficulty of the Heaven Reaching Pagoda!

However, the genetic potential he received after each battle also increased by a lot.

Hence, Feng Lin advanced courageously, overcoming every level.

Level 9,200, level 9,300, level 9,400...

Boundless spirit force gathered, reinforcing him.

As though he didn’t know fatigue, he continued breaking through the levels, advancing vigorously.

His genetic potential also grew with ferocious speed as he fought.

Genetic potential +3,000, +3,500, +4,000...

The Heaven Reaching Pagoda contained the most elite cultivators in the universe. Through each battle he fought, Feng Lin’s understanding toward the essence of mythological genes grew increasingly clear, and they transformed into rations that were promoting his self-evolution.

Hence, he continued to add points without stopping.

Chaotic World Demonic Monkey Gene +1, +1, +1...

Daofruit Gene +1, +1, +1...

The increase in genetic points provided an impetus for his vitality to soar rapidly.

Vitality +100,000, +100,000, +100,000...

His vitality stat erupted and soon broke the million-mark.


Name: Feng Lin

Vitality Stat: 1,230,800

Xiantian Gene: Chaotic World Demonic Monkey Gene x9; Daofruit Gene x9

Houtian Gene: Sun Wukong Gene x10; Cultivation Gene x10


Genetic potential: 92,000


As his stats increased, Feng Lin continued evolving.

The higher levels of the pagoda that were like unreachable sky in the eyes of others were all trampled under Feng Lin’s feet.

Ultimately, he stood beneath an incomparably majestic giant gate.

Level 10,000 of the Heaven Reaching Pagoda.

In an instant, countless gazes turned over. The gigantic Heaven Reaching Pagoda trembled because of this. In fact, there were also countless gazes turning over from the universe.

Feng Lin now simply drew in a deep breath. He didn’t make any preparations and pushed the gate open. After that, he saw...

Nothingness, complete nothingness...

It was not darkness...

There was no air, no sound, no light—complete nothingness.

Color lost their meaning, so how could there be darkness?

Only nothingness existed thoroughly, as though it was devouring everything in the world, causing people to feel extreme fear and panic.

Feng Lin stood in there; his mind was vacant for a time.

Boundless emptiness filled his heart. It was like everything in the world lost its significance. All his thoughts vanished, he couldn’t summon any notion of resistance.

“Wrong!” He sensed something wrong in his heart. This caused him to be shocked awake.

“Deliberately acting mysterious, scram out for me!” Falling into his opponent’s trap even before seeing one, Feng Lin was shocked and angered. He shouted and brandished the Measureless Divine Metal Cudgel wildly.

Each of his strikes was filled with immense might, capable of destroying mountains and shattering stars. They were strong enough to break space itself. But now, he was hitting the ‘nothingness’. There was no effect at all.

Time, space, substance, energy... Other than himself, it was as though nothing else existed.

“It’s useless! The myriad of things in the universe was originally nothingness. They have no meaning. You are a mere human, so why bother to struggle?” All of a sudden, an incomparably cold and detached voice drifted over.

No, this was not a voice.

This place was completely empty. The concept and meaning of a voice didn’t exist. That was just a message or idea that appeared abruptly in Feng Lin’s heart due to his current circumstances.

“The universe was originally nothingness? What does that has got to do with me?” Feng Lin wasn’t shocked, he was smiling instead. “If I exist, everything is real! Since there’s nothing in the universe, I...shall be the light!”

As he spoke until here, he smiled as he regarded the nothingness in the surroundings. His hands slowly raised as he mumbled.

“I say: Let there be light!”


There was light!

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