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Legend of the Mythological Genes

Chapter 517 - Great Sun Hanging in the Sky

Chapter 517 Great Sun Hanging in the Sky

Ninjas were mysterious, concealing themselves in the shadows, and not revealing themselves to others. They hid their killing intents and waited for opportunities to deal the killing blow.

Facing Feng Lin’s rapid advancement, many black shadows jumped out from the darkness, quickly taking form in the air. The kunais in their hands were extremely sharp, and they slashed down across space.

The shadows split from one into two, two into four, four into eight… Suddenly, the entire place was filled with human figures that surrounded and attacked Feng Lin.

What faced the attack was a myriad of cudgel shadows that came enveloping down.

Three Heads Six Arms!

Creating great havoc in the heavenly palace!

Pffft pffft pffft!

Feng Lin’s body shook and suddenly transformed to have three heads and six arms. Each hand held onto a metal cudgel, and his body started to spin like a top. The cudgel attacks came on incessantly, as if it was a tornado, giving no gaps at all to his opponent.

The cudgel kept on sweeping out, with powerful cudgel attacks enveloping the surroundings. The moment the clones got near they were instantly rendered unable to escape and beaten up into smoke and fog, disappearing without a trace.

The surroundings were cleared up.

Feng Lin flashed with silver light and stared over, seeing through the shadows. The Shadowflow Lord’s actual body was already nowhere to be found.

Shadow Arcane: Shadow Kill!

Suddenly, at this moment, a small black dot above Feng Lin rapidly expanded in size and countless shadows darted out from it. They were shaped like tentacles, tangling over, wanting to bind him down.

Feng Lin’s gaze swept over. He could only see endless shadows, which were gushing over like seawater.

Slash slash slash!

An idea struck Feng Lin and a beam of silver light shot out from his forehead. The intangible spirit force turned into many blades that went slashing out.

Chi chi chi…

The shadow tentacles were instantly chopped off and dissipated.

Shadow Arcane: Godslaying Single Saber Slash!

At the instant the shadows were destroyed, a shadow that was close to nothingness darted out from the space behind Feng Lin, holding onto a black demonic blade that was like a crescent moon.

There were strong killing intent and viciousness that felt as if they would slash through everything. An obvious black mark was slashed even on space itself.

This attack…

Feng Lin held onto the Measureless Divine Metal Cudgel and swept out to block.


A crisp sound rang out.

Endless blade qi emitted out, brushing against Feng Lin’s face and sending sparks splattering.

Intense power backlashed and the Shadowflow Lord’s body fell backward. With his attack failing, he once again returned to the darkness and then disappeared without a trace.

Feng Lin gave chase relentlessly. He realized how tricky this person was to deal with.

Every elite adept cultivator grasped an origin source of the world.

If it could be said that God of Strength Kles grasped the power origin source and Goddess of Creation Wa E grasped the five elements origin source, then this Shadowflow Lord grasped the shadow origin source!

Shadows were darkness without light.

The Shadowflow Lord existed between the reality and nothingness, catching his opponents unaware. He was very tricky to deal with!

Unless he found a way to restrict the Shadowflow Lord’s ability, any methods would be useless against


It was no wonder that this Shadowflow Lord could become a boss who was above the God of Strength Kles and Goddess of Creation Wa`E.

If this person kept on avoiding and not engaging in a confrontational battle, only waiting for a chance to launch a sneak attack, it’d be really troublesome!

Feng Lin didn’t have the mood to waste time here.

What should he do?

Feng Lin started thinking and didn’t attack recklessly.

Bang bang bang!

Shadow Arcane: Eight Branch Strangle!

Shadow Arcane: Saberless Slash!

Shadow Arcane: Multiple Shadow Clone Technique!

(The enemy is in the open and I’m in the dark!)

The Shadowflow Lord kept having the advantage of making the first attack, dealing them incessantly. He stared at Feng Lin’s weak points as he launched the attacks. Endless shadows gushed over like many tidal waves, seeming as if they were going to drown Feng Lin completely.

The auras were overwhelming, and it was as if Feng Lin had been completely suppressed.

Monkey King Domain!

However, Feng Lin didn’t panic. He held up the domain and used his spirit force to envelope his entire body, dealing with the attacks calmly.

He gave up on recklessly attacking for now, choosing instead to think of a strategy.

Although he was passively on the defense, Feng Lin quickly discovered that the Shadowflow Lord’s battle prowess wasn’t too strong. It was just that the shadow element techniques were too mysterious and hard to capture.

If normal people were to engage in a prolonged battle, with the enemy in the dark while they were in the open, most of them would collapse!

Although Feng Lin was unafraid, he couldn’t be bothered to waste time and enter a scheming battle that he couldn’t reap many benefits from.

There was one thing he knew. No matter how amazing a mythological gene was, they wouldn’t be hard to deal with as long as he could find a way to tackle them.

(Shadows is it?)

(Shadows are the darkness without light!)

(That’s it!)

Feng Lin was struck by a realization.

Genetic potential -1,200, -1,300, -1,400…

His genetic potential didn’t increase but plunged drastically instead. The genetic equation was activated and he started to derive rapidly.


A ball of golden flames suddenly rose, enveloping Feng Lin. There were no traces of him to be seen.

“What happened?”

“Why did this person burn himself?”

“The Spirit Slayer has endless means. I wonder what he is going to do next?”

A series of gasps rang out amongst the audience.

These flames…

Amidst the shadows, the Shadowflow Lord wore a mask, concealing himself entirely, not revealing any traces. The ball of golden flames was reflected in his eyes, and a great sense of danger rose in his heart.

From these flames, he could sense endless light and blazing heat. The majestic light illuminated the world, not allowing any darkness to exist at all. This was his nemesis!

“No! I can’t let him use such a mean! Otherwise, I’ll definitely lose!” The Shadowflow Lord let out a cold bellow. Waves of pitch-black shadows that were so thick they seemed almost material spread out crazily. They were like the dark clouds that covered up the moon, spreading out and engulfing all the light rays within sight. In that instant, the massive Heaven Reaching Pagoda was enveloped within it.

The endless darkness didn’t leave any light rays behind. It was as if they were going to engulf everything in the world, including all the souls.

“Why did it suddenly turn dark?”

“What terrifying shadows!”

“I feel that there’s endless coldness engulfing my spirit force!”

A series of gasps rang out on the 9,003rd floor of the Heaven Reaching Pagoda. The crowd entered a state of panic.


At that moment, a loud cry broke the silence in the darkness.

In the deepest darkness, everyone’s eyes lit up. They saw a ball of golden flames rising, like the sun that cut off the endless darkness, illuminating the entire world. Endless radiance appeared, and the world came back to life.

Those pitch-black shadows met their nemesis when facing this world-illuminating light. They were forced back.

Everyone glanced over and saw a golden crow with one head and three feet. It stood within the blazing flames, spreading its wings and flying high up while sending down endless flames and radiance.

“What?” A gasp rang out. A ninja that was holding onto the demonic blade looked as if he had encountered his nemesis. His eyes shone with astonishment and he retreated rapidly, wanting to avoid the illumination from the Great Sun Golden Fire.

However, that golden crow merely glanced over, breaking into a humane smile.

With the sun hanging high up in the sky, no sneakiness could be left hidden!


The golden crow let out another loud cry. Suddenly, the light on its body burst out even brighter. It flew up high, turning into a blazing sun.

Light. There was only light. Endless light…

They encompassed every corner in the Heaven Reaching Pagoda, not allowing for anything to hide.

“Ahhh…” An agonizing cry rang out. A human figure that was dressed in black was encompassed by the golden flames, breaking out from the shadows.

By the time Feng Lin recalled the flames, he saw a charred human figure lying on the ground. The person was already knocked out.

Genetic potential +1,800, +1,900, +2,100…

Thereafter, a tremendous amount of spirit force gushed over from all directions.

In an instant, Feng Lin felt as if he was drowned by a sea of spirit force. They turned into a tremendous amount of genetic potential.

Not only was the genetic potential that had been depleted in the deriving of the Golden Crow’s mythological path been replenished, but he had also gained a lot of surpluses.

Feng Lin finally verified one point.

The Paramount Heart Monkey really absorbed all lives’ spirit force to replenish their own, almost allowing him to become stronger limitlessly.

He recalled how the monkey had wreaked havoc in the heavenly palace and grown increasingly stronger as it battled. Within a short period, the monkey rose to become a battle god in the three realms, known as the Great Sage Equal to Heavens!

As the havoc it had created was in the heavenly palace that was a supreme place in the three realms, it had managed to absorb the spirit forces of countless lives to nourish its body. From there, it became an unprecedented legend. The Heaven Reaching Pagoda was a treasured land for cultivation that gathered the most number of mythologies cultivators in the universe. Wasn’t it extremely close to the heavenly palace?

Feng Lin looked upward with a deep gaze, as if seeing through the barriers in the pagoda, staring at the fortunate encounter that was within his grasp.

Thereafter, he let out a long laugh and headed up.

(Look in front, there’s a black hole. It’s definitely the bandit’s hideout. Watch me charge in and kill them all…)

Author note:

According to preset rules, [Legend of the Mythological Genes) should end within 20 chapters, bringing a last wave of climax to the readers.

However, friends and readers who have followed me all the way would know that in the end, the main character would be too powerful to the point of invincibility. It would simply be fillers if I continue writing the book, there’s no meaning to it.

Although there are only about 1.3 million words, I wrote what I wanted to write and this book can be considered finished.

The new book will also use mythological genes as its basis but it would be a completely different plot and story.

If mythological genes are the starting buds of mythological cultivation, the new book would be the flourishing age of mythological cultivation, the clash between humanity and alien civilizations.

After gaining experience from finishing my first book, the main concepts of the new book would be extremely vast and I guarantee that the length would be very long as well, most assuredly above 3 million words.

My writing style would mature too and I will keep the chapter updates steady.

I want to thank everyone for their support and companionship. Please continue to support fish’s new book [Mythological Cultivation].

This will be the sequel to the [Legend of the Mythological Genes].

Everyone, please remember to vote for me and add the new book to your library.

Summary below:

The universe originally had no Pang Gu!

After I came, Panggu exists…

The mysteries outside the reason, the dominance of the former days, the gods and devils in the primordial chaos…

The universe became filthy again!

When all living things come to their end, I will cleave out with another axe strike!

Pang Gu Mythological Gene:

Constellation Gene + Grasswood Gene + Raindew Gene = Pang Gu Skin Gene

Pang Gu Skin Gene + Soil Gene + Geography Gene = Pang Gu Muscle Gene

Pang Gu Muscle Gene + Windwater Gene + Dragon Vein Gene = Pang Gu Vein Gene

Translator Note:

The end~

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